Clash of the Champions II | WWE Sunday Night RetroView

On June 8th, 1988, from the James L. Knight Center in Miami, Florida, the National Wrestling Alliance (under Jim Crockett Promotions) presented Clash of the Champions II : Miami Mayhem. As we roll the clock back to the second ever Clash of the Champions event, we look at an incredible night of action. The show begins with Jim Ross outside as a limousine pulling out with Lyle Alzado, former NFL player. Following that limo is a one with Gary Jester. This event was the first Clash of the Champions series with a subheading with its Miami Mayhem name. Bob Caudle and Tony Schivone were on commentary. Both were dressed in tuxedos attire that is rare in today’s commentary team. Schivone runs down the card with Caudle sharing his excitement for the show.

Clash of the Champions II
United States Heavyweight Championship

Brad Armstrong vs. Barry Windham (c) with James J. Dillon

The first match of the night was already going to involve one of the horsemen. Both men are second-generation wrestlers with a wonderful pedigree behind them. It has a 20-minute time limit set for it. The referee is Teddy Long (so unusual to see him with hair) who was active in warning both competitors. Schivone was quick to point out that that the Horsemen’s psychological warfare more than anything. After an initial advantage by Windham, it was Armstrong that was able to counter it. Windham tries to recover but Armstrong is quick to maintain control.

Barry Windham goes to the floor seeking advice by Dillon in the process. When he gets back in the ring, a side headlock by Armstrong leads to a headscissors by Windham on the mat. Windham backs Armstrong into the corner turnbuckle and then has it reversed by Armstrong. But as soon as he turns his head, Windham hits him with a right cross. An attempted fist to a prone Armstrong on the mat leads to a miss by Windham. Caudle and Schivone share their thoughts of the black glove and claw that Windham now seems to posses.

We knew this was going to be a fast-paced match – Bob Caudle

Armstrong maintains a side headlock on Windham on the mat. He rolls him onto his shoulders and Teddy Long makes a count but only gets a count of two. As soon as Windham appears to break free, Armstrong recovers and maintains control. Windham does recover and hits a scoop slam and goes for a pinfall attempt as well. He only gets a count of two. Windham seeks advice from Dillon even momentarily. He then locks in a figure four leglock. With the referee distracted, Dillon helps Windham by applying additional leverage. Long then suspects something as he turns back to him. However, each time Dillon and Windham work together it is when Long is focused on Armstrong.

Armstrong momentarily turns it over but Windham reverses the reversal. Once again, Dillon helps Windham as Armstrong is locked into the figure four the champion uses the ropes for leverage now. Long finally catches him and forces the break. Armstrong is thrown to the floor and Barry Windham. Armstrong is then brought back into the ring and slammed hard to the mat. Windham climbs to the top rope and misses an elbow drop on Armstrong. Armstrong regains control of Windham and hits a combination of moves. Windham then manages to get the claw on Armstrong during an attempted crossbody. He has him down on the mat for the three count and the win.

Winner: AND STILL United States Champion, Barry Windham

After the break, Miami Mayhem continues with the Rock n Roll Express coming down to the ring with Bob Caudle interviewing them at this time. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson share how they are back where they belong and that no titles are safe with them back into the fold.

The footage is shown of the Yacht Blackhawk owned by the Chicago Blackhawks Bill Wirtz and Wirtz family with a contract signing for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. This included a title match between Ric Flair and Lex Luger for the world championship later that year in Baltimore, Maryland. Luger said he wanted to thank Mr. Crockett for the opportunity. Behind Flair, stood the rest of the Horsemen and James J. Dillon saying that Luger better makes it to Baltimore.

Jim Ross is once again waiting in the parking lot as another limousine arrives with the Four Horsemen. He asks Ric Flair what is going through his mind and he once again reminds Luger that he still has to make it to Baltimore.

Clash of the Champions II
United States Tag Team Championship

The Sheepherders with Rip Morgan vs. The Fantastics (Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton) (c)

Before the match begins, Lex Luger arrives in the parking lot but is swarmed by the Four Horsemen who attack him by his limo. Blanchard, Anderson, Flair, and Windham beat on him in a four-on-one attack. Luger is busted open as they go to commercial.

After the commercial, we return to the ring as the match is set to begin. However, Caudle and Schivone are preoccupied with what took place with Luger moments ago. Bobby Fulton comes in and face Luke but much to his dismay he can’t seem to gain control. Teddy Long once again forces him back until Butch Miller is tagged in the ring. After getting in a couple of blows, Luke Williams is tagged into the ring. Outside the ring, Rip tries to help Butch beat down Tommy Rogers. Fulton puts on a sleeper hold on Luke but Butch comes in and stops that. Tommy Rogers is tagged in and puts on an armbar on Rogers. Butch is tagged but can’t seem to maintain control. Miller and Williams are victims to both of Rogers and Fulton’s attack.

