ECW Heatwave 2000 | ECW Saturday Night RetroView

On July 16th, 2000, Extreme Championship Wrestling aired the seventh annual Heatwave even with ECW Heatwave 2000.

We had eight matches, with two title matches (ECW World Heavyweight & Television). Also on the card was a 4-Way Dance (Fatal 4-Way Elimination) & so much more.

ECW Heatwave 2000
Sal E Graziano vs. Balls Mahoney

Sal E Graziano dares Balls Mahoney to use the chair, but he attacks him when Mahoney turns to grab it.

Mahoney fires back with punches and a low blow before delivering the chair shot Sal desired.

He bends the weapon over Graziano’s head, yet he doesn’t go down. He recovers and nails a chokeslam before climbing onto the first rope.

The referee tells him to get down from there, so Graziano drops an elbow on Mahoney’s crotch instead. He also scores a belly-to-belly for the quick win.

Winner: Sal E Graziano (2:30)

ECW Heatwave 2000
6 Man Tag Team Match
Danny Doring, Kid Kash & Roadkill vs. Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger & CW Anderson

Danny Doring, Roadkill & Kid Kash control the early minutes with chain wrestling, strikes, and double-teaming.

This lasts until Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger & CW Anderson regroups, but Kash scores a slingshot hurricanrana and a springboard clothesline.

Anderson catches Kash with some suplexes until Kash rebounds with a moonsault. Doring takes out Diamond & Swinger with G Spot Sweep and Bareback, but Swinger answers with Swing Thing. Diamond lands his rolling suplexes into a gourd buster.

The rally doesn’t last because Roadkill tags and makes Diamond, Swinger & Anderson regroup again. Doering, Kash & Roadkill dives onto them.

Diamond & Swinger give Roadkill a double reverse DDT and a double superplex. Anderson hits a spinebuster on Kash & Diamond & Swinger’s attempt at Problem Solver.

Kash stops this with a low blow as Doring gives Diamond Wham Bam, and then Kash connects with Moneymaker for the win.

Winners: Danny Doring, Kid Kash & Roadkill (11:01)

ECW Heatwave 2000
Jerry Lynn vs. Steve Corino

After taking out Steve Corino & Jack Victory, Jerry Lynn brings the fight outside and hits Corino with a tornado DDT off the rail & which busts Corino open.

Lynn attacks the cut until Corino takes control through interference by Victory. Corino scores a sit out powerbomb, powerslam and suplexes.

This lasts until Jerry dropkicks a chair into Corino’s face and gives him DDT onto it. The opening allows Lynn to take Corino’s blood and turn it into warpaint.

ECW Heatwave 2000
[Photo: Classic Wrestling Review]
He even writes the word DIE on his stomach before Corino fires back with Old School Expulsion.

Lynn thwarts Victory’s powder attack but it hits the ref and Victory knocks the ref out. Victory decks Lynn with the cowbell, but Corino’s cover only gets a two-count.

They trade punches on their knees and exchange rapid pin attempts. Corino almost avoids a Cradle Piledriver, but Lynn hits it a second time to get the win.

Winner: Jerry Lynn (15:23)

ECW Heatwave 2000
Da Baldies (Tony DeVito & Angel) vs. Chris Chetti & Nova

Nova & Chris Chetti make Da Baldies regroup with crutch shots and kicks. Then they dive onto them before returning the action to the ring.

After some traded strikes Da Baldies score a double flapjack and taunt Chetti. Nova reverses a whip into a sidewalk slam before Chetti & Angel tag.

Chetti takes out Da Baldies with a sidekick and a Blue Thunder Bomb, yet Nova misses a Swanton. This allows Da Baldies to nail a Bronx Bomb, but Tony DeVito misses a moonsault.

Nova lands rolling piledrivers that end with Third Degree. Chetti does a step-up wheel kick and then hits Amityville Horror, followed by Tidal Wave, for the victory.

