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NXT Takeover XXX has come and gone, and from it, doomsday has arrived. Takeover gave us every emotion, broke every possible prediction, and shock the world with its results. We gained brand new #1 Contenders for the NXT Tag Team Titles, we witnessed an epic ladder match giving us a new NXT North American Champion, we clamored at an amazing clash for the NXT Women’s Title, we stood in awe of an amazing performance for a pro football player, and we watched time standstill after an NXT Championship match. Now, a mere few days later, we get back on track as the black and gold brand is back for a Takeover hangover. What will happen next? Let’s check out what’s Coming Up NXT for 8/26/20 – Doomsday Is Here.

Doomsday Is Here
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Doomsday Is Here | Coming Up NXT 8/26/20
Time Is Up

It was brutal, it was hard-hitting, it was everything we expected in an NXT Championship match as Karrion Kross and then-champion Keith Lee tore the house down on Saturday night. But with a stroke of the clock, NXT Takeover XXX ended with Karrion Kross as the new NXT Champion.

And after the announcement of Keith Lee moving to Monday Nights’ at Summerslam last night, the demonic Kross and Scarlett now seemingly run NXT outright with no clear cut detractors in sight. Even with an apparent shoulder injury, Karrion Kross still is one of the biggest threats to the landscape of the black and gold brand.

Will the eclectic duo of evil appear on this week’s show to discuss their win over the ‘Limitless One’? Or will we get an early glimpse of who will be Kross’ next challenger for the NXT gold?


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Doomsday Is Here | Coming Up NXT 8/26/20
Daddy’s Back

Could that next challenger come back to claim what’s his? Yes, while a new NXT Champion was crowned on Saturday, a former NXT Champion has made it known he’s coming back home. During the Takeover XXX telecast, it was announced that Tomasso Ciampa will be on the show live!

After losing in an NXT Championship Match almost two months ago, Ciampa has been on a abrupt hiatus. And since his departure, the landscape of NXT has changed greatly… including the man he last faced in an NXT ring becoming the new NXT Champion in Karrion Kross.

But with this unexpected announcement, is the former champion coming back for a specific reason? Can Ciampa seek revenge against Kross and retain the rights to his precious Goldie?


Doomsday Is Here
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A Leg Up

Before Takeover XXX, we made this clear. The match between Pro Bowler Pat McAfee and Adam Cole won’t really be a match; it will be a fight. But if anything came out of their clash on Saturday is one thing: respect. Impressing many with his athleticism to back up his loud mouth, McAfee had a strong showing against one of NXT finest. But as many things that are definite, death and taxes included, the other is Adam Cole coming out on top.

Now what’s next for these two men. For Pat McAfee, did he impress enough to stick around NXT as a superstar possibly? Or will the loss of Cole push back his bold claims of being a million-dollar money maker in WWE? And with Cole, he has put this rivalry behind him, but has he put his aspirations of holding the NXT gold again in the rearview?


WWE NXT Presents Takeover XXX
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Doomsday Is Here | Coming Up NXT 8/26/20
The Fallout

And with Karrion Kross as the new champion, Tomasso Ciampa returning to the brand and Cole’s definitive win over Pat McAfee, NXT still has so many other epic clashes to settle on the brand.

Breezango became the final team standing after the three-way match as the #1 Contender for the NXT Tag Team Championship, which means for the 2nd time in 2 months, Tyler Breeze and Fandango will face Imperium for the titles. Could we see that epic showdown on this week’s episode of NXT?

Io Shirai defeated Dakota Kai on Saturday, retaining her NXT Women’s Championship, but not without feeling the wrath from Raquel Gonzales. But that didn’t last long until former Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley showed up to the party. With one of the most tumultuous staredowns ever see, will we see these two towering women face off in an NXT ring soon?

Finn Balor walked out of Takeover XXX as once again the victor, a record 13th time in the event’s history. But after putting Thatcher in his rearview, who will the Prince show up to face next? Could it be Damian Priest, who stood tall as the new NXT North American Champion? While Priest has been on an interesting roll since his clash with Balor. Could one of NXT’s most decorated superstars be the Archer of Infamy’s first challenger?

And that was Coming Up NXT for 8/26/20. Tune in Wednesday as NXT is only on the USA Network!

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