Audio Edition with Caprice Coleman

In this archived interview from 2015, we spoke with Caprice Coleman at the time about his past, present, and future with Ring of Honor. During our conversation, Coleman shared about his time working alongside Cedric Alexander as part of the C&C Wrestle Factory, his emergence working alongside Matt and Jeff Hardy in the promotion OMEGA his early experiences working with the WWE. He opens up about his split from Alexander and knew that Cedric was a special competitor then. We present audio interview edition with Caprice Coleman.

Many can see Cedric Alexander compete as part of the WWE’s Raw brand currently. Coleman also reflects on his time working with Steve Corino while the two were with OMEGA. Their time in OMEGA became second nature as the two men took that experience and carried it with them while working with one another in Ring of Honor later on.

Audio Edition with Caprice Coleman

Coleman has since this interview taken on various roles within the promotion. Whether it is as a competitor, a commentator or as a manager, Coleman has never rested on his laurels, but only further looked to develop them along the way. One of the most poignant points of discussion was over the use of religion in wrestling and whether or not it had a place. Coleman’s faith is as much a part of who he is fundamental as it is in whom he portrays. Today, Coleman is one of the longest-tenured talents in Ring of Honor.

He has been an important influence on the likes of Shane Taylor, Rhett Titus, Cedric Alexander, and Kenny King. To listen to our interview click the link below. If readers would prefer to feel free to click any of the other available podcast providers that also carry the interview as well below.

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