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Once again I welcome all the loyal readers to another edition of the Bosses Bravado and how to win at life.  This time around on the Bravado we are going to dig a little deeper into what I had to do in order to get to where I currently am.  It was never going to be an easy road, I mean once upon a time I was simply just a young kid with a dream to one day entertain.  It had never dawned upon me at an early age that I would face so many roadblocks along my way.  My roadblocks included battling my weight and having a very political encounter that changed who I was.

How to win at life
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I mentioned that I was once a young kid with a dream to one day entertain.  Whether it was my dream to be a wrestler, a writer, an actor, a rock star, or a film director it was obvious that my goal remained the same.  All I ever wanted to was to do something memorable to cement a legacy of sorts.  The younger version of me, or the part of me that was there when I was a child always had the heart of a good guy.  I was always smiling and attempting to make others do the same.  It always helped to recharge me when I could really make people enjoy what I was doing, was I beginning to answer how to win at life?

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There was a darker side to my being though, and it was the competitive side that always wanted to prove I could accomplish something bigger and better.  That side of me was easy enough to keep at bay when I was really young, but the older I got the more cynical I became and that side of me started to conquer.  I often faced adversity in school, I was always one of the heavier kids so often I was on the receiving end of comments about my weight.  There were many nights I spent beating myself up trying to figure out why I could not make these people like me, what was it about myself that they felt the need to torture.

How To Win At Life

The largest problem with this became my lack of ability to control my temper after this, see you can push around the nice kid for a while but eventually they will turn on you and it will get ugly.  I spent many times in the principal’s office for the fights I got in, not that I ever started the fights but I definitely finished them.  When you are easily the largest kid in your grade and you defend yourself, then you end up looking like the bad guy, how can you possibly win at life?

I already had this image of a bad guy, I was able to conquer some of those who ever cause me mental harm.  It was almost like a beast inside of me would grow and make me ten feet tall and bulletproof.  I started to become more aware of the growing issue, yet I still tried to keep myself in check as much as possible.  As I got a little older into my teens though a turn for the worse came about.  My family went through one of the largest political cases in recent Canadian history.

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My father ended up with accusations against him which led to our family having media watching over us.  It was difficult and made for a difficult life to have to go through. This is not very often that people have to worry about what they say on the telephone. It’s because their phone lines are tapped, they do not have to worry about the unmarked white van across the street watching over them, they do not have to worry about the media constantly trying to force them to speak about the topic at hand.

It became a circus and one that continued to drive my brain in to utter madness.  I mean how could the world completely turn around like this and throw in another obstacle to face and I found out from this experience that I was far from the toughest person.  I always try to have a tough exterior, but this experience sent me into an utter frenzy.  Over time I developed bad habits, was trying to party to forget the pain, I was doing everything to self destruct the vision I had for my future.  I was on a path of complete self-destruction and soon it was going to be lights out.

The funny thing about when you get yourself into your darkest moments is that you will either lose your battle, or you will come back fighting better than ever.  I am proud to say I came out the other end in the right way.  It is not always easy, I struggle many days with my own brain but I do what I can to never allow myself to drop back down to those lows.

It was actually wrestling that helped in so many ways to get me back on the right track.  I started really getting myself involved with wrestling, started writing for an online publication (not this one at the time), started my YouTube channel, and then an even crazier opportunity presented itself.  I met a couple of young people who were involved in wrestling on the local level and that allowed me to get in to start writing articles about the local independent scene.

During my time writing these articles I felt like if I was going to spend any time in this industry in any capacity then I needed to put up or shut up.  I took a mini-camp which meant a lot of bumping and a lot of cardio.  At the time I still had major weight issues as I weighed in at around 325lbs.  The scariest moment was during a flip bump attempt I could feel the canvas scrape the top of my head, that moment there changed everything for me.  I knew I needed to change my health and take living to a whole new level and be show that I was able to be able to answer how to win at life.
How to Win at Life
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The above picture is of me when I was at my worst.

Along with my fiance, the two of us started a regular work out regiment started off a little slow at first but over the years the intensity of the workouts has increased.  A combination of Tea Bo, Yoga including DDP Yoga, Thai Chi, and heavy bag workouts have become quite regular.  Then there was a matter of changing the foods we eat as well.  This one was extremely difficult for me because bad foods had become comfort foods when you are feeling really down it is so easy to turn to these comfort foods and rely upon them.

One at a time we began to cut out many negative foods and started to implement healthy foods including, greens, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, quinoa, and other various foods that have been added over time as well.  It has been a complete life change, and that is where the boss part begins to really kick in.  See to become a boss of your own life and take control you need to first of want to make a change.

The second thing you need to do is stop looking for the next diet craze, a diet assumes an end date and that is why they always fail people.  if you truly want to be at your best then you need to do a complete lifestyle change and that is when you begin to see the best results.  The results have led to me losing over 100lbs in weight, and now I have been turning that back into muscle and am continuing to transform the old me into a completely different person altogether and how to win at life.

It is with this newfound confidence that I have been able to with confidence grow as a person and grow within the wrestling industry.  My life experiences have taught me how to take no prisoners as well.  I have learned to control the rage within me, yet I stress control because at times the darker side of me is necessary in order to boss my way to the very top.

I always stay loyal to the ones that I know truly respect me and continue to show me that as well.  Those strong bonds have assisted in my new venture in the wrestling community, the debut of the brand new company Prairie Pro Wrestling.  We make our long-awaited debut right away here and to me, I think that new is sometimes better.  Sometimes you need to shed off any dark clouds from your life and move forward to get where you need to be.

That will wrap it all up for this edition of the Bosses Bravado, I hope that my words can inspire some of you to change your life around as well.  Find what makes you happy and be the best version of yourself.  If I can become a life boss as I have then so can each and every one of you and how to win at life.
Bobby Munson is currently involved with Saskatoon based wrestling promotion Prairie Pro Wrestling. Bobby Munson produces the companies You Tube content including filming and editing full shows for the channel. Bobby Munson also provide commentary for the shows as well. At the heart of it all Bobby Munson is a fan and friend of what goes on in the industry.