AXIZ is No More, Tag Team Goes It’s Separate Ways

During NOAH’s show on August 30th, we have witnessed a heartbreaking betrayal as Katsuhiko Nakajima has betrayed his tag partner and current GHC Heavyweight Champion, Go Shizoaki. It is clear that AXIZ is no more, as the tag team have gone their separate ways.

Before that betrayal took place, the two would take on Takashi Sugiura and Kazushi Sakuraba for the vacant GHC Tag Team Championships after Rene Dupree had to vacate them due to being unable to travel. The match was about a half-hour as Takashi would make the champion tap out as Sugiura-Gun was able to reclaim the gold once again.

AXIZ is No More, Tag Team Goes It's Separate Ways
Photo / Pro Wrestling NOAH

After the match, we would see GHC National Champion, Kenoh, and his crew Kongoh would come out and has declared a challenge to the new champions on behalf of Manabu Soya and Masa Kitamiya to make themselves the next contenders. Once that was done, Nakajima would hit the Vertical Spike and say to him, “You don’t need me, right? I don’t need you. From now on, I’m with Kongoh”.

AXIZ is No More, Tag Team Goes It’s Separate Ways

That’s right, Nakajima would align himself with Kongoh after attacking the champion. Go wouldn’t be entirely by himself as Kaito Kiyomiya would rush in to check on the unconscious champion.

AXIZ has been formed on December of 2018 and has won GHC Tag Team gold three times together. After being together as a tag team for almost two years, the team would end after this assault. What will this mean for Nakajima going forward with N1 Victory coming up in a couple of weeks? Does he have GHC Heavyweight gold in his sights? Will something be formed between Go and Kaito? It is an interesting build-up, and let’s see how it plays out.

Photo / Pro Wrestling NOAH


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