Brace for IMPACT for 7/15/21 (Slammiversary Go-Home Show)

Slammiversary returns live on pay-per-view this Saturday night. It’s been a long road from Rebellion, but now it’s time for Kenny Omega to defend the IMPACT World Championship. Last week, Kenny signed the contract along with his opponent Sami Callihan. But we still have to put all the pieces together for the stacked card on Saturday night. This is Brace For IMPACT for 7/15/21, where we break down the card for this week’s IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV.


Brace for IMPACT for 7/15/21
Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb With a K vs Jordynne Grace & Raechel Ellering

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Former Knockouts Tag Team Champions Jordynne Grace & Raechel Ellering have been having issues with Tenille Dashwood as of late. Shortly after Grace & Ellering lost the titles back to Fire ‘n’ Flava, Dashwood began to form a wedge between them. In addition, Tenille Dashwood kept subtly hinting to Raechel Ellering that she may have picked the wrong woman to form a long-term partnership with.

On top of that, she regularly suggested Ellering & Dashwood would be a superior tag team. Well, Raechel Ellering wasn’t having any of that, and neither was Jordynne Grace. At Against All Odds, Tenille Dashwood defeated Jordynne Grace in singles action, with help from Kaleb with a K. Then, on July 1st, Ellering defeated Dashwood in singles action. This week, they’ll finish the fight when they meet in tag team action.

Moose vs Hernandez

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Since he returned from injury, Chris Sabin has made several attempts to attack the man who injured him, Moose. Last week, Moose got some payback. Sabin made a visit to Swinger’s Palace only to find that neither The Midnight Mayor nor John E Bravo were in. Despite there being no games, Sabin took a seat at the table. While Sabin made chitchat with The Swingerellas, Moose stormed in to attack Sabin.

During the attack, Moose laid out bouncer Hernandez and caused much damage throughout Swinger’s Palace. This week, Hernandez faces Moose in a rematch from Moose’s first TNA World Heavyweight Title defense last June. This time, however, instead of a long-retired championship, Hernandez is fighting for not only his honor but the reputation of Swinger’s Palace.

Havok vs Tasha Steelz

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It’s hard to believe, but not only are Havok and Rosemary working together, they’re actually getting along. The years of bad blood between the two seem to have melted away, leading them to great success in the knockouts tag team division. Over the past few weeks, they’ve been playing their mind games against regining knockouts tag team champions Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan.

This has been quite entertaining to watch, as someone’s finally putting a stop to Fire ‘n’ Flavas obnoxious antics. Havok & Rosemary face Fire ‘n’ Flava for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles this Saturday Night, but on Thursday night, Havok faces Steelz in singles action.

Brace for IMPACT for 7/15/21
Joe Doering vs Fallah Bahh vs Willie Mack vs Doc Gallows –

Battle of The Hosses

Brace for IMPACT for 7/15/21
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On Saturday night, Joe Doering and Violent By Design defend the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles in a Fatal 4-Way match. The other competitors in that match are The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson), TJP & Fallah Bahh, and Willie Mack & Rich Swann. The match provides an interesting cross-section of IMPACT Wrestling’s tag team division.

At the moment, there seems to be a bias toward big guy/little guy tag teams. This pattern continues even outside title contention, with teams like DECAY, Ace Austin & Madman Fulton, and Reno SCUM. This Thursday night, four of those big men go at it in a fatal-4 way match billed as a Battle of The Hosses. Who will come out on top? Can the IMPACT Wrestling ring even hold 4 men of that size? Find out Thursday night on IMPACT Wrestling!

What Else to Expect

  • Matt Cardona & Jake Something vs Brian Myers & Sam Beale
  • Father James Mitchell summons Su Yung
  • Who is Deonna Purrazzo’s mystery opponent?


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