#AndStill: Nick Aldis Retains NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship

At the Crockett Cup, the crowning glory of that amazing show was the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship. For the infamous ten pounds of gold, two friends would wage war and paint a masterpiece. Nick Aldis would step into the ring to defend the championship against The Villain, Marty Scurll. Early in the contest, we would see beautiful classic wrestling, as you would see on World of Sport from the youth of Scurll and Aldis. This merged with the quickness and fluidity of modern wrestling and some mind games. Scurll would fall to the canvas and hold his face, claiming that Kamille had tripped him. This happened behind referee Brian Hebner’s back, so he took Scurll for his word and threw Kamille out! With a broad grin on his face, the Villain’s plan began to take shape. What Marty didn’t anticipate though, was Aldis’ reaction.

Aldis came back to the ring, after protesting in vain, and immediately took control. The much taller, slightly heavier champion dominated Scurll. A fallaway slam from the middle rope led to a near fall for Aldis. He battled Scurll on the outside and chokeslammed him through a table! Aldis would roll his friend into the ring and attempt a pin, for Scurrl to kick out. Again, and again, Scurll would fight back until he gained control of the match. Like a certain Texas rattlesnake, the Villain stomped a mudhole into the current NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion. On the outside, following a series of straight right hands to the face, Aldis would find himself busted open.

As the blood of the champion flowed, Scurrl attempted to gain the victory. He would go for a small package and a figure four leglock in attempts to gain the championship. The champion would make a comeback, hitting Scurll with a surprise tombstone piledriver. An elbow drop later would be a near fall for the champion. However, as the match progressed, each big move combined with the blood loss made Aldis sluggish to his pinfall attempts. When he went to first apply the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf, Marty went for the equalizer: the fingers. With a sick snap that echoed in the arena, Aldis dropped Scurll’s legs in an instant. Scurll would even employ the Cross Rhodes, a move of former NWA World’s Champion Cody.

In the frantic moments of trying to jockey for control, Aldis sidestepped Scurll who took out referee Brian Hebner. Kamille snuck back down to ringside and attempted to set Scurll up for her patented spear. In a shocking decision, Aldis stopped her in her tracks. Instead of allowing her to help him, he ordered her to the back. In contrast to Aldis’ honor, he turned around to his former friend kicking him between the uprights before hitting him with the Black Flag. Amazingly, the champion managed to kick out at two! Aldis also fought out of the infamous Chicken Wing submission.

Despite the injury to his fingers, Nick Aldis was able to sink in the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf in his second attempt. Through his own pain, he locked his fingers as best he could, sinking into the maneuver. Trapped in the center of the ring, Marty had no recourse but to tap out. Sitting in the center of the ring, being handed the title was Nick Aldis. His once white wrist tape and purple tights are smeared and stained with his blood. His diaphragm heaves with heavy and tired breaths. And with a smile, he rises to his feet. And STILL your NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis!

After the match, the two friends embraced one another to the adulation of the crowd. Marty and Nick both shared heartfelt promos about their match, each other and the NWA. Well worth going out of your way to see the new NWA being led by your NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis.

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