ECW Anarchy Rulz 2000 | ECW Saturday Night RetroView

On October 1st, 2000, Extreme Championship Wrestling aired their ECW Anarchy Rulz 2000 PPV. We find out who will be the next challenger for the ECW World Heavyweight Title as Steve Corino goes one on one with CW Anderson. FBI defends the ECW World Tag Team Titles against The Unholy Alliance. Rhino defends the Television Title against Rob Van Dam & Justin Credible defends his ECW World Heavyweight Title against Jerry Lynn.

Nova defeated Bilvis Wesley (Dark Match) 

ECW Anarchy Rulz 2000
Tag Team Match

The Bad Street Boys vs. Danny Doring & Roadkill

Joey Matthews & Danny Doring get things going with Doring pulling on the hair to take over. Doring sends Matthews face-first into the mat before bringing in Roadkill, then off to Christian York, who gets taken down by a running shoulder, but he comes back with some arm drags.

York counters a slingshot into the corner into a bouncing leg drop, then moments later, Road Roadkill pops up and slams The Bad Street Boys down. The Bad Street Boys stay on the monster, but Doring gets a hot tag and assists Roadkill with a Hart Attack to Matthews. Doring is sent over the top rope and comes down on his arm, followed by double suicide dives from The Bad Street Boys.

Back inside, and a double powerbomb drops Doring, but Matthews and York turn around into the springboard clothesline from Roadkill. Doring nails a top rope elbow, but York breaks it up with a top rope leg drop.

A middle rope backsplash gets a two-count for York, but Doring escapes a headlock and hits the double-arm DDT. There’s the hot tag to Roadkill, who cleans house and splashes both guys in the corner before the Buggy Bang for the win.

Winners: Danny Doering & Roadkill (7:14)

After the match Roadkill & Doring help The Bad Street Boys to their feet. However, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger arrive with steel chairs to make a statement of their own. The heels clean house, leaving Danny Doring on his back in the ring as the last visual before the next match.

ECW Anarchy Rulz 2000
Kid Kash (w/Joel Gertner) vs. EZ Money (W/ Cyrus, Elektra, Julio Dinero, and Chris Hamrick)

EZ Money jumps Kid Kash before the bell. but Kash comes back with some lightning quick arm drags, sending Money out to the floor. Chris Hamrick and Julio Dinero get nailed as well, but the distraction lets Money sneak in from behind. Money picks up Kash for a suplex but lets him fall backwards and crash down to the mat for two. A charge goes badly for Money as he falls onto his partners, setting up a huge springboard flip dive from Kash, leaving the heels in a crumpled heap.

Back in the ring now, Money flips over the top rope into a clothesline for two before taking a breather with a chinlock. During the rest hold, Joel Gertner screams for Kid Kash to get up. Money spends a bit too much time swiveling his hips and gets rolled up for two. A running tornado DDT gets the same for Kash, but Money comes back with Electric Dreams but fails to cover after.

Kash nails something like a Whisper In The Wind for two before the high flyers trade pinfall attempts. There’s the Money Maker, but Elektra distracts the referee, allowing Dinero to take Kash down. A double suplex has Kash in trouble, and Hamrick adds a top rope leg drop for two. Money gets crotched on top but still manages to try a super bomb, only to have Kash reverse into a hurricanrana for the win.

Winner: Kid Kash (9:39)

After the match, Hot Commodity beats on Kash until Spike Dudley tries to make a save. They go after his leg, and put him in a Figure 4, but Sandman arrives for the real save. Elektra tries to seduce him but The Sandman pours beer on her chest and shoves Gertner’s face onto the beer.

ECW Anarchy Rulz 2000
Joel Gertner vs. Cyrus 

Joel jumps Cyrus to start, before taking off his shirt to reveal Kamala chest paint. Cyrus trips him up and chops in the corner but The Sandman spits beer in his face, allowing Gertner to get a rollup for the victory.

