Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling presents Summer on the sea

AtOn Saturday, June 16th, 2018 – Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling presents “Summer On The Sea”. This is a special fan hang out where you can eat, drink, gamble and hang out with the stars of ARW. This includes Atomic Heavyweight champion SHANNON MOORE, JESSE NEAL, WES BRISCO, SAM SHAW & many others!!! Get your tickets TODAY at the link below and don’t miss out. #NextGenerationOfEXTREME

The event is sure to bring out some of the most exciting action in wrestling today. With the names mentioned above, it is no wonder why Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling. This outstanding line up will prove to be one that fans in the Florida area. Fans do not want to miss out on. The names mentioned in this event include former WWE and TNA/IMPACT Wrestling talent along with former champions or those highly regarded for their longstanding work in the ring. At this time it really is anyone’s guess as to who will come out on top. What will they do to bring the ARW faithful to their feet and who will walk away as the winners and who will be carried out on this night?

Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling presents Summer on the Sea

The event is sure to be an exciting event for all involved. Fans of the AWR can visit the Event ticket window to purchase their tickets. AWR continues to emerge as the frontrunner for promotions in the Florida area that should be getting your attention. Atomic Wrestling Revolution are committed to putting on the most exciting and fun shows anywhere in the state. AWR also continues to emerge as a one that has embraced Hardcore wrestling once again. What will happen at Summer At the Sea? Fans are going to have to visit the show to find out.

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