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Greetings readers and welcome to the latest edition of the Bosses Bravado.  This time around I want to take the time to talk about the most recent Prairie Pro Wrestling event titled Episode III: Revenge Of The MARC.  Also this time around I want to let everyone know about PPW Revolution now on You Tube and what you can expect in the near future from Prairie Pro Wrestling.  Saturday February 15th 2020 would mark the date of the third official Prairie Pro Wrestling show. Temperatures in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada were bitter cold but the action inside was red hot as some of the best wrestling talent in Canada today took part in what was another magical night. Let’s join The PPW Revolution, shall we?

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The night kicked off with the in ring introduction of Crash Crimson who is in charge of talent relations for Prairie Pro Wrestling.  Crash Crimson is a living legend of Western Canadian wrestling and he was briefly seen during the Second 2 None show during the fight that broke out between Jacob Creed and Michael Allen Richard Clark.  Crimson came out to introduce the fans to the Prairie Pro Wrestling Championship belt.

Crash Crimson announced that starting at the next Prairie Pro Wrestling event on March 14 2020 that a tournament would take place to determine who will eventually compete for the championship.

The tournament will take place through the year and will end in a one on one ladder match to decide the very first ever Prairie Pro Wrestling Champion. The night kicked off with action between Jack Pride and Zoe Sager.  Two young up and coming talents who continue to improve and impress with each time they are in the squared circle.  Heading in to this match Zoe Sager can boast a current undefeated streak in singles competition for Prairie Pro Wrestling.  Jack Pride is a man of two minds and sometimes you just do not know which Jack you are about to get.

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No matter which Jack Pride you get you know that you are going to get some incredibly athletic wrestling action.  The two locked up in a match that really got the adrenaline of the entire crowd (PPW Nation) pumping and excited for the night at hand.  Zoe Sager once again picked up a victory here and continues to show impressive form in her run with Prairie Pro Wrestling.  With a tournament on the horizon could Zoe Sager be putting forth her name to try and claim the championship gold?  Zoe Sager and Jack Pride both would be remarkable talents to join the tournament to crown the very first Prairie Pro Wrestling champion.

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The action continued on with the fans buzzing from the action of the first match of the night.

The next set of music hits and out comes Ace Riviera, the crowd turned immediately to pure disdain as they chanted “anyone but Ace”.  Ace Riviera has an attitude that drives frustration in to the hearts of wrestling fans, but there is no denying his impeccable in ring capability.

Joey Vendetta who made his official Prairie Pro Wrestling debut on this night was out to impress, and impress is what he did.  Vendetta really gave Ace Riviera a run for his money in this extremely competitive and explosive match.  It was now clear that every single wrestler in the back was fueled by the chance to impress, with championship gold lingering on their minds the best were pushed to their absolute limits.

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Tony Novak has quickly become a wrestler for the people.  The once underdog Novak has come leaps and bounds since joining the Prairie Pro Wrestling roster and all of his hard work is truly starting to pay off.  Tony Novak came up short at Second 2 None to the Cheetah Bear Jude Dawkins but he was not going to allow that to cloud his mind heading in to his latest match.

TY Jackson was the opponent of Tony Novak and was also making his Prairie Pro Wrestling debut.

Jackson quickly turned the Saskatoon crowd against him with claiming that he hails from anywhere but Saskatoon.  TY Jackson had extremely impressive form through the entire match and made a statement that he means business inside the squared circle.  In the end it was the tenacious Tony Novak who was able to get the victory and really make his own statement to everyone as we head towards the Prairie Pro Wrestling championship tournament.

Join the PPW Revolution
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Now before the next match it is time to explain about the PPW Revolution.  Part of my role within Prairie Pro Wrestling is being in charge of our social media and media productions as well.  This means that with the help of my right hand man or as I call him my #VideoBro Papa Smokes we film the events in two separate 1 hour segments.  The shows are designed to fit into episodes designed for release on You Tube.

Those live at the shows in Saskatoon experience 8 matches through the entire evening that are broken up with a short intermission.  Each half of the show is what is broken down as an episode of our new You Tube show Prairie Pro Wrestling Revolution.  If you want to join the PPW Revolution you can do so by checking out here which will take you to the very first episode of the show.

Now this will make sense when I refer to the match between the Cheetahbear Jude Dawkins and Danger Zone Mitch Clarke as the first half main event.

Cheetahbear Jude Dawkins made his debut at Second 2 None and impressed the entire PPW Nation not only with his impressive in ring ability, but also his intimidating and extremely memorable entrance.  Danger Zone Mitch Clarke came out to a massive pop from the crowd on hand showing that he has truly captured the hearts of the Saskatoon audience.

