Tessa Blanchard won AAA Reina de Reinas Championship: #AndNEW

Keyra who was Reina de Reinas Champion exposed her championship on Triplemania and Tessa Blanchard won and stepped up. Before begging the match she comes back to the ramp on a wheelchair, and she explained that for medical reasons. She can’t fight and she delivered the belt. Chik Tormenta hit her and a surprised of this match was Ayako Hamada was who cover that place and the match started.

This match has been announced like tables, chairs and ladders match. And this match participated Ayako Hamada, Tessa Blanchard, La Hiedra, Faby Apache, Taya, Chik Tormenta, and Lady Shani. Ayako got a chair and connected to Faby but La Hiedra applied Superkick to Ayako’s face with the chair. Ayako cleaned the ring but Taya responded with a double foot. On the floor, Faby and Ayako hit all of them with sheets but La Guera Loca Taya flies with a plancha overall.

Now, Taya and Chik were in the middle of the ring, and they started the fight, Taya surprised her with a spear then Taya took a stapler and Taya stapled a picture on Chik’s forehead. Taya showed us that she wanted the belts, and she shows the most extreme of her but Faby connected with a chair Taya’s head then Faby stapled Taya’s forehead.

Tessa Blanchard won AAA Reina de Reinas Championship

Now, La Hiedra applied a great Power Bomb to Faby over the sheet. All the ladies want gold. Hiedra and Tessa climbed for the belt, but they were stopped by Chik and Shani. Whoa! Chik took Shani over her shoulders and across a table. Ayako searches the belt, and she starts to climb but Taya lowers her with triple hit on her head. Taya is on the high of the ladder, she almost touches the belt… Tessa hit her on the back and Tessa prepares a chair bed… Tessa applied a tremendous Canadian destroyer to Taya.

Now the action is on the floor with everything that they found it. Everyone takes an opponent. Shani was hitting La Hiedra on the ramp, and she has tacks. And Shani applied DDT to Hiedra over the tacks, amazing, but she is surprised with the double foot from Faby.

Ayako hunts to Faby and put her on the table. She is on the top of the corner and… Ayako makes moonsault to Faby. It was awesome. But the action doesn’t stop. Chik puts Taya on the ladder, and she climbs to the top of the corner but Tessa connects to Chik with the sheet and Tessa throws her the ladder, but she failed and Chik fall to the floor. Chik received a tremendous hit. The medical service arrives quickly to check her. But the match continues and on Triplemania will have a new Reina de Reinas. Tessa and Taya are the only on the ring and start to climb the ladder. And the high of the ladder, they fight as warriors … Tessa’s gain the match and she takes the belt. Tessa is the new Reina de Reinas.

When all the dust settled, Tessa Blanchard won and walked away as the new Reina de Reinas champion at AAA TripleMania.