Could Bandido Be Out of Action for Nearly 2 Months?

During the recent Ring of Honor, Death Before Dishonour pay-per-view saw new champions crowned and an eventful evening overall. For one particular ring of Honor talent, they weren’t as fortunate. Prior to the event, Bandido was removed from the scheduled event with what is believed to be a knee injury.

On Thursday, September 26th, Bandido faced Mark Briscoe in a one-on-one competition. Whether or not the injury took place then or leading up to the match has not been reported. However, what is assured is that a decision was made for him not to compete the following evening. ROH’s pay per view event was the following evening.

Could Bandido Be Out of Action for Nearly 2 Months?

On Tuesday, Bandido took to Instagram, and posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed and suggesting he could be out of action for nearly two months. While he is covering his face in the picture, there has to be a sense of frustration on his part. The injury likely came out of nowhere and is certainly a setback for him. Will this injury setback what could be a future championship opportunity?

Madison’s Mindset:

With the injury to Bandido Ring of Honor will have to rethink any potential feuds that had been brewing for him. These particular feuds could impact any pairing that the Lifeblood faction may have had slated for them. Where Bandido is likely to be affected is also his bookings outside Ring of Honor.

This past year he competed as part of New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Best of the Super Juniors 27 tournament. The talented luchador is likely to take every precaution that his return is sooner rather than later. How could that affect him or his mobility when he returns have yet to be seen? Fans are encouraged to send Bandido well wishes at the above-listed Instagram account.