Brace For IMPACT for 11/24/20 (Ethan Page vs A Phenomenal Opponent)

Brace For IMPACT for 11/24/20

It feels like just a week ago; we were talking about the build for IMPACT Wrestling’s Turning Point. We find ourselves on the build to Final Resolution on December 12th, and Hard To Kill shortly after in January. Twists and turns will be coming fast and furious over the next few weeks as we continue the Defeat Rohit Challenge and the Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament. Here’s what you can expect from IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV and Twitch on Tuesday night. 


Johnny Swinger in Wrestler’s Court

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Last week, Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake gave Tommy Dreamer a new lead in the hunt for the person who shot John E. Bravo. Last Saturday, at Turning Point, they found a gun in Johnny Swinger’s fanny pack. Detective Tommy Dreamer then called in Swinger for questioning, where he noticed a pistol grip protruding from Swinger’s fanny pack. Dreamer asked Swinger about the gun, and Swinger freely presented it. Upon seeing the evidence, Tommy Dreamer immediately announced that Johnny Swinger is called to Wrestler’s Court. Invented by Dutch Mantel in the 70s, Wrestler’s Court was a way for a wrestling roster to settle disputes without coming to blows. Tommy Dreamer is likely to serve as the prosecution, though we do not know who will serve as judge. Tuesday night on IMPACT Wrestling, we will witness the trial of the decade: The IMPACT! Wrestling Locker Room vs. Johnny Swinger.


Brace For IMPACT for 11/24/20
Ethan Page vs. “A Phenomenal Opponent”

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IMPACT World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers were talking to IMPACT Executive Scott D’Amore when Ethan Page walked in. Page demanded a rematch between The North and The Good Brothers for the tag team championships. Doc Gallows blew off Page’s request initially, but D’Amore concurred with Page. Being the longest reigning IMPACT World Tag Team Champions gives The North quite a lot of sway in the tag team division.


D’Amore pressed the tag team champions for a response, and after a short conference, they came to a proposal. If Ethan Page can defeat an opponent of their choosing on Tuesday’s IMPACT Wrestling, they’ll grant him and partner Josh Alexander a rematch for the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship. The Good Brothers promised Page that his opponent would be “Phenomenal,” teasing for AJ Styles. However, Styles is currently signed to WWE. Who could they be referring to? Find out Tuesday night on IMPACT Wrestling.


Brace For IMPACT for 11/24/20
Rich Swann (c) vs. Ken Shamrock – IMPACT World Championship


The week after Rich Swann defeated Eric Young for the IMPACT World Championship, he ran afoul of Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock. The Worldwide Desperado and The World’s Most Dangerous Man put the new champion on notice. Since then, Callihan and Shamrock have been delivering beatdowns on Swann whenever they can. It started after Swann, and Eddie Edwards teamed up against Eric Young and Sami Callihan. They struck again last week after Swann pinned Dezmond Xavier of The Rascalz in their farewell match. Swann defeated Callihan to retain his IMPACT World Championship at Turning Point. This week, however, he will be defending his title against Ken Shamrock. Can the young, fresh Rich Swann put away The World’s Most Dangerous Man? Or does Ken Shamrock still have some tricks up his sleeve?

What Else To Expect

  • The first round of the Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament continues
  • Joe Doering continues to brutalize the IMPACT Wrestling roster


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