Winners: Chris Chetti & Nova (5:00)

ECW Heatwave 2000
4-Way Dance Match
Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Mikey Whipwreck vs. Little Guido vs. Psicosis

Mikey Whipwreck suplexes Psicosis, then gives Little Guido a hurricanrana and hits a somersault plancha to the outside. FBI arrives to get vengeance on Whipwreck.

Sal rams him into the post and rolls him inside, so Psicosis hits a guillotine leg drop. When he covers Guido, he pulls Psicosis away and eliminates Whipwreck.

Yoshihiro Tajiri, Guido, and Psicosis trade takedowns until Tajiri hits an Asai Moonsault. He even hits Guido a superplex but Guido recovers and hits Maritato on Psicosis.

This allows Tajiri to eliminate Psicosis with a German suplex. Tajiri & Guido trade strikes and pin attempts. Tajiri does the handspring elbow and Tarantula.

They fight with a chair, and Guido gains control as he lands Sicilian Slice and attempts another Maritato. Tajiri blocks it and answers with the green mist and a brainbuster on the chair for the win.

Winner: Yoshihiro Tajiri (9:12)

ECW Heatwave 2000
ECW TV Title Match

Rhino (c) vs. The Sandman

The Sandman breaks his cane over Rhino’s head, but Rhino slings beer on him before they trade strikes.

Sandman brings a section of guardrail into the ring, so Rhino counters with a chair. A chair shot isn’t enough, so Sandman recovers and uses the rail.

He nails a Heinekenrana and a bulldog onto it. When Rhino rallies he suplexes Sandman on the metal. Sandman places Rhino on the railing and hits a senton bomb.

Steve Corino & Jack Victory interfere and wipe out the ref. This draws out Spike Dudley, but Rhino gores him and gives Spike a piledriver on a table.

Rhino also blocks a White Russian Leg Sweep and connects with a piledriver on the guardrail in the ring to get the win.

Winner: AND STILL ECW Television Champion: Rhino (8:38)

ECW Heatwave 2000
Rob Van Dam vs. Scotty Anton

Rob Van Dam makes Scotty Anton bail before landing a moonsault off the rail and a guardrail leg drop. He also gorilla-presses Anton and hits two moonsaults.

When Fonzie interjects again, Anton takes him out and uses the chair on RVD. Anton bulldogs Rob onto the rail before putting him in holds and forcing RVD to do the clap motion. He makes RVD regroup before hitting an axe handle.

ECW Heatwave 2000
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Anton targets RVD’s bad leg and locks in Clap Trap before Anton intercepts a chair from Fonzie.

RVD connects with a body scissor takedown, then a running Van Daminator and split-legged moonsault.

He does a chair-assisted Rolling Thunder before Anton whacks RVD’s leg with the chair and places him in Clapper. Fonzie intervenes and receives a Clapper as well.

This allows RVD to do another Van Daminator, hit 5-Star Frog Splash, and then hit Van Terminator for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam (19:02)

ECW Heatwave 2000
ECW World Heavyweight Title
Stairway To Hell Match

Justin Credible (c) vs. Tommy Dreamer

The match starts with some chain wrestling, but it doesn’t last. Then, they head into the crowd to brawl. The fight ends under the announce booth and around some merch tables.

Tommy Dreamer sets a ladder on the tables and looks to grab Justin Credible, but Credible fights back and knocks Dreamer down onto the table.

They return to the ring and set up a ladder in the corner. It backfires for Credible, so Dreamer goes after the barbed wire. Francine grabs him, but Jazz and George confront her.

George attacks Jazz as Francine attempts to give Jazz a Bronco Buster, but Jazz kicks her. Dreamer hits Tommyhawk for a two-count, then fetches the barbed wire and wraps it around the top rope.

This leads to Credible getting crotched on it, but Francine canes Credible by accident, and Dreamer hits a DDT.

Credible recovers as he blocks another Tommyhawk and lands That’s Incredible on the barbed wire to get the victory.

Winner: AND STILL ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Justin Credible (12:20)