Audio Edition with ‘The Patriot’ Del Wilkes

In this archived interview with former WWE superstar ‘The Patriot” Del Wilkes from 2015, Wilkes shares about his history and redemption in wrestling. During our conversation, Wilkes discussed his time in the AWA under Verne Gagne and how the incarnation of ‘The Trooper’ came about. He also discussed his time in WCW and his team work alongside Marcus ‘Buff’ Bagwell and their team of Stars and Stripes. His patriotic nature isn’t a far stretch from the man behind the mask either. Wilkes continued on sharing his time in All Japan Wrestling and how the years competing for the promotion took a toll on his life. Finally, Wilkes shares his time in WWE and how his life began to take a different turn. We present to you audio interview edition with ‘The Patriot’ Del Wilkes.

Audio Edition with ‘The Patriot’ Del Wilkes

By his own accord, Wilkes discussed how the pain his body had endured competing under the stiff Japanese fighting style. He believes this is what contributed to shortening his career. After a life overcoming personal demons, Wilkes was able to overcome the odds and to this day shares his message for fans across the United States to follow. These addictions played a major part in his life impacting not only his professional life but his life outside wrestling as well. It was certainly a case of redemption and starting over.

Wilkes has a remarkable story and viewers of the site are more than welcome to listen to his inspirational story. It will certainly give fans a new perspective on The Patriot, Del Wilkes. To listen to this edition of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast click the link below or listen to any of the other platforms below to this weeks‘ installment.

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