Audio Edition with TK O’Ryan

In this August 2018 interview, Pro Wrestling Post Podcast presents audio interview edition with Ring of Honor’s TK O’Ryan shared a number of different stories. He discussed how he had burst onto the wrestling scene in such a relatively short time and how many had taken notice. At the time he was part of the Ring of Honor’s six-man tag team champions, alongside Vinny Marsaglia and Matt Taven. O’Ryan himself had shown his professional growth in only a few years. During our chat, O’Ryan shared how he was originally an aspiring baseball player that transitioned to wrestling seamlessly. We present episode 29 of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast with TK O’Ryan.

The proud resident of Lowell, Massachusetts, O’Ryan had first developed his craft training under the likes of ‘H20’ Ryan Waters and Nick Steele. Through an awful injury, however, came awareness and growth. Since his injury, TK O’Ryan has developed a different approach in the ring. Despite losing time in the ring due to the ankle injury, O’Ryan was still able to hone his craft in other areas. His optimistic outlook is refreshing, and thus his injury led to fresh opportunities and different competition. His future is bright. As he has engaged in many storylines in different places that have helped to further his character.

O’Ryan is not one to rest on his laurels. He discusses how he has learned to adjust to his environment, his relationships with the members of the Kingdom both in and out of the ring, how facing a former member of the Kingdom helped garner his attention and his perspective on facing the stars of Japan.

Fans can communicate with him on various social media, such as Twitter, where he can be reached @WildHorseTKO. To read the text version of this interview click here. To listen to this edition click the link below, any of the other available podcast platforms you prefer listed below or the image at the bottom of this post.

Audio Edition with 29 TK O’Ryan

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This episode was edited and Produced by Rob Matheny

Episode 29 with TK O'Ryan
Photo / Pro Wrestling Post / @imkingroach