#AndNEW: Spike Trivet Wins RIPTIDE’s Brighton Championship

RIPTIDE Wrestling has unleashed misery upon their roster, as Spike Trivet won their Brighton Championship title last night. Trivet had been due to face then-champion Chuck Mambo in a one on one match, but this had been thought to have been scrapped. Lord Trivet had suffered a broken arm at PROGRESS Chapter 95 and was clearly in no condition to perform…


Spike Trivet is a man with a complete and utter understanding of his own character. That character is part Bullingdon Boy: Oxford’s infamous drinking boy’s club. He’s also part Patrick Bateman, from the book/film American Psycho. He’s very, very bitter that, despite his inherited wealth, he isn’t gifted opportunities. What a compelling and loathsome character. With Boris Johnson as British Prime Minister, Spike Trivet’s character is very timely and compelling.

Debuting in 2016, he quickly began to make a name for himself as a young star on the ascendancy. Boasting a hugely contemporary gimmick and a rugged ring style, he would be very much in demand across BritWres. He is currently a featured player for PROGRESS, RIPTIDE, North Wrestling, and Breed Wrestling among others. He heads up the Do Not Resuscitate faction in PROGRESS, along with Chuck Mambo, Bill Eaver, and Danny Duggan. In RIPTIDE he is the head of Money Vs Everybody, with Damon Moser, Shay Purser, and brand new member Paul Robinson.

From the Beginning

The founding of RIPTIDE Wrestling in 2017 led to Mambo becoming part of a company for which he was a perfect fit. Their snazzy, hand-drawn posters, cinematic shooting style, and seaside culture-led product fit Mambo perfectly. Debuting against Chris Brookes at Point Break, Mambo had the platform to show what he could truly do in the ring. Placed at or near the top of the card, he would excel against the likes of David Starr, Angelico and Eddie Dennis.

Chuck Mambo had reigned as RIPTIDE’s Brighton Champion since august of last year, after winning a tournament to crown the inaugural champ. A firm, massively popular crowd favorite, Mambo had brought many eyes to the promotion with his reign. A true, whitebread babyface is hard to pull off, but Mambo did with gusto. It’s a shame to see his reign end, but all things must pass, and he will almost certainly be back in the hunt.

So it begins.

Trivet had taken advantage of a worn-down opponent in much the same way as he had against Cara Noir to become the number one contender. After Mambo had defeated Escape the Midcard partner TK Cooper, Trivet made his presence felt. Emerging along with Money Vs Everybody, and unveiling new member Paul Robinson, his Lordship demanded he is granted his title match. The powers that be at RIPTIDE tried to decline until Robinson was set upon them in a violent fashion.

And so it was, under duress, that Mambo was forced into his second title defense of the evening. The defense was directly after the first, to boot. The result at that point was academic. And so here are: Spike Trivet’s epic quest to claim the Brighton Championship has succeeded. Will he be a benevolent dictator or a pure tyrant? I think we all know the answer to that one, in fairness. For RIPTIDE, this marks a massive departure in terms of company figurehead. It’s going to be a fascinating journey in the months ahead with Lord Spike Trivet as Mr. RIPTIDE.