#AndStill: Walter Retains the WWE United Kingdom Championship

NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II

Walter (c) vs. Joe Coffey (WWE United Kingdom Championship)

At the bell, WWE United Kingdom Champion Walter goes for a face kick and Joe Coffey is ready, ducking under it. Coffey shows disrespect by slapping Walter in the face who then lifts him onto his shoulders to drop Walter to the mat. Walter rolls to the outside and Coffey is quick after him, launching a torpedo-like shoulder from the corner of the ring apron to an unaware Walter on the outside, knocking him to the ground. Coffey knows he must have Walter in the ring to win the title and tries to get him back in, Walter pushes back with a few shots to the gut, then rolls under the ring to break the accruing 10-count before going back to further punish Coffey.

Walter tries to launch Coffey into the fan barrier, but Coffey reverses and sends Walter ungraciously crashing into the unforgiving structure. Like a train, Coffey runs at Walter, and in a very veteran move, Walter bends forward, scoops up Coffey, and dumps him into the crowd behind him. Coffey lands on his feet, backs up to gain speed, and comes flying back at Walter, both back within the fan barrier. This impact allows Coffey to gain enough control to bring Walter back into the ring. Walter seems dazed, and Coffey targets his head and chest area.

Trying to make it hard to breathe or think, Walter slaps Coffey across the chest.

Coffey completes an awkward body to body toss and is first back to his feet. Walter grabs at his own head as he tries to stand. Coffey backs off, competitors standing corner to corner, and runs at Walter, throwing his whole weight into him. Walter is able to vacate the corner and Coffey climbs to the top rope, he and Walter lock up here, trading punches and body blows until Coffey jumps from the top to plant Walter with a DDT. He quickly rolls Walter over, who gives a powerful kick out for a 2 count.

Coffey is back to his feet and tries to get Walter up. Walter is trying to slow the pace of the match but Coffey overcomes this. He tries to pick Walter up for a stalling suplex, and is unable to until after a few chin punches to Walter, but when he does accomplish it, it is met with a roar of approval from the crowd. Coffey keeps punching and wearing at Walter, and finally slaps him across the face again. You can see Walter’s expression change and so does the energy in the ring. Walter turns to Coffey and invites more chops. Coffey delivers one, Walter answers with a chop of his own, knocking Coffey off his feet down to his knees. Coffey gets up so Walter delivers 2 more chops before stopping to pose for the crowd, admiring his work with a glance to Coffey on his back in the corner.

Coffey rolls to the outside and Walter is on top of him.

He gives Coffey another chop sending him flying back into the fan barrier before giving him a boot to the face and climbing back into the ring. Coffey gets in right after him and slaps Walter again. Walter picks up Coffey, slams him to the mat, and then does a huge leg drop, driving all of his weight into the chest of Coffey. He covers and Coffey gets the shoulder up at 2. Walter plays Coffey like an instrument, creating a symphony of screams as he subjects Coffey to submission moves. He lets Coffey’s leg slip and Coffey gets his foot to the rope, forcing Walter to break the hold and reconsider his offense.

Both on their feet, Coffey comes at Walter and is greeted by a fist, and knocked back. Coffey goes at Walter again, and gets a forearm to the face. Coffey shakes it off, and refuses to stop coming at Walter who is able to hold him at bay, grabbing his head, twisting Coffey over backwards, and delivering him to the mat with a devastating chop to Coffey’s chest.

Coffey pops one more punch before Walter knocks him back to the mat, and twists Coffey’s neck between his feet.

Coffey is hurt and rolls from the ring to create space. Walter gives him just a moment before reaching over the top rope to grab Coffey by the hair and lift him to standing on the ring apron. He pulls Coffey back by the hair, stretching out his chest and exposing it. The crowd shushes, and Walter delivers 2 hard chops to the chest. On the 3rd attempted, Coffey grabs Walter’s arm and overpowers him, throwing him to the mat. He goes to the top turnbuckle, jumps off trying to complete a dropkick and is caught by a waiting Walter who is ready with a Boston Crab.

