Brace For IMPACT 6/10/21 – Against All Odds Go-Home Show!

This Saturday night, June 12th, Against All Odds returns to your screens exclusively on the IMPACT Plus App. This year’s installment, the first since 2019, promises excitement as IMPACT World Champion Kenny Omega defends his title. However, who will he defend against? Due to a controversial finish on last week’s IMPACT Wrestling, Tony Khan will come to Skyway Studios for a summit between IMPACT and AEW Top Brass. What else might effect the card for Against All Odds? Find out in the latest edition of Brace for IMPACT for 6/10/21!


Joe Doering vs Eddie Edwards

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The Joe Doering has been an integral part of Violent By Design since their inception last November. Since then he’s had several encounters with his opponent this Thursday night, Eddie Edwards. Along with Violent By Design, Doering clashed with Eddie as part of various teams over the course of a feud. While Edwards is a consummate ring veteran, he failed to come out on top. On Thursday night he has the opportunity to prove he can beat any member of VBD in one on one action. With no sign of VBD and Doering’s mind likely on his upcoming match against Satoshi Kojima, Edwards has a pretty good chance.

Brace For IMPACT 6/10/21
Havok vs Rosemary

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On last week’s IMPACT Wrestling, Rosemary and Havok shared an intense moment backstage. Havok approached Rosemary about their history as of late. While the two are still bitter rivals, they’ve been on the same side an awful lot in recent matches. However, Havok doesn’t play well with others, and made it clear she still has her eyes on the Knockouts Title.

Rosemary replied that she’d be only too happy to go to war for the right to challenge Deonna Purrazzo at Against All Odds. On Thursday night Havok and Rosemary meet in singles action for the 8th time to determine who will challenge for the Knockouts Championship on Saturday night.

W. Morrissey vs Willie Mack – No DQ

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Rich Swann suspected nothing unusual as he made his way to the ring on May 27th. As he approached the ring steps, a figure lurked in the background. With no mask, in broad daylight, in front of cameras, W. Morrissey hopped the barricade and assaulted Rich Swann. Skyway Studios Security flooded into the ring to pull Morrissey off of Swann, but Morrissey let loose on them instead. When it became clear that W Morrissey was too much for security to handle, Willie Mack hit the ring, armed with a steel chair.

As security tried to get Morrissey’s hands off of their partner, Mack cracked him across the back with the chair. Morrissey seemingly took no damage, as he turned to face the man who attacked him. Looking at the wall of men who separated him and Willie Mack, Morrissey left the ring saying “Another day.” On Thursday, W. Morrissey will face Willie Mack in a No DQ match.

Brace For IMPACT 6/10/21
IMPACT! Wrestling/All Elite Wrestling Summit

Brace For IMPACT 6/10/21
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Last week, Sami Callihan scored an upset victory over #1 Contender to the IMPACT World Championship, Moose. In the aftermath, IMPACT Executive VP Scott D’Amore spoke with Kenny Omega’s manager, Don Callis. With a win over Moose, Sami Callihan is in line for a title shot. As such, D’Amore suggested Kenny Omega vs Moose at Against All Odds becomes a triple threat match with Sami Callihan. Don Callis vehemently rejected the idea, reminding D’Amore that, according to the agreement with AEW, all parties must approve.

However, D’Amore is always thinking ahead. Prior to his discussion with Callis, D’Amore was on the phone with Tony Khan, President and CEO of All Elite Wrestling. On Thursday night, Big TK comes to IMPACT! Wrestling to discuss the main event for Against All Odds. But what else might come up when the heads of these two great companies meet?

What Else To Expect

  • Chris Bey vs Petey Williams vs Ace Austin vs Trey Miguel – #1 Contendership for the X-Division title
  • The Decay pick a fight with Violent By Design
  • More wrestlers debuting soon?


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