#AndSTILL: The Big Picture retains Impact Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

If you are a fan of hoss fights between two big, bad dudes, then last Saturday’s Impact Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship match is for you. That night, current IPW Heavyweight Champion The Big Picture continued his reign of dominance over the other wrestlers of IPW when he defeated The Death Dealer. It needs to be noted, the title defense didn’t come without a little assistance for the Big Picture though. Riding a three hundred plus day reign as Impact Pro Wrestling Champion, The Big Picture entered the contest with an aura of confidence unmatched by any IPW competitor. The Big Picture retains Impact Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

Photo by Clint Dye/Tag Team Photography

The way he clutches the IPW Championship you can tell that nothing means more to the monster of IPW. His opponent Saturday night, The Death Dealer made a surprise appearance during Impact Pro’s final show of 2019, stepping in as a teammate for Ryan Slade. These two monstrous men started the match with an intense staredown in the middle of the ring. 

Before long they were engaged in an all-out brawl. The champion took control early overpowering The Death Dealer in a test of strength. 

From there he would cause further damage with a pair of body slams and a dangerous sidewalk slam. Not to be deterred The Death Dealer responded in kind, proving to the champion that he too was dangerously strong. 

Photo by Clint Dye/Tag Team Photography

An impressive back body drop almost put the champ down for the three count. However, The Big Picture, ever the resilient champion, kicked out at two. With momentum on his side, The Death Dealer seemed to be on the verge of ending The Big Picture’s reign atop Impact Pro Wrestling. 

But, the arena lights soon went out and an unknown figure made his way into the ring. This mystery man assaulted The Death Dealer with a pair of nunchucks before making his exit through the shadows. Not one to question what had happened, The Big Picture, ever the opportunist, took the advantage, pinning The Death Dealer for the win. 

Frustrated with how he was cheated out of a championship opportunity an enraged Death Dealer stormed out of the Forte Conference room in search of his attacker.  Meanwhile, The Big Picture with his championship still intact, made his exit much to the chagrin of the Impact Pro Wrestling fans in attendance. Those same fans left that night needing two things answered. First, who was the mysterious man who attacked The Death Dealer? 

Also, will anyone ever be able to end The Big Picture’s reign at the top of Impact Pro Wrestling?