They are all going to be able to dish it out to you – Bob Caudle

Fans are chanting USA to get under the skin of the New Zealanders the Sheepherders. Miller has control over Tommy Rogers once again. Rogers recovers but Luke Williams is tagged in and uses Butch Miller as an aid in the process. Both Butch and Luke work over Rogers in the corner and each time he tries to recover, Miller regains control. An errant kick by Miller leads to a tag to Bobby Fulton. Fulton is then victim to Williams chops to the throat.

After a battle between both, Fulton and Williams go down. Butch Miller is tagged in and is taken down by both Rogers and Fulton. Multiple counts by either man appear to wear out the challengers. Fulton makes the tag to Rogers who continues to work on Williams in the ring. However, as he attempts to hit the ropes, Miller pulls it down causing Rogers to fall over the top rope to the floor.

Williams and Miller use one of the titles to hit Rogers across the back. The challengers are relentless on their attack. Teddy Long is quick to redirect Fulton back to his side of the ring. Then a chair is used on Rogers by Williams with the referee distracted. Williams is in the ropes teeth first? Williams maintains control on Tommy Rogers. Fans continue to chant USA during this time as well. However, Butch Miller misses hitting Rogers and hits Williams. Williams recovers and moves him back into he and Miller’s corner.

These two want to beat you down and they want to hurt you. – Bob Caudle

Rogers avoids another attack by Miller. However, Miller catches him and drives a knee into the midsection of Tommy Rogers. An attempted pinfall attempt led to him kicking out at two. Williams is tagged in and continues to take the fight to Rogers. A thumb to the eyes stops Rogers. But Miller hoists up a chair this time and Rogers avoids it causing Williams to get hit in the head with it. He makes the hot tag to Bobby Fulton. Fulton avoid a strike by Williams but rolls him up for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: AND STILL United States Tag Team Champions, The Fantastics

Tony Schiavone speaks with Dr. Death Steve Williams at ringside asking him about what happened to Lex Luger earlier on in the evening after being attacked by the Four Horsemen. Williams said he knows that Luger won’t back down from any fight and he will be coming back.

Clash of the Champions II
The Varsity Club (NWA World’s Television Champion, Mike Rotundo & Rick Steiner) with ‘The Games Master’ Kevin Sullivan vs. ‘Gorgeous’ Jimmy Garvin & Ronnie Garvin w/ Precious

The Varisty Club comes to the ring first followed by The Garvins. Both teams came to the ring with theme music leading them to the ring but they weren’t announced until both teams were in the ring. Schivone then sends it back to Jim Ross who is in the parking lot sharing details of Lex Luger’s condition. He shared that the Horsemen were proud of their actions and didn’t plan on having Luger make it to Baltimore. We then see the attack by the Horsemen that ensued.

After a brief commercial break, we see the Varsity Club and The Garvin’s match in progress. Kevin Sullivan is then locked in a cage as Dr. Death Steve Williams joins commentary. Both of the Garvin’s take shots at Rick Steiner. Jimmy locks in an armbar followed by a hammerlock. Steiner is then pulled from the ring by Mike Rotundo. Teddy Long forces Rotundo out of the ring until he tags into the match. Ronnie Garvin and Mike Rotundo circle each other jockeying for position. At ringside, Kevin Sullivan is trying to lure Precious to come to him. Precious holds the key to the cage. Jimmy is preoccupied with having her remain in their corner.

It looks like I’ll have a contract to wrestle the Syracuse, boy – Dr. Death Steve Williams

Inside the ring, Rotundo has Ronnie Garvin tied up. Each time he makes a tag the referee is distracted leading to the Varsity Club maintaining control. Ronnie Garvin and Steiner are tied up in the ring. He makes a tag to his brother Jimmy but Teddy Long didn’t see it so he forced Jimmy back out of the ring. We then see Kevin Sullivan trying to encourage Precious to give him the key.

Back in the ring Steiner and Ronnie continue to battle. Ronnie finally makes the tag to Jimmy who hits Rick Steiner with a dropkick. He then goes for a pinfall attempt but Steiner kicks out. This then turns into a front face lock on the Dog-Faced Gremlin. Jimmy continues to work over Steiner. The camera continues to shoot over to Precious who continues to be encouraged by Sullivan to come to her. Ronnie is tagged in and he continues to work over Steiner. However, Rick makes the tag to Mike Rotundo. He goes for a sunset flip but Rick breaks up the pinfall attempt.

Ronnie is really in a lot of pain right now – Tony Schivone

Ronnie is backed into the Varisty Clubs corner with Mike Rotundo choking him in the process. Garvin is thrown to the floor and the referee is pushing Jimmy back to his corner. Mike Rotundo then pushes Ronnie Garvin to the cage where Sullivan gets in a series of punches. Another hot tag is made to Jimmy Garvin who comes in and battles Rick Steiner. Ronnie Garvin comes in and continues to battle Mike Rotundo. Precious comes over to Sullivan who manages to steal the key from her. Inside the ring, Jimmy Garvin gets the pinfall on Rick Steiner.

