Brace For IMPACT for 6/23/20 (Deonna Purazzo’s In-Ring Debut) | Preview

Welcome to Brace For IMPACT, the weekly IMPACT Wrestling preview here on Pro Wrestling Post. Last week was certainly a big one. Neveah defeated Kimber Lee in her debut, The North continue their tag team dominance, and Moose retained the TNA World Heavyweight Title. But anything can happen, and probably will, on the road to Slammiversary. Let’s get into it with Brace for IMPACT Wrestling for 6/23/20.

Deonna Purazzo’s In-Ring Debut

Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

For weeks now, Deonna Purazzo has been attacking Jordynne Grace. This week, The Virtuosa gets to show the Knockouts Champion what she’s got, as she faces Alisha in her in-ring debut. Will Deonna put on a display of dominance, or will Alisha Edwards prove she’s all talk? And what does this all mean for Slammiversary? Find out tonight!

Brace For IMPACT for 6/23/20

Willie Mack and The Deaners vs Chris Bey, Johnny Swinger, and A Mystery Partner

Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

The alliance between Chris Bey and Johnny Swinger has been a relationship of convenience. Bey needed the numbers advantage over X-Division Champion Willie Mack, and Swinger has done just fine. However, Mack brought the recently reunited Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake over to his side, shifting the power balance. This leaves Chris Bey and Johnny Swinger to find a partner for their six-man tag match tonight. Swinger said last week that he knew someone who could fill the role, an old outlaw. But who could he be referring to?

Neveah (w/ Havok) vs Tasha Steelz (w/ Kiera Hogan)

Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

Action heats up in the Knockouts division as two new signees face off. Tasha Steelz and Neveah have managed to build alliances with Kiera Hogan and Havok respectively in their short tenure at IMPACT. Steelz and Hogan have done their best to avoid Neveah and Havok but that ends tonight when Tasha Steelz faces off against Neveah. Steelz has the edge with experience, as this match will be Neveah’s second-ever in IMPACT Wrestling. However, that might not make a difference with the much larger Havok in Neveah’s corner. Whoever wins tonight will pick up a lot of momentum in the Knockouts division moving into Slammiversary.

Taya Valkyrie (w/John E Bravo) vs Susie

Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

After her recent loss to Tasha Steelz, Susie has been having trouble keeping her dark side at bay. Kylie Ray has been doing a lot to help Susie from falling into darkness, but some people just like to stir things up. Enter Taya Valkyrie. Taya says that being bad feels good and that Susie should give in. Susie has the opportunity to prove Taya wrong tonight, but will we see Susie or will we see Su Yung?

Madman Fulton vs Eddie Edwards

Brace For Impact for 6/23/20
Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

Last week Madman Fulton interfered in the street fight between Ace Austin and Eddie Edwards. Fulton planted Edwards with a chokeslam, aligning himself with Ace Austin in the process. Now Edwards is out for revenge, and he’ll get his chance when he faces Madman Fulton 1-on-1 tonight. Additionally, Madison Rayne suggested Fulton was behind the attacks on Trey Miguel. Will we find out tonight on IMPACT Wrestling?