Audio Edition with TJ Perkins

In a recent interview after his departure from WWE, TJ Perkins opened up on an array of different topics. As a veteran of the ring for over twenty years, Perkins shared his knowledge and experience in the industry and how he found his time in WWE to be. After capturing the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at the Cruiserweight Classic, TJ’s character moved into different directions. He came into the company as a face and ultimately departed as a heel. We present audio interview edition with TJ Perkins.

Throughout his time he was embroiled in some fantastic matches against the likes of Neville, Cedric Alexander, and Rich Swann. With each match came continued growth and further learning. While it would have been wonderful to continue to see Perkins continue to grow it was time to move on. A world-traveled athlete with nothing to prove but ultimately everything to gain has sought out moving into a new direction professionally and doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

Audio Edition with TJ Perkins

During our chat, TJ Perkins revealed the plans for him before he left the company. Would the CruiserGREAT have remained on 205 Live or would he have moved to either Raw, Smackdown Live or competed in NXT? He also reveals his passion for basketball and his beloved Los Angeles Lakers. What does Perkins share about his international experiences and his time competing in Canada among other places? Perkins was also asked about his Filipino heritage and his goals as a performer and how they are tied to ensuring his nationality is equally spotlighted for its growing wrestling talent.

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Audio Edition with TJ Perkins
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