Winner: Joel Gertner (2:34)

ECW Anarchy Rulz 2000
Da Baldies (Tony Devito & Angel) vs. Balls Mahoney & Chilly Willy

The match starts off with a brawl, before Da Baldies get laid out and nailed with double neckbreakers. Balls Mahoney stabs Tony DeVito in the head with a fork, as Angel & Chilly Willy fight on the floor. DeVito is busted open then a backdrop puts him into the crowd.

Mahoney bites at the cut and whips him through another barricade, right under the announcers’ area. DeVito flips off the announcers, for no apparent reason, before moonsaulting off a ledge. Angel & Willy show up next to them, with Chilly taking a powerbomb onto some chairs. DeVito takes Mahoney back to the ring for a dropkick, but makes the mistake of going after his head.

Mahoney comes back with a series of punches and a superkick to the shoulder. A huge chair shot knocks DeVito senseless, but Angel comes back in with a staple gun to the eye. Chilly comes back in and Da Baldies hit three straight chair shots to both of their opponents’ heads that gets the win.

Winners: Da Baldies (7:39)

ECW Anarchy Rulz 2000
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ECW Anarchy Rulz 2000
ECW World Heavyweight Title #1 Contenders Match

Steve Corino vs. CW Anderson

Steve Corino & CW Anderson trade shoulder blocks to start, but Corino can’t get a neckbreaker. Instead, they trade arm drags and duck punches to get us to a standoff. They chop it out, with Corino getting the better of it, only to get taken down by a superkick.

Chairs are brought in, and Corino gets in a quick shot to the head to take over as Anderson is busted open, and a kick to the face makes things worse. Anderson nails Corino with the chair to take over, drawing some blood from Corino. Anderson wedges a chair in the corner, and sends Corino arm first into the steel to give him a target.

Corino tries to fight back with one arm but a hammerlock belly 2 back suplex gets a two-count. Anderson traps Corino’s arm in a chair and gives him the Brian Pillman treatment, before kicking Corino in the face as the blood starts to flow. Corino fights back with right hands but the Old School Expulsion is countered into a suplex.

Anderson’s sleeper is broken when Corino crotches him on the chair. A Bionic Elbow and low blow have Corino in control but Simon and Swinger come out for a distraction. Anderson’s big left-hand gets two, and Corino’s superkick gets the same. The spinebuster is countered into the Old School Expulsion on the chair to put away Anderson.

Winner & #1 Contender To The ECW World Heavyweight Title: Steve Corino (12:47)

ECW Anarchy Rulz 2000
The Unholy Alliance (Mikey Whipwreck & Yoshihiro Tajiri, w/The Sinister Minister) vs The Full Blooded Italians (Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke, w/Sal E. Graziano) (c) – ECW World Tag Team Championship

The F.B.I & The Unholy Alliance start to this match off with a huge brawl, before The Unholy Alliance take over. Some hard kicks to the head have the Full-Blooded Italians in big trouble, and stereo dropkicks below the belt have the Full-Blooded Italians reeling. Things settle down to Little Guido & Tajiri after Mikey Whipwreck brawls with Sal on the floor. Tony Mamaluke gets put in the tree of woe for the running baseball slide from Tajiri. Old Sin-Min  sets a fireball between Mamaluke’s legs, and Guido gets takes some kicks to the chest from Tajiri.

Whipwreck hammers away on Tony, but the big man hits him below the belt to take the momentum. Full Blooded Italians hit a double powerbomb on Mikey Whipwreck out of the corner for a two-count. Then Guido connects with Sicilian Slice for another two-count on Whipwreck. Then he tags in Mamaluke, who promptly eats a wheelbarrow facebuster. Tajiri comes in and cleans house with his educated feet, only to get caught in a German suplex from Mamaluke. Guido breaks up Whipwreck’s rollup with a leg drop but recieves a faceful of green mist for his troubles.

Mikey hits the Whippersnapper for what should be a three-count, but Big Sal pulls the referee to the floor. The Minister tries to go after Sal, but his stablemates crush Sin-Min against the barricade. Guido sends Whipwreck outside and Sal throws in the ECW World Tag Team Title, only to have Tajiri take it away and swing it at Sal. An Asai Moonsault puts Sal down again, but Guido nails Whipwreck with the ECW World Tag Team Title belt before setting up the double powerbomb for the win.

