Bobby Lashley has captured the WWE Championship | #AndNEW

After seventeen years, Bobby Lashley has captured the WWE Championship. On an evening that saw The Miz attempt countless times to avoid Lashley, the title match happened with less than ten minutes to air in the program. For those watching WWE’s Monday Night Raw, fans who witnessed the match saw The Miz attempt at the 9:00 PM Eastern hour to fan a stomach alignment.

That was met with an irate Lashley confronting The Miz backstage and threatening to dismantle him almost on the spot. It was then at the discretion of Shane McMahon to restart the match at 10:00 PM Eastern hour. On this occasion, The Miz does appear; however, upon entering the match, he quickly runs out of the ring and manages to get himself counted out.

It was becoming apparent that The Miz wanted nothing to do with The Almighty Bobby Lashley. Throughout the evening, The Miz offered rationale after rationale. He would attempt to explain why he deserves to be the one to go to WrestleMania. Despite his best efforts, The Miz’s attempt at being granted a reprieve from having to defend the title went unanswered.

Shane McMahon then decided that if The Miz doesn’t appear by a certain time, then he would consider stripping The Miz. In the process, he would be awarding the title to Bobby Lashley. With minutes to spare, The Miz appeared and once again pleaded with Shane as to why he is the WWE champion the company needs.

Bobby Lashley has captured the WWE Championship

At 10:52 PM eastern, The Miz and Bobby Lashley are set to face each other for the title. However, Shane McMahon comes out and states that the match will now be a Lumberjack Match. As Lumberjacks filled the ringside area, the feeling that change was upon us. When the bell rang, Bobby Lashley was in complete control. He would absolutely dominate The Miz. The Miz was tossed from one side of the ring to the other. As the match was reaching its closing moments, Lashley was setting up for The Hurt Lock. After moments of resting in the hold, The Miz had no other choice but to tap out.


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