ECW Massacre On Queens Blvd 1996 – ECW Saturday Night RetroView

On April 13th, 1996, Extreme Championship Wrestling aired ECW Massacre On Queens Blvd 1996. On the card there were nine matches with two title matches (ECW World Heavyweight & ECW World Tag Team).

Also, on the card, we had a Shoot-Fight Rules Match between Taz and Chris Jericho. The main event was a Triple-Threat Tag Team Elimination Match for a shot at the ECW World Tag Team Titles.

ECW Massacre On Queens Blvd 1996
Tag Team Match

The Dudley Brothers (Buh Buh Ray & Big Dick) vs. Little Guido & JT Smith

D Von Dudley wears out Little Guido with a chair as Buh Buh Ray Dudley fights JT Smith. He gives Smith a sidewalk slam and a corner splash, but Buh Buh dives at him and misses.

Smith capitalizes with a handspring splash, but D Von sees it and stops the pin with a chair. He then proceeds to attack Smith & Guido as D Von breaks the chair over them.

He needs a new weapon, so D Von grabs Big Dick’s crutch. He then hits everyone, including the ref. D-Von is out of control. He continues beating referee Pee Wee Moore until the officials call for the bell.

Winners: By DQ: Little Guido & JT Smith (3:46)

ECW Massacre On Queens Blvd 1996
Hack Myers vs. Billy Black

Billy Black attacks Hack Myers as he enters the ring and chokes him with his chain and his vest. Black continues choking Meyers and sends him to the floor.

He hits a flying axe handle and uses more chokes and knees. Myers fires back with Shah punches and returns the axe handle favor.

He then whips Billy clear over the railing when they return to the ring they trade suplexes. Black then does a flying bulldog, but Mysterio bumps late.

They try regaining their composure by doing a body scissors spot. Black then nails a wheel kick, but he misses a moonsault. Myers answers with elbows and an apron leg drop then Myers connects with a top rope facebuster to get the win.

Winner: Hack Myers (6:01)

ECW Massacre On Queens Blvd 1996
ECW World Tag Team Titles Match

The Eliminators (Perry Saturn & Kronus) (c) vs. El Puerto Riqueño & Joel Hartgood

The Eliminators hit El Puerto Riqueño & Joel Hartgood suplexes and kicks, and then they hit stereo Lionsaults.

The Eliminators follow that with chair assisted Doomsday Devices to their opponents. The Eliminators connect with Total Elimination to both men to get the victory.

Winners: AND STILL ECW World Tag Team Champions: The Eliminators (2:08)

ECW Massacre On Queens Blvd 1996
ECW World Heavyweight Title Match

Raven (c) vs. Damian 666

Raven & Damian 666 trade shoulder blocks and takedowns before Damian uses a DDT. Damian then sends Raven to the floor and uses flying crossbodies to take out Raven and his crew. Raven responds by whipping Damian over the rail a few times.

Damien fights back with a chair, hits an Arabian Facebuster, and returns to using crossbodies. Then Raven pushes Damien off the top rope.

ECW Massacre on Queens Blvd 1996 Review
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He also starts attacking Damian’s balls. Damian returns that favor and nails a wheel kick. He calls for a chair, but Raven gets it, but Raven misses.

Damian uses the weapon before landing a moonsault and a diving headbutt. He attempts another one, but Raven catches him with a powerbomb and then hits a DDT for the win.

Winner: AND STILL ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Raven (8:30)

ECW Massacre On Queens Blvd 1996
Shoot Fight Rules Match

Chris Jericho vs. Taz

Chris Jericho throws kicks before they trade holds and takedowns. Taz dumps Jericho on his head again and puts him in some amateur mat holds.

Jericho flips through a German suplex and returns the favor on the mat. They reverse through another German suplex attempt until Jericho succeeds.

Mako knocks out Jim Molineaux and takes the key to Fonzie’s cuffs. Jericho accidentally hits Delevano with a kick.

Fonzie uses the opening to clock Jericho with a chair. Taz then puts Jericho in the Tazmission, and Delevano calls for the bell.

Winner: By TKO: Taz (3:17)

ECW Massacre On Queens Blvd 1996
Shane Douglas vs. Axl Rotten

Shane Douglas & Axl Rotten brawl in and out of the ring. Rotten has the advantage early. He whips Douglas into the rail multiple times, and when they return to the ring, Douglas fires back with punches and chops.

