#AndStill: Gallus Retain the NXT UK Tag Team Championship

NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II

NXT Tag Team Champions Gallus vs. Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster vs. Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Imperium (Ladder Match)

The match starts with a standoff, the crowd anxious for the match to begin. Imperium and Gallus are knocked to the outside while A&W and GYV tussle and take the match down to a 2 on 2 match style. Andrews & Webster show great agility and speed. They take control of the ring against Imperium, working flawlessly together. GYV catch A&W on the ropes and throw off their game. Gibson and Drake appear to go for a ladder and change their mind, grabbing chairs to take down A&W, to be replaced by Gallus who affix Drake into a corner before Imperium utilizes the setup on Drake and devastate him with a tree of woe and 2 methodically placed chairs.

Imperium head to the outside for a ladder, A&W come after them via flips over the top rope and all fall to the ground. A&W grab the ladder and successfully set it up in the ring before Imperium comes in after to knock them to the mats outside and below. As Imperium climb the ladder, they are swatted away by Gallus, armed with a ladder of their own. The crowd chants for tables as Wolfgang and Barthel fight over a ladder. With Barthel back in corner and ladder in front of him, sandwiched and unable to escape, Wolfgang charges at him, and Barthel throws the ladder open to create space. He then slams the ladder shut and into the face of Wolfgang, who is knocked to the mat.

A&W make their way back into the ring as Gallus rolls away.

Imperium and A&W scrap until Aichner grabs Webster and slams his face into a laterally laying ladder, supported by the second ropes in the corner. Imperium stand tall and address the crowd before returning their attention to the belts hanging high above the ring. They notice Mark Andrews enter the ring behind them and charge at him with a ladder held long ways between them, attempting to cut Andrews in half. Andrews runs at them, drops to his knees and slides thru before doing a flip and kicking each of Imperium on the tops of their heads.

Imperium rolls out of the ring and Andrews is alone with Gibson and Drake.

They push Andrews back into the corner and hold him in place with a ladder. Drake dropkicks him as Gibson watches on. Drake appears to have done some damage to himself, so Gibson turns his attention to Andrews, still using the ladder to hold him in place they begin to trade punches and Drake is left to the mercy of the reentered Gallus. Seeing this Gibson comes to Drake’s aid and is choke slammed by Coffey into a ladder propped on a rope. Drake gets his own turn as he takes a slingshot Samoan drop into the same ladder.

Gallus is in control of the ring as they set up the ladders and begin to climb, but now it appears as Imperium is rested as they reenter and attack Gallus as they climb towards the dangling belts. Imperium ejects them from the ring, only to have their feet grabbed, faces slammed into the mat, and dragged out for a ringside beating. Webster and Andrews try to steal it and Gallus meet them in the ring, and are successfully driven off. Andrews is halfway up the ladder with Mark Coffey below him, and believing Coffey to have enough left to jump up and follow, Andrews completes a shooting star press and all are left stunned on the mat.

Barthel tries his luck in the chaos but is caught by A&W who push the ladder over, catching Barthel between the legs on the second rope.

This doesn’t appear to greatly affect him as he double chops both Andrews and Webster before going back to the ladder. He and Webster tussle back and forth on the side of the ring, fighting over a ladder. Webster is laid flat on the propped up ladder and is hit with a huge springboard moon salt from the top rope from Aichner. The crowd erupts in cheers.

Imperium climb the ladder again before GYV make themselves known again. Bringing in a much larger ladder and setting it next to the first, 2 more ladders are brought in and all teams are now up on ladders, fighting and reaching with Wolfgang the closest. Webster puts a ladder on the back of Gibson and climbs up. Slowly, men falling from ladders. The last 2 men on top Andrews and Gibson until Gibson pulls Andrews free of the structure and slams him down to the matt. Drake climbs, appearing to go for the titles and instead goes for a 450 splash on Andrews laying on the matt.

Gibson and Drake climb the ladder, Drake on Gibson’s shoulders before Aichner pulls them down.

Imperium double team on Drake and begin to clear ladders from the ring and climb again. Gallus come from nowhere to tip the ladder over and knock imperium down again. Aichner is left on his feet and is slammed repeated between Gallus and ladders until Barthel stands and gets his own beating. The teams begin to realize that the others still have enough fire to make a threat so they begin to work on weakening the others. Gallus hit Imperium with an over the top rope double team before climbing back into the ring, looking for the gold.

Webster and Andrews pull the ladder from the ring in an attempt to slow Gallus from the titles. They hit the double stun dog millionaire and realize that they are the only men left standing.

They go for their own, and largest ladder they can find, Gallus get back to their ring and prevent A&W from reentering. The large ladder is now set up on the outside, and now, tables appear. 2 tables set between apron and fan barrier, and a tall ladder in the middle. Gallus set up A&W to go through the tables and they fight their way free. They set up Wolfgang and Coffey to go through their own tables. One table collapses under the weight of Coffey, and Andrews and Webster being to climb the same side of the ladder. The crowd chanting “Please don’t die…” and time seems to slow.

Off the top of the ladder A&W grab onto each other and flip, their backs landing squarely onto Wolfgang and driving him into the ground.

Somehow, they are able to stand, and quickly get back into the ring and set up their ladder again. As Andrews reaches for the belt, he is hit in the kidney by Drake. Gibson and Drake devastate Andrews and Webster and Gibson urges Drake up the ladder as he guards below. The camera pans to Andrews, who is now, somehow, holding a Kendo stick. The frustration building in this match within Andrews is released onto a cowering Gibson, and as he runs, the rage is turned to Drake, who also rolls out. Andrews roars and begins to climb again, only to get a brainbuster off the ladder from Imperium.

Barthel reaches out, hand on the belt before Coffey is up after him, grabbing him by the waist and pulling until the ladder topples. Coffey is knocked loose and Aichner grabs the other side, lifting Barthel away from Coffey and back towards the belts. Coffey is right back on Barthel, so Aichner runs around and tries to pull him away from his partner. They set up the European bomb through a ladder for Coffey to roll away at the last moment, making way for Wolfgang to drive Aichner through the ladder propped in the corner, snapping the ladder in half. Coffey drops Barthel off the ladder, and Gallus climb the ladder and take the belts for their own.

The Team of Mark Coffey and Wolfgang…GALLUS!

Originally written by Kelley Jacobi