Brace For IMPACT (9/01/20)

IMPACT Wrestling returns to AXS TV Tuesday night, hot on the heels of the 2-night Emergence special. On this week’s show, the tag team division heats up after MCMG retained the IMPACT Tag Team Championships. We will also see Sami Callihan return to action after picking a fight with another legend. And Eddie Edwards continues his IMPACT World Championship open challenge. That and more in Brace For IMPACT for 9/01/20.

 Rhino vs Reno Scum

A few weeks back on IMPACT Backstage, Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend ganged up on Rhino and took his money. Last week, Rhino made it clear they picked the wrong man to mug and challenged them to a tag team match. Then, the Man-Beast called on Heath to be his partner in the match. Heath and Rhino previously teamed during Rhino’s last run in WWE, where they were the inaugural SmackDown Live tag team champions. A re-united Beauty and The Man-Beast could send ripples through an already stacked division. Will Heath respond to Rhino’s call this week on IMPACT Wrestling?

Brace For IMPACT (9/01/20)
Sami Callihan vs Rob Van Dam (w/Katie Forbes)

Hot off his feud with Ken Shamrock, Sami Callihan decided to pick a fight with RVD. Callihan revealed himself as the man behind a scheme to obtain Katie Forbes’ nudes and use them to blackmail her. On the July 28th episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Forbes tried to take control of the situation by revealing the lewd photos herself. However, she soon found out that Sami Callihan had tampered with the pictures, plastering his face all over them. Now knowing who was behind the plan, Rob Van Dam has stepped in. Will RVD defend his lady’s honor or will last week’s loss get the better of him?

Brace For IMPACT (9/01/20)
Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs The Rascalz

Despite their loss to The Good Brothers on the first night of Emergence, Ace Austin and Madman Fulton are a tag team to keep an eye on. In their first match as a unit, they demonstrated tag team skills that would make Arn and Tully proud. A win for them could properly establish them on the scene. Meanwhile, things have been tough for the Rascalz. Dez and Wentz haven’t been on TV since The North defeated them back in June. A victory would give them some much-needed momentum after such a long time away. Find out which one of these hot tag teams is hungriest this Tuesday night.

IMPACT! World Championship
Eddie Edwards (c) vs Eric Young 

Brace For IMPACT (9/01/20)
Photo / IMPACT!

At Emergence Night 2, Rob Van Dam answered Eddie Edwards’s IMPACT World Championship Open Challenge. After the bell, Eric Young finally came out of the shadows to attack the world champion. Later in the show, Edwards came to the ring to send a message to the World Class Maniac: Challenge accepted. Eric Young has demonstrated the unhinged violence he can inflict on people, but Eddie Edwards is also known to get reckless sometimes. Find out what happens when two maniacs meet in what’s sure to be an explosive match, Tuesday night on IMPACT Wrestling.

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