Walter comes out with a string of submission moves, and you can hear the screams of Coffey coming from under the mass of imposing muscle twisting his body. Coffey literally uses his nails trying to get the bottom rope before Walter grabs his arms and pulls them back. Quick thinking leads Coffey to move his legs and kick the bottom rope. Walter breaks the hold, steps back to evaluate his opponent again. Walter gets Coffey to his feet, twists his arm, and cracks chops across the chest of Coffey, dragging him back to his feet and repeating it twice.

Coffey breaks the momentum with a close-range forearm.

They begin to charge at another, testing their strength and slamming into each other, Coffey launches at Walter and Walter jumps over Coffey, and when Coffey came running back at him tried for a big boot and missed and instead drops Coffey with a suplex. Walter goes for a cover and Coffey kicks out. Walter tries to get the sleeper hold on Coffey who picks up Walter and both go slamming to the canvas. The ref begins a 10 count and as Walter gets to his feet, Coffey puts him up for the Electric Chair. Walter jumps free and Coffey sends him into the turnbuckle with a spear to the back and is on the attack again.

Coffey locks his wrists around Walter’s waist and completes a German suplex into a pin which Walter kicks out of. Each man takes a breather as the crowd cheers them on. They crawl towards each other, Coffey delivering a fist to Walter’s head before climbing to the top rope for a moon salt and cover, where Walter kicks out at 2.

Walter connects with a boot to the face, this does not stop Coffey who comes at him with a chop. Walter hits back with a chop of his own really knocking Coffey back. Coffey doesn’t back down, the defending champion takes exception and gives him a power bomb. Coffey kicks out and now the Ring General is back to the submissions. Coffey manages to break himself free, and Walter goes for Coffey with a dropkick. When Coffey drops out of the way, the official takes the hit instead. In the confusion, Coffey power bombs the champion and pins him.

The fans count to 3 but there is no bell. Coffey looks around the ring, realizing he’s alone with Walter.

The crowd yells for the ref to get up as Alexander Wolfe enters the ring to assist Walter. Then Dragunov comes in to deal with Wolfe and knocks him hard into the left knee of Coffey. Inside the ring, the WWE United Kingdom Champion knocks Dragunov into next week for entering the ring, and then goes after Coffey. Delivering a big boot and driving Coffey backward over the steel stairs twice and then power bombing him onto the ring apron. Walter gets him back in the ring and on his feet before giving him another clothesline, calling for the ref. The new ref is able to count to 2 as Coffey kicked out asthe 2 match intruders chase each other up the ramp and out of the arena.

Back in the ring, Walter climbs to the top rope, where Coffey begins to display how badly his knee is hurt. He is barely able to stand under his own weight and the champion knocks him down. Coffey gets back up and jumps into an uppercut on the still top rope perched Walter. Coffey is able to launch Walter over his head and both lay on their backs on the mat.

Coffey still grips heavily at his knee. Walter and Coffey exchange shots to keep the other off themselves.

They both get back to their feet and the champion makes a big kick at Coffey’s knee, and Coffey explodes with a series of body shots. Coffey gives Walter a sharp left to the jaw that makes Walter take a defensive stance and back into the corner, Coffey raining down blows the whole time. The ref has to back Coffey off of Walter who gives a glancing blow to Coffey’s knee, and this is enough to get him back and down. Walter again climbs up the ring post, and performs a splash. Amazingly, Coffey kicks out.

The crowd is rabid, cheering, stomping, and chanting. The men take just a moment and then go right back at each other. Coffey and Walter try to power bomb each other, Walter gets Coffey up but Coffey rolls through the attempt and hits the champion with a clothesline. With Walter on his back, Coffey goes for another cover and the WWE United Kingdom Champion kicks out at 2.

Coffey is showing great frustration and pain in his knee. Coffey goes for a big hit, but misses a step due to his knee and the WWE United Kingdom Champion grabs him for a sleeper. Coffey reaches for the ropes and the ref breaks Walter’s the hold. Walter puts the sleeper in again and does a sleeper hold suplex, putting Coffey in the middle of the ring. Walter does another power bomb, chop, power bomb and right back into the sleeper hold. Coffey’s face clearly goes while and he has to tap out.

AND STILL…Your WWE United Kingdom Champion, WALTER!

Originally written by Kelley Jacobi