Bosses Bravado: Second 2 None

It was a bitterly cold evening on Friday, December 13th 2019 as I unloaded multiple pieces of video equipment into the Cosmo Hall in Saskatoon.  Even before I was able to get there many of the roster and team were already hard at work getting everything set up.  Prairie Pro Wrestling is not as easy as just a couple of people putting everything together, it is a real labor of love shared among many of our friends and family who believe in what we are doing. Seeing just how much hard work is done by everyone just energizes you and makes you work that much harder as well and makes you second 2 none.

The greatest feeling though is when everything all comes together, the doors open up, fans begin to flood on in with that look of excitement on their faces, this right here is an exciting wrestling show. This was the Prairie Pro Wrestling follow up from our show Proving Ground, this event was known as Second 2 None.

Second 2 None
Photo / Prairie Pro Wrestling
Sheik Akbar Shabaz vs Cannonball Kelly

The music hits and our ring announcer J.G Muller makes his way down to the ring looking very debonair as always.  It is time to kick off the action of the action for the night and there was plenty of it to be seen.  The night kicks off with Sheik Akbar Shabaz making his way down to the ring and getting on the microphone much to the chagrin of the fans on hand.  Shabaz makes an excuse for his loss to Zoe Sager at Proving Ground stating that Zoe must be on steroids and that is the only reason she got lucky.   Right after this a very seasoned veteran wrestler in Cannonball Kelly comes out as the surprise opponent for Shabaz.

Sheik Akbar Shabaz is a very agile big man, but Cannonball Kelly takes big man agility to a whole new level. Right from the opening bell, Kelly takes Sheik Akbar Shabaz to task using unbelievable speed and agility with moves that hammer Sheik down hard.  The fans are roaring with excitement watching on as Sheik gets a solid beat down. Despite the early on an advantage that Cannonball Kelly gets Shabaz manages to gain some control, and at this moment Sheik does the unthinkable and lifts Cannonball Kelly the big man up for the crucifix powerbomb to win the match.

Mitch “Danger Zone” Clarke vs Merle Graves

The second match of the evening first features someone who made a very impressive debut at Proving Ground when he went against El Asesino.  Mitch Danger Zone Clarke makes his way to the ring to a tremendous pop from the PPW Nation on hand.  The opponent of Mitch Clarke is downright dirty and mean Merle Graves.  Merle Graves is twisted, making his way to the ring dawning a creepy clown mask this dude means business.  The match kicks off and a very competitive match breaks out between these two wrestlers.

Mitch Clarke utilizing his MMA training to lock in submission holds to break his opponent down. Merle Graves does manage to break the holds and begins to gain solid control of the match.  The fans begin to chant “Danger Zone, Danger Zone” as they do what they can to get Mitch Clarke back in this. The opportunity finally comes about and Mitch Clarke is able to connect with a Superman punch from the middle rope which knocks Merle Graves right out.  Mitch Clarke walks out of this impressive battle with the victory.

After this match the referee hits the ring ready for the next match when suddenly a lot of noise is heard coming from the backstage area. 

There is a lot of shouting, some very colorful words being uttered, sounds like parts of the backstage area were beings toppled over.  Along with my Video Bro Papa Smokes, we ran to the back to see what all the noise was about.  There was the entire roster holding back Michael Allen Richard Clark and Jacob Creed.  If you had a chance to see Proving Ground live or on the Prairie Pro Wrestling YouTube channel then you would have seen these two drawing blood with one another in a match that ended quite messy.  Prairie Pro Wrestling agreed to sanction a rematch for this night on Second 2 None and already the two of them can not keep their true emotions intact.

Bucky McGraw vs Fil Deadly

Bucky McGraw, a true in ring technician has been posting videos on the Prairie Pro Wrestling YouTube channel giving lessons in re-education for the PPW Nation.  This has angered the fans and they would want nothing more then to see Bucky put down for the count of three.  Fil Deadly aka Uncle Fil is one of the most beloved individuals in Saskatoon so the fans give a massive pop when Fil Deadly makes his very energetic entrance.  Bucky and Fil put on a very back and forth competitive match right off the start.  Through the match it could honestly have gone either way as both men put forth some of their absolute finest work.  The end result though came when Bucky used his book of re-education to DDT Fil on to and roll him up for the three count.

Michael Allen Richard Clark vs Jacob Creed

The music for Michael Allen Richard Clark hits and the fans are on their feet as they know this is going to be one hell of an encounter.  Then suddenly out of nowhere Jacob Creed runs from the back and tackles Michael Allen Richard Clark down to the floor and a fist fight breaks out between the two men.

Second 2 None
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The entire roster and Prairie Pro Wrestling management made their way from the back and immediately separated these two and kept them held back.  Jacob Creed then proceeded to get in the face of Prairie Pro Wrestling management and said he no longer needed this company.  Creed stormed to the back grabbed his stuff and left the building.  The entire Prairie Pro Wrestling crew stood there in disbelief and what had just been witnessed.  Prairie Pro Wrestling management called for a short intermission to be made so that everything could cool down a bit before the night continued.