Winners: The Garvin’s

As this was going on, Kevin Sullivan then proceeds to choke Precious as he makes his way out of the cage. This forces Steve Williams to come to her aid and strikes Sullivan in the process. Precious pushes away Jimmy Garvin and Steve Williams and leaves the ringside area. Williams and Jimmy Garvin are left in the ring wondering what just happened.

After a short break, Tony Schivone and Bob Caudle discuss the Great American Bash that is slated to take place. They discuss how the Road Warriors said they wanted a scaffold match against the Powers of Pain at the Great American Bash. They also discuss Kevin Sullivan’s upcoming brainchild the ‘Tower of Doom’.

‘The Latin Heartthrob’ Al Perez with Gary Hart vs. ‘The Russian Nightmare’ Nikita Koloff

The bell sounds and both men tie-up as they both fight for position. As they both come face to face with one another, they lock up again. Both men shove each other a couple of times. Koloff manages to get ahold of Perez and whips him into the corner turnbuckle. Perez then manages to lock in a wrist lock on Koloff who reverses it. As Perez tries to throw Koloff off of him he recovers and maintains it on him. Perez eventually gets Koloff into the corner turnbuckle but Perez recovers and tosses him off of him. Koloff is once again able to maintain an armbar on Perez. As Perez attempts to recover he misses a dropkick on Koloff.

Koloff then waves his finger at Perez saying he isn’t going to get the better of him. Perez and Koloff exchange whips but eventually the Russian Nightmare ends up on the floor. Gary Hart gets involved and drives Koloff’s head on the table at ringside. Perez makes his way to the floor and maintains control on Koloff. Koloff then rolls into the ring but he gets choked by Perez and punched by Hart at ringside. When Koloff goes to the floor he stalks Gary Hart until Al Perez attacks Koloff from behind.

Koloff almost turned the tables on Perez – Bob Caudle

After a momentary reversal and pin attempt by Koloff on Perez, the Latin Heartthrob regains control. He works over the upper back and neck of the Russian Nightmare. Koloff manages to hoist Perez up, on his shoulders and drop him on his back. But Koloff doesn’t have a chance to recover as Perez is back on the attack. Koloff then hits attempts a sunset flip but Perez uses his momentum to bet caught in the ropes. Nikita Koloff then hits a vertical suplex on Perez. This was what he needed. He caught Perez’s attempt to hit him in the midsection. Koloff then hits Al Perez with a shoulder tackle.

Perez ends up on the floor but then Larry Zybsysko comes into the ring leading to a disqualification.

Winner: Nikita Koloff

As the bell rings, Koloff is under attack by Perez, Hart, and Zybysko.

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NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
Sting & Dusty Rhodes vs. Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard (c) with James J. Dillon

With the champions, in the ring, they await the arrival of the challengers. The champions are announced first followed by the challengers. The match had a 30-minute time limit. Anderson and Sting begin the match for their respective teams. Arn pulled Sting down twice by the hair but he managed to recover with a kip-up. Sting was then thrown to the floor. Anderson attempted to clothesline Sting but he missed and hit the ring post. The Stinger has control in the ring with an armbar in the middle of the ring on the enforcer.

Tully is then tagged in and Sting hits him with a series of strikes and then a flying head scissors. Dusty is tagged in and he hits Tully with a series of strikes. The American Dream catches Tully off the middle rope and hits him with an atomic drop. Tully doesn’t know which way is up as both the Dream and the Stinger work him over. Dusty then locks in a figure four. However, Anderson breaks it as Dillon manages to distract the referee.

Dusty Rhodes is staggering you know he is hurt – Tony Schivone

Finally, Dusty makes it back in the ring and hits Tully with a flying clothesline (lariat). He makes the tag to Sting who takes out both Blanchard and Anderson. Sting hits a press slam on Tully and then follows that up with a Stinger Splash. As soon as he attempted a Scorpion leg lock, Anderson interfered. With Sting on the floor, Blanchard rolls him back into the ring to Arn Anderson. Anderson hits a scoop slam. He attempts a splash off the middle rope but Sting gets his knees up. Anderson makes a tag to Blanchard who then tags in collectively work on Sting. Blanchard makes the pin on Sting but only gets a count of two.

Sting is then thrown from the ring to the floor. Anderson hits a DDT on Sting on the floor. Sting is on the floor barely moving until James J. Dillon rolls him into the ring. Both Anderson and Sting then exchange rights. That was until Sting makes a pinning attempt until Anderson tags in Blanchard. Sting drops Blanchard across the top rope leading to a tag to Dusty. Rhodes hits everything that moves with elbows. Dusty makes a pinfall attempt but all four men make it in the ring.

You can throw the rulebook out of the ring now – Tony Schivone.
Winners: No Contest

Rhodes throws the referee to the side who then calls for the bell. But this wasn’t until Barry Windham came in and attacks the Dream with the claw. Ric Flair comes to the ring and helps Anderson and Blanchard beat down Sting. Dusty is bleeding at the hands of the claw. Anderson even hits him as he passes by him. We then hear from Jim Ross talking about Luger being sent to hospital