Brace For IMPACT for 7/01/21 (Team Callis vs Team Dreamer!)

It’s time to spend another Thursday night in Nashville with IMPACT Wrestling. After back-to-back weeks of massive shifts in leadership, Don Callis and Tommy Dreamer have assembled a stacked main event. Also, on Thursday’s IMPACT! Wrestling, Rich Swann & Willie Mack return to the tag team division, and the X-Division boils over. Find out more about this week’s episode with Brace For IMPACT for 7/01/21!


Brace For IMPACT for 7/01/21
TJP & Fallah Bahh vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mac

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Last week, in a particularly entertaining visit to Swinger’s Palace, TJP and Fallah Bahh caught up with Rich Swann & Willie Mack. The foursome rattled off their achievements over the last year, including TJP & Mack’s reigns as X-Division Champion and Rich Swann’s run as IMPACT World Champion. Then conversation turned to plans for the future. TJP & Bahh confirmed their return to the tag team division before asking Swann & Mack if they still tag.

Swann & Mack said they never stopped tagging, but injuries and singles runs got in the way. Fallah Bahh then suggested he and TJP were in IMPACT Tag Team Championship contention. This prompted Swann & Mack to issue a challenge to TJP & Fallah Bahh.  On Thursday night, Rich Swann & Willie Mack return to tag team action. But how will they fare against division veterans TJP and Fallah Bahh?

Chris Bey vs. Petey Williams

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With IMPACT World Champion usually spending his time in IMPACT Wrestling, all eyes are on the X-Division. The hungriest competitors in IMPACT Wrestling have rallied around the openweight championship, each hoping to earn a title shot against Josh Alexander. In the past weeks we’ve seen alliances grow between competitors Trey Miguel & Petey Williams and Ace Austin & Rohit Raju. Missing in the equation is fellow division frontrunner Chris Bey.

Last week, Bey gave an interview about why he’s been reluctant to pick a side. Miguel and Williams interrupted to warn Chris Bey that if he doesn’t pick a side, circumstances will pick for him. Their words may come true this week when Chris Bey faces Petey Williams in singles action. But surely this is just how the chips fell, and nothing personal…right?

Brace For IMPACT for 7/01/21
Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers (w/Don Callis) vs. Sami Callihan, Moose, & Chris Sabin (w/Tommy Dreamer)

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Two weeks ago, Tommy Dreamer made the bombshell announcement that the IMPACT Wrestling board of directors fired Don Callis. Last week, Callis accompanied his nephew, IMPACT World Champion Kenny Omega, into Skyway Studios. Later, in a backstage segment, Callis shared some sour grapes regarding the move with the messenger, Tommy Dreamer. After not so subtly insulting The Innovator of Violence, Callis then suggested Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers take on a team of Dreamer’s choosing. Tommy Dreamer graciously accepted the offer, and went about assembling his dream team.

For Team Dreamer, the ECW legend sought wrestlers who have a bone to pick with Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers. He first went to Sami Callihan, whom The Good Brothers cheated out of an IMPACT World Championship match at Rebellion. Then, he reached out to Moose, himself victim to Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers’ mind games in the leadup to Rebellion. Finally, Tommy Dreamer recruited Chris Sabin, returning from injury and hungry to face anyone. However, it was Moose who put Sabin on the shelf. If Sabin is itching to fight Moose, can they hold it together long enough to deal with The Elite? Tune in to see a star-studded main event on this Thursday’s IMPACT Wrestling.

What Else To Expect

  • More from Swinger’s Palace
  • Action in the Knockouts Division
  • A Canada Day celebration


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