#AndSTILL: Kara Noia retains Impact Pro Wrestling Women’s Championship

Since winning the Impact Pro Wrestling Women’s Championship from Sierra Avery back in July, Kara Noia has been the definition of a fighting champion. Willing to take on any challenger, Noia has defended her championship multiple times with her last defense coming during IPW’s final show of 2019. That night she defeated Miss Frankie Jay in a back-and-forth contest. This past Saturday, January 11, Noia faced another stiff test, this time in the form of “The Queen B” Brooke Valentine. Valentine didn’t come alone to the Forte Conference room in Des Moines, Iowa, joining her at ringside was Lil N8.

With the numbers squarely against her, Noia had to keep one eye on N8 while defending her crown.  The fiery redheaded champion started the match fast and furious, but her early barrage of punches was stalled by the sheer power of Valentine. Utilizing her size advantage, the challenger began wearing down Noia with a massive bear hug and a plethora of power moves including an impressive fall away slam.

Photo by Clint Dye/Tag Team Photography

Throughout the match, these two traded maneuvers in a brilliant display of one-upmanship. Lil N8’s continued interference helped give Valentine the advantage, but she was unable to put the champion down. Those distractions were brought to a swift end when Noia flattened N8 with a devastating soccer-style kick. 

With N8 out of the picture, these two ladies held nothing back. Both delivering stiff shots as they exchanged punches, much to the delight of the Impact Pro fans in attendance.

A perfectly placed forearm by Valentine crushed Noia’s nose causing a steady stream of blood to flow down the champion’s face. The sight of her own blood fired the champion up. She unleashed a fury of offense on Valentine. 

Landing a bevy of kicks, Noia knocked the challenger down to the mat. Before following up with a running elbow, receiving the match’s closest near fall. Later in the match, Valentine seemed to have the victory all but sealed connecting with not one, but two devastating spears. However, the champions resolve shone through kicking out at two and a half. With the crowd on the edge of their seats, Noia recovered from both spears. She then hit a devastating stunner to seal the victory. 

After the match, Kara Noia was met with a raucous ovation from the Impact Pro Wrestling faithful. Fans appreciated her once again defending the IPW Women’s Championship.

Photo by Clint Dye/Tag Team Photography

Up next for the Champion will be a rematch with Miss Frankie Jay at Impact Pro Wrestling’s next show on Saturday, February 29th.