Rotten then locks Douglas in chin locks and an abdominal stretch as he focuses on Douglas’ back, but Rotten misses a flying splash, and Douglas also blocks a DDT.

Douglas follows with a leg whip before they fight to the floor again. Douglas lands a crossbody and uses a chair but Rotten knocks the chair into Douglas’ face. However, Douglas recovers and gives Rotten a belly-to-belly for the victory.

Winner: Shane Douglas (6:55)

ECW Massacre On Queens Blvd 1996
6 Man Tag Team Match

The Bruise Brothers (Don & Ron) & Brian Lee vs. The Pitbulls (#1 & #2) & Tommy Dreamer

Both team’s brawl immediately spills into the crowd & everyone uses chairs. The fight is a mess of chairs flying everywhere before they scuffle around the building and onto the bleachers.

The Pitbulls use chokes but The Bruise Brothers fire back with low blows before they also use a wooden bench on Tommy Dreamer.

The fight moves outside to Queens Blvd. before both teams ram each other into the sides of vans. When they reenter the building, the match returns to the ring.

The Bruise Brothers produce a chain, but Dreamer gets it but Brian Lee uses a double-noggin knocker on Dreamer & Pitbull #2.

Dreamer & The Pitbulls regain control with chairs, soda cans, and a DDT from Dreamer. However, Raven interferes and gives Dreamer a DDT, and then The Bruise Brothers give everyone chair-assisted big boots.

They pin Dreamer after sandwiching his head between 2 chairs.

Winners: The Bruise Brothers & Brian Lee (11:45)

ECW Massacre On Queens Blvd 1996
Mikey Whipwreck vs. Sabu

Mikey Whipwreck surprises Sabu with a few moves, then gives him a Rocker Dropper and a DDT, but Sabu introduces a chair.

He bounces off it for a wheel kick and a springboard moonsault then both men evade each other’s flying moves. They fight to the floor, where Sabu sets up a table.

Whipwreck tries evading him but Sabu nails a flying axe handle. Sabu keeps coming, so Whipwreck uses a low blow.

He also blocks Sabu’s super Frankensteiner and pushes him through the table. Whipwreck sends Sabu into the crowd and does a slingshot plancha into the fans.

Whipwreck tries slowing the pace with holds, but Sabu fires back with slingshot moves. Sabu then sets up another table in the crowd and does a springboard somersault, but Whipwreck moves. Sabu crashes hard, so a fan has to help him to his feet.

Whipwreck capitalizes with a flying senton, a slingshot senton, and a second rope bulldog. None of them work, so he tries bulldogging Sabu onto a chair, but Sabu blocks it. Finally Sabu bounces off the chair and hits a super Frankensteiner for the win.

Winner: Sabu (15:21)

ECW Massacre On Queens Blvd 1996
ECW World Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Triple Threat Elimination Match

2 Cold Scorpio & The Sandman vs. The Headhunters (A & B) vs. The Gangstas (Mustafa & New Jack)

Everyone fights to the floor and into the crowd before 2 Cold Scorpio does a moonsault into the fans. Meanwhile, The Sandman bounces off one of The Headhunters and gets powerslammed.

Sandman recovers and does a flying leg drop, but Damien Kane and Lady Alexandra have had enough and interfere. Missy Hyatt jumps at Alexandra, and a catfight starts.

While this happens, The Headhunters put Sandman on a table. They graze him with a moonsault then The Headhunters follow with a flying splash. However, The Gangstas arrive & this draws out The Eliminators.

They hit Mustafa with Total Elimination before The Headhunters decide they don’t need this mess and leave to eliminated themselves from the match.

Sandman & Scorpio attack The Gangstas as they, hit them with a moonsault and a flying elbow. Sandman covers but New Jack raises his shoulder and his middle finger.

Both teams then brawl to the floor as Scorpio whips Mustafa into the rail. They brawl around the building while Sandman gives New Jack a slingshot leg drop.

Everyone fights with chairs before The Gangstas gain the advantage and hit a variation of the Doomsday Device. Mustafa follows that with a running power slam.

New Jack adds a flying chair shot to get the victory.

Winners: #1 Contenders To The ECW World Tag Team Titles: The Gangstas (18:57)