Audio Edition with Matt Farmer

On the eve of DEFY Wrestling’s DEFY On Edge, DEFY Wrestling’s executive producer Matt Farmer took a few minutes to speak with us. Farmer discusses the promotion’s history. He also shares his vision of the future and those that have graced the promotion throughout their history. This conversation also goes to touch base on all the things DEFY Wrestling has done. This coupled with hopes to achieve. Farmer shares his thoughts on the rise in popularity in the Pacific North West Wrestling scene and where it is headed. We present audio interview edition of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast with Matt Farmer.

He works diligently to create a show that fans will long talk about. Matt Farmer runs down the card and how it all came about as those involved are all actively a part of the development of event and all play a crucial role in the promotion’s growth and development. To listen to this edition of this raw edition of the podcast and hear what Matt Farmer has to say click the icon below to listen or click on any of the podcast providers below to listen to Matt Farmer’s thoughts as well. Farmer cares just as much about the future of the industry as he does the past. Often citing information that is rich in history, Matt Farmer has a greater appreciation for the future of wrestling because he is fully aware of its past.

Audio Edition with Matt Farmer

As a special bonus, Philip and Marc discuss the event. They attempt to gain perspective on what is taking place as it happens. Philip is attending the show and will have a birds-eye view of what is happening at DEFY On Edge.

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