#AndNEW: Tag Team Champions Crowned in Central Empire Wrestling

“Rapid Delivery” Rory Fox entered his Central Empire Wrestling Tag Team Championship match this past Saturday. He faced the champion Snake Pit with a trick up his sleeve. That trick turned out to be former CEW Tag Team Champion and a fierce rival of the Snake Pit, “Tenacious” Tim Rhodes. On this night, new tag team champions were crowned in Central Empire Wrestling.

Even though Duke Cornell and Seto Kobara played it off that Rhodes being the mystery partner was no big deal, the tag champions saw their reign come to an end. Fox and Rhodes used their surprise reveal to gain an early advantage, catching the Snake Pit off guard.  Utilizing a surprisingly strong sense of teamwork for a team making their debut together, Fox and Rhodes combined power held off the champs. 

But, the Snake Pit, ever the wily duo, eventually singled out Rhodes using their customary quick tags and vicious offensive assault to wear down their old rival. Every time Rhodes looked to be on the verge of tagging in Fox, the Snake Pit was there to cut him off.  Eventually, Rhodes found his opportunity after Cornell and Kobara placed him on the top turnbuckle for a double team maneuver. 

The tenacious one, however, fought off the champs before connecting with a double shoulder dive sending the Snake Pit members reeling. Seizing the opportunity, Rhodes made the tag onto a fired-up Rory Fox. At one point, Fox slammed Cornell and Kobara’s heads into one another. This was much to the delight of the CEW fans in attendance. Feeling the momentum slip away, the Snake Pit went for a home run. Cornell lifted Fox on to his shoulders.

While Kobara climbed to the top turnbuckle and in an homage to the Road Warriors, they attempted the Doomsday Device. 

Photo by Clint Dye/Tag Team Photography

Fox, ever the veteran, avoided Kobara’s clothesline and after Rhodes knocked him out of the ring. He rolled up Cornell to crown new CEW Tag Team Champions. In one of the loudest pops of the night, the crowd erupted in support of this brand new team dethroning the long time champions. 

However, by the end of the night, that feeling of euphoria was replaced with disappointment and confusion. Rhodes, fresh off the tag team championship victory, made his presence felt. During the CEW Heavyweight Championship match between Rhodes former partner Donnie Peppercricket and JT Energy. New tag team champions have been crowned in Central Empire Wrestling.

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Photo by Clint Dye/Tag Team Photography