#AndStill: Adam Cole Retains the NXT Championship

In baseball, we give the nickname Mr. October to those who excel beyond reasonable doubt for the team they play for. For pro wrestling, we will now have our own Mr. November, as coined by Mauro Ranallo… and his name is Adam Cole (bay-bay!) who retained his NXT Championship.

Just 24 hours after taking one of the most death-defying Air Raid Crash In Wrestling history, the NXT Champion showed up on Sunday and showed out, retaining his coveted title.

In a match made for the Chicago fans, Cole went one on one with the longest-reigning former WWE champion in this decade, the Brusierweight Pete Dunne. This was a match of attrition after both men expended much energy the night before which was evident at the slow pace in the beginning.

Dunne‘s Mensa level IQ is truly ahead of its time. His focus on Cole’s back and fingers just put his inept ability to hurt someone made the Chicago crowd uneasy. But Cole, even without UE around, showed tons of resolve. One of the most pivotal moments occurred shortly after Cole landed a sick Panama Sunrise on the outside which looked brutal on TV, so I can the reaction of the live crowd how bad it was.

Even with an X Plex and more body contortion on Cole than Cirque du Soleil, Adam Cole finishes off one more Last Shot, the second one of the night, to secure his title win in a show-stealer.

For Dunne, more eyes get to witness what Triple H and William Regal have been saying for almost two years: the man has star power all over him. 23 years old and he’s already light years ahead of many wrestlers his age. While he lost last night, I expect another shot at the title soon for him. I don’t expect him back in NXT UK anytime soon after last night’s showing.

For Cole, this was another notch on his belt. Why did I call him Mr. November? Well it was for good reason. Cole has defeated former Universal & WWE champion Seth Rollins, former WWE champion Daniel Bryan, and former NXT UK Champion Pete Dunne in a matter of three weeks span, unheard of in this current WWE era. What’s next? The money match: Cole vs. Ciampa.

NXT put on a show last night, but it was the leader of the Undisputed Era who showed he is definitely not your kind.

Caul’s Call

My words are simple: I don’t care how “small” or “undersize” Adam Cole is. He is what Seth Rollins wish he can be now. Adam Cole is the new workhorse of WWE and I fully expect that not to change for a long time as he has retained his NXT Championship. Enough said…

John Caul is a longtime wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. A former color commentator for several independent companies and former owner of independent wrestling company Imperial World Wrestling, John currently spends his time interacting with wrestling fans on Twitter while enjoying podcasts such as Cheap Heat and Jobber Tears.