Winners & Still ECW World Tag Team Champions: Full Blooded Italians (8:38) (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!)

ECW Anarchy Rulz 2000
Rob Van Dam (w/Bill Alfonzo) vs Rhino (c)

– ECW Tag Team Championship

Rhino jumps RVD during the introductions, and the action quickly spills outside. They trade whips into the barricade, before Rhino sends RVD over the rail and into the fans. They brawl around the arena with Rhino in full control, sending RVD through another barricade. Back to ringside and RVD nails a quick kick to the head, followed by a Van Daminator with help from Bill Alfonzo. Rob dives over the top rope to take Rhino down again.

Back in the ring, Van Dam kicks the chair into Rhino’s face, but his springboard follow-up is knocked out of the air with a middle rope clothesline for two. Rhino hits the Gore into the corner but opts to take to the floor, where he sets up a table. A 2nd table is thrown into the ring and set up in the corner, but Rhino puts on a chinlock.

Back up, and RVD nails a spinning kick to the face, busting the man-beast open. He misses the Van Daminator and Rhino swings the chair at Van Dam’s head to make things even worse.

RVD comes up with a fireman’s carry slam into a middle rope moonsault, followed by the 5 Star Frog Splash for two. The Gore puts RVD down, and the piledriver through the table brings the fans to a fever pitch.

Back in the ring and Rob nails a quick Van Daminator and sets up for the Van Terminator, but Justin Credible runs out for a distraction. RVD tries the post-to-post diving kick anyway, but Rhino pulls Bill Alfonso in the way. A Gore through the table and a piledriver onto the chair to pick up the win.

Winner & Still Television Champion: Rhino (12:41) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)

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Jerry Lynn vs Justin Credible (c)
– ECW World Heavyweight Championship

Match starts off with they do some mat wrestling before Jerry Lynn hits a armdrag & Credible out to the floor for an argument with a fan. Back in and they trade chops with Lynn getting the better of it. Neither guy can hit their finisher so Lynn settles for a middle rope bulldog and a headlock.

Credible is sent to the floor again for Lynn’s big dive off the top but he might have hurt his elbow. Back in and a swinging Boss Man Slam from Credible puts both guys down again. We get a chair brought in for the drop toehold onto its back to give Credible two. A sitout powerbomb out of the corner onto the chair gets the same and the fight heads up the aisle. Justin hammers away by the barricade and it’s back inside the ring.

Lynn grabs a DDT to plant Credible on the chair for a delayed two. Credible comes back with a front facelock as the fans get on his nerves. He stops and grabs a mic to talk trash about Lynn and Minneapolis, causing the fans to throw in a bunch of beer cups. Back to the front face lock before they trade near falls for two each until Credible hits that running release DDT to take over.

Lynn kicks the chair into Credible’s face to get a breather but gets sent to the apron, only to come back with a jumping leg to the back of Credible’s head, driving him throat-first across the middle rope. A guillotine leg drop gets two for Lynn, and it’s table time. Credible gets laid on the table, but Francine offers a distraction to allow Credible to slam Lynn through the table. A sunset bomb out of the corner gets two for Credible, but he walks into the cradle piledriver for another near fall.

That’s Incredible gives Credible a two-count, and the fans are right back into this. Credible superkicks the referee down by mistake, but Lynn rolls him up. The same referee that Joey Styles said gave a fast count on Rob Van Dam comes in and counts two but stops and waves his finger at Lynn.

An ECW World Heavyweight Title shot to the head gets a fast two on Lynn, and the crooked referee nails Lynn in the head. That’s Incredible gets two more as New Jack comes out for the save. The crooked referee and Lynn counters That’s Incredible into a cradle tombstone gets the win.

Winner: AND NEW ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Jerry Lynn (19:36) (NEW CHAMPION!!!)