These two combatants squared off in an extremely competitive match up.  In the end Mitch Clarke took Jude Dawkins to the danger zone and picked up the victory.  Mitch Clarke and Jude Dawkins both have shown excellent ability and are very strong names that could very well see themselves taking part of the championship tournament. The next half of the event and the start to the next set of taping’s for PPW Revolution saw the individual Mike McSugar make his way down the aisle to address the crowd on hand.  While the comments made by the individual Mike McSugar are best left for you to hear with your own ears, we will say that they had the entire crowd in shock as they were being said.  Davey O Doyle came down to the ring as the competitor for Mike McSugar.

Davey O Doyle was the first ever Lethal Lottery tournament winner for Prairie Pro Wrestling and going in to the match was holding an undefeated record.

The match kicked off and the two pulled out moves of which we had not ever seen from either one of these competitors.  The match ended up being one of the most thoroughly entertaining matches of the night.  Mike McSugar would use the ropes to assist him in delivering the very first defeat to Davey O Doyle.

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It was a night of Prairie Pro Wrestling debuts and another one was up next.  Levi Knight was ready to debut in front of the Saskatoon crowd as he would take on wrestling’s smartest man Bucky McGraw.  Bucky McGraw who has been featured in videos where he re-educates wrestling fans can be seen on the Prairie Pro Wrestling You Tube channel.  McGraw has quickly become one of the most despised wrestlers in Prairie Pro Wrestling but despite that his ability to get the job done has been truly working for him.

Bucky McGraw once again would pick up another victory and really cementing his name as one to watch out for as we head towards our championship tournament.

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Speaking of names that could be massive threats in the Prairie Pro Wrestling championship tournament were up against each other next.  Cannonball Kelly and El Asesino are not only season veterans but they also have crossed paths during their careers.  El Asesino also has been on a very impressive run with Prairie Pro Wrestling boasting wins over both Danger Zone Mitch Clarke and Michael Richard Blais.  Despite some strong efforts from Cannonball Kelly it was a laser focused El Asesino that was able to do the damage and pick up another victory.  El Asesino extremely impressive as of late and could easily see himself raising the championship gold once the tournament is all said and done.

Join the PPW Revolution

The main event of the live show and also the main event of the second set of PPW Revolution taping’s was up next and it is what the crowd packed the arena for.  It was at Prairie Pro Wrestling proving Ground where Jacob Creed and Michael Allen Richard Clark first locked up one on one.  The match ended in a double count out when the two busted one another open and continued their brawl on the outside of the ring.  Prairie Pro wrestling then sanctioned a rematch for Second 2 None but all hell would break lose leading up to the match.  A brawl broke out backstage between the two which had to be broken up by the entire locker room.

The fight did not stop there though, as Michael Allen Richard Clark was heading to the ring for their match he was jumped from behind by Jacob Creed.

Creed then proceeded to get in the face of Crash Crimson over the incident and was immediately fired from Prairie Pro Wrestling.  Despite the release of Jacob Creed it was through a lot of pleading that Michael Allen Richard Clark was able to convince PPW Management to reinstate Jacob Creed for an unsanctioned fight.

The fight was ready to take place between these two very impressive wrestlers, but this was not about to be any wrestling match.  Jacob Creed made his way down to the ring and this time it was Michael Allen Richard Clark who would get the jump on Creed and get the fight under way.  Michael Allen Richard Clark removed the protective barrier gate and the fight spilled out in to the crowd.  Cameras chased these two crazed individuals to try and capture all of the action as it spilled out all over the arena.  Once the action got back to the ring it was time for some vicious chair shots which ended up seeing a top rope power bomb of Michael Allen Richard Clark through a couple of steel chairs that were set up near the turnbuckle.

The fight once again would spill to the outside of the ring and both competitors were busted open from all the carnage that was taking place.

The finish ended up being once of the most dramatic moments that I have ever witnessed in wrestling.  Michael Allen Richard Clark wrapped Jacob Creed’s bull rope around his neck and gave him a hangman from inside the ring and Creed hung outside of it.  Jacob Creed passed out and stopped breathing for a short while and so the referee was forced to declare Michael Allen Richard Clark the winner of the match.

The fans were roaring with excitement as one of their in ring heroes had overcome the dirty deeds of the crazed cowboy Jacob Creed.  It was definitely a magical night no matter which side of the fence you were one.  The show saw our largest live audience to date and they were loud and loving every single moment of the action.  The proof was there that Prairie Pro Wrestling is ready to entertain the masses, and we did just that.

If we are able bring any bit of joy in to the lives of the wrestling fans who make it all possible, then we have truly done our job.  Just like the amazing fans on hand and you the readers of my work, I can say that I humbled and honored to ever bring any form of entertainment in to your lives and hopefully can continue to do so for many more years to come.

Bobby Munson is currently involved with Saskatoon based wrestling promotion Prairie Pro Wrestling. Bobby Munson produces the companies You Tube content including filming and editing full shows for the channel. Bobby Munson also provide commentary for the shows as well. At the heart of it all Bobby Munson is a fan and friend of what goes on in the industry.