Audio Edition with Mia Yim

In June 2018 of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast, audio interview edition with Mia Yim. Yim shared about her career to that point. Yim is among the most talented and exciting female wrestlers in the world. A nine-year pro, Yim continues to defy the odds and injury to show just how talented she is, all over the world. This proud Korean-Ameican talent continues to work each and every match with the hope of getting better each time, aspiring for greatness along the way. Her effort is evident, in her matches outside the United States and the ones she has had as part of IMPACT and the WWE’s Mae Young Classic.

One of the most remarkable in-ring qualities she possesses is; an incredible range of moves, including an array of strikes and punches that make up her hybrid style of combat. In addition, her exciting collection of high flying moves showcase what she is willing to do in the ring. Her future is bright, as she has engaged in many storylines in different places that have helped to further her character. She has recently recovered from an injury and is making up for the time lost because of it.

Audio Edition with Mia Yim

In this interview, she discusses how she has learned to adjust to her environment regardless of where she is in the world, her passion for wrestling and the lasting relationships she has built along the way. A world-traveled competitor, she has learned from those experiences and applies them to her craft.

Fans can communicate with her on various social media, such as Twitter, where she can be reached @MiaYim

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Episode #28 was edited and produced by Rob Matheny

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Episode 28 with Mia Yim
Photo / Pro Wrestling Post / @imkingroach