Brace For IMPACT for 6/3/21 (Iron-Man Match)

June 3rd, 2021, promises to be an action-packed episode of IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV. The Knockouts Tag Team championships are up for grabs, the two top heels collide, and an NJPW legend debuts in-ring. However, before I can start this week’s Brace For IMPACT for 6/3/21!…

Before The IMPACT:
TJP vs. Josh Alexander (c)
– 60 Minute Ironman Match for the X-Division Championship

Photo / IMPACT

I don’t usually cover IMPACT Wrestling’s lead-in show, Before The IMPACT. This week, however, I must make an exception. Last week on IMPACT! Wrestling, TJP pinned X-Division Champion Josh Alexander in a tag team match. Following the loss, the champion said he’s more than willing to defend the title against anyone who thinks they can beat him. TJP then showed up to express his excitement at having one more title match with Josh Alexander.

This caught the interest of IMPACT Executive VP Scott D’Amore, who decided that this final match deserved special attention. D’Amore said a match of such magnitude deserved more time than an episode of IMPACT Wrestling allows. So this week, for all 60 minutes of Before The IMPACT, TJP and Josh Alexander will compete for the X-Division Championship in an Iron Man Match. Tune in Thursday night at 7 PM to see TJP and Josh Alexander settle the score once and for all.

Brace For IMPACT for 6/3/21
Jake Something vs. Rohit Raju
Tables Match

Photo / IMPACT

It’s a little-known fact, but Jake Something and Rohit Raju were very close friends once. They broke into the business together and frequently toured together, becoming very close in the process. However, both Jake Something and Rohit Raju say things have been different lately. The Desi Hitman says IMPACT Wrestling has abandoned him in favor of Jake Something. Raju referenced the time Scott D’Amore hand-picked Jake Something to compete for #1 Contendership on April 29th.

Jake Something says Rohit Raju has changed since he won the X-Division title in 2020. Ever since becoming champion, Raju has become an entitled jerk who cheats to win. The animosity between the two is coming to a head backstage, and on Thursday night, they’ll collide in a tables match.

Satoshi Kojima vs. Deaner (w/VBD)

Photo / IMPACT

When Eric Young and Violent By Design came to the ring last week, we expected another unhinged promo. For the most part, that’s exactly what we got. But as The World Class Maniac gave his usual tirade, flanked by VBD, the lights went out. When they came back on, Satoshi Kojima’s music started up, and the NJPW legend came out to the ring. Kojima stepped between the ropes, got face-to-face with Joe Doering, and said 3 words: Against All Odds. It seems Kojima and Doering have some unfinished business from All Japan Pro Wrestling.

However, that will have to wait for next Saturday’s IMPACT Plus event. On Thursday night, Kojima makes his debut in an IMPACT Wrestling ring to take on Doering’s former tag team partner Cody Deaner. One might expect this to be a one-sided affair for Kojima, but will Violent By Design show any respect for the Lariato Legend?

Brace For IMPACT for 6/3/21
Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering vs. Fire ‘n’ Flava (c)
– Knockouts Tag Team Championship

Photo / IMPACT

Since losing the Knockouts Tag Team Championships at Rebellion, Fire ‘n’ Flava have joined forces with Deonna Purrazzo and her posse. At Under Siege, Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan defeated Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering to recapture the hotly contested Knockouts Tag Team Championships. Since then, they’ve become tighter with Purrazzo’s Posse, often giving and receiving aid in matches.

Steelz & Hogan still owe Grace & Ellering a rematch from Under Siege, and we’ll be seeing that Thursday night. Grace & Ellering are reasonably fresh following their singles match on May 20th. By contrast, Fire ‘n’ Flava took part in last week’s colossal 10-woman tag team match. Will they be prepared to defend the titles after taking on half the Knockouts division?

Moose vs. Sami Callihan

Brace for IMPACT for 6/3/21
Photo / IMPACT

Over the past few weeks, Sami Callihan has been making the case for himself to face Kenny Omega at Against All Odds. While Callihan did not win the 6-way #1 Contender’s match, he only lost due to interference from The Good Brothers. Callihan said as much last week when he called out Moose. When Moose answered, he said that none of Callihan’s complaints can overturn the ruling from Under Siege. Moose is the #1 Contender, and he will remain the #1 Contender until he’s finished with Kenny Omega.

The Good Brothers then came out to make things interesting by setting Moose and Callihan against each other. Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson seemed to be taking Moose’s side in this conflict, only for Moose to send both packing. Later on, Moose & Callihan teamed up to face The Good Brothers in tag team action. However, the team of The Draw and The Wrestling God couldn’t stay on the same page, delivering brutal pump kicks to one another. In the end, Moose abandoned Callihan to lose after a Magic Killer from Gallows & Anderson. This week, Callihan has a chance to even the score as he takes on Moose in a singles contest bound to have implications on the title match at Against All Odds.

What to Expect

  • Will there be a fallout from the Iron Man Match during IMPACT?


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