Audio Edition with Scott Hunter

In June 2020, we recorded our latest audio edition interview was with Smash Wrestling announcer Scott Hunter. Hunter took some time to discuss all things wrestling. Hunter’s golden voice has become a key to Smash Wrestling’s announce team. His presence also as the Canadian independent promotions management team shows his commitment to the company’s growth. Hunter discusses various topics during our conversation as they pertain to Canadian independent wrestling and his growth in the industry.

He shares how his role within the promotion grew from an on-air role to their management team. Hunter discusses how his growth in the industry and Smash Wrestling, in particular, was quite organic. Scott shares that his business background helped to contribute to his time in the promotion. He shares how following snippets of independent wrestling on YouTube. Hunter would share how he would research the talent more and more and able to learn from emerging talents background. He gave credit to his friends for introducing him to independent wrestling in the US to help wet his appetite.

Hunter shared how his love of Smash began as a fan in attendance, and from there, he would reach out to the company. A simple email offering support to Smash would lead to one opportunity to another. The momentum for Hunter continued as he would turn heads within the promotion and become well-liked both in front of the camera and behind it.

He also shares his early influences in the industry and how they helped to shape the commentator he is today.

Audio Edition with Smash Wrestling’s Scott Hunter

This edition was edited and produced by Rob Matheny

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