Zoe Sager vs The Individual Mike McSugar

Intermission was over and the night was ready to carry on.  J.G Muller says that his special guest at this time would be Zoe Sager.  Zoe makes her way to the ring while giving out high fives all around for the entire PPW Nation.  Zoe hits the ring and gets on the microphone stating that after she defeated Sheik Akbar Shabaz at Proving Ground she is now ready to take on any man or woman that is willing to face her.  Right then the music of The Individual Mike McSugar hits and McSugar heads down to the ring.  Mike McSugar gets on the microphone and reminds the fans that Mike McSugar is not a man or a woman but an individual.

Mike McSugar agrees to a challenge against Zoe Sager and it begins.  This match quickly became a highlight of the night because both Zoe Sager and Mike McSugar put out some incredible work.  The match was very back and forth with some very unbelievable moments that the PPW Nation will never forget.  In the end, though Zoe Sager once again proving just how good she is by picking up the victory over Mike McSugar.  This continues Zoe Sager’s winning streak making her undefeated in Prairie Pro Wrestling so far.  This did not sit well with Mike McSugar though as he attacks Zoe after the match is over, right then Davey O Doyle comes running down to the ring chasing off Mike McSugar.

Cheetah Bear Jude Dawkins vs Tony Novak

Prairie Pro Wrestling had the opportunity to feature a couple of Prairie Pro Wrestling debuts during Second 2 None and this match featured one of those debuts.  The Cheetah bear Jude Dawkins music hits and this larger then life warrior comes out dawning an animal skin with glowing colored eyes.  The entrance was mind-blowing and instantly clicked with the entire PPW Nation. Jude Dawkins came to make a statement and already the impact was being felt. Tony Novak was up against a very daunting task in having to try and prevent Jude Dawkins from picking up a victory upon his Prairie Pro Wrestling debut.

The match kicked off and there were some solid quick-paced moves from Tony Novak who really took the fight to the newcomer.  Once Dawkins took control he really took control and hammer Novak with a fury of power moves that led to Dawkins picking up the victory.

Ace Riviera vs Davey O Doyle

Speaking of debuts Prairie Pro Wrestling was also able to get Ace Riviera to come join us in a match against Davey O Doyle.  Davey O Doyle the winner of the Lethal Lottery tournament over the summer and victorious over Bucky McGraw at Proving Ground has been on a roll which makes Riviera’s job quite difficult.  Ace Riviera a master of many different fighting styles coupled along with his many years of wrestling experience has made him one of the most dangerous in-ring performers in Western Canada over the last couple of years.

Early on in the encounter Ace takes a nasty shot that cuts the back of his head open, this does not slowly Ace down though as he goes to work on breaking down the very high energy powerhouse Davey O Doyle.  These two men fight back and forth giving it their all against one another, in the end, Davey O Doyle manages to get one over on Ace and pick up the victory.  This continues an undefeated streak for Davey O Doyle in Prairie Pro Wrestling as well.

Main Event
El Asesino vs Michael Richard Blais

The main event is now upon us and the crowd is still red hot with excitement.  The main event featuring two of the absolute best in Western Canadian wrestling.  El Asesino the 18 year veteran has been terrorizing fans and opponents his entire career, capable of going to any lengths to win a match El Asesino is a threat to any and all opponents.  When it comes to speed, agility, and charisma Michael Richard Blais takes them all to exciting new levels.  Michael Richard Blais is the man the PPW Nation truly get behind and especially when he gets in the ring with the evil and despicable El Asesino.

The match can be described as a truly memorable and epic war between two in ring veterans.  The turning point in the match truly comes when El Asesino pulls poor referee Ben over top of him causing Michael Richard Blais to hit his 450 splash on the referee.  At this point El Asesino sees an oppotunity, so he grabs his megaphone and swing with intent to hit Blais but the attempt is blocked and El Asesino is the one who ends up with a megaphone across the face.  Blais tries to get the referee to shake off the cobwebs but the referee is still completely out of it.

El Asesino finally gains some composure and he and Blais end up outside of the ring. 

Outside of the ring, a table is set up, El Asesino takes control and places a very bruised and beaten Blais on the table.  El Asesino then does the unthinkable when he climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits a frog splash through the table with Blais on it.  All of this to the outside of the ring, inside the ring the referee slowly begins the gain back some of his composure.  El Asesino comes too and drags a lifeless Michael Richard Blais back in the ring and pins him for the victory.  This also means that El Asesino is among the few still undefeated wrestlers on the Prairie Pro Wrestlinr roster, and this victory was a massive one.

Second 2 None was once again a truly magical experience, and while a lot of work does go in to everything it all feels worth it at the end of the night when you know that people had a great time. 

That is truly what it is all about in the end, people doing what they can to bring a sense of joy and excitement to the faces of wrestling fans.  All of this while giving the hard working in ring performers a platform on which to settle their competitive differences with one another.  This was the last Prairie Pro Wrestling event of 2019 and what a great start it has been for all of us, we now are looking forward to keeping the momentum growing strong all through 2020.

As we bring this article to a close I just want to thank all of you who take the time to read these articles.  I wish everyone a safe & happy holiday season and all the best in the New Year as well.

Bobby Munson is currently involved with Saskatoon based wrestling promotion Prairie Pro Wrestling. Bobby Munson produces the companies You Tube content including filming and editing full shows for the channel. Bobby Munson also provide commentary for the shows as well. At the heart of it all Bobby Munson is a fan and friend of what goes on in the industry.