#AndNEW: PCO wins ROH World Heavyweight Title

On Friday, December the 13th, it proved to be a scary night indeed for one RUSH. With the Ring of Honor World Championship on the line, a changing of the guard was present as PCO defeated RUSH for his world championship. The matchup began with all the pomp and circumstance that would normally follow a champion. In the case of RUSH, whose origins are in Mexico the flashy and exciting entrance simply followed suit. On this night however, it was different. Whether it was something that was different in the air or not. This was the night that wasn’t meant to be for the Mexican star.

Much like most matches involving either of these men no action is squandered. From the ring of the bell both RUSH and PCO took the fight to one another. Almost immediately after the match began it went to the outside. It is remarkable what he will subject himself to at his age. For instance, after a second rope con giro, he attempted a somersault senton toward the corner of the ring. The problem with that is that RUSH moved out of the way. This resulted in a landing that would rupture a normal man’s tailbone. However, as many are aware, PCO is not human.

Their battle went from inside and outside the ring. In fact, the audience wasn’t safe either from their battle with one another. As the match is reaching its crescendo, Destro was present in the match. RUSH wasn’t going to allow Destro to play a part in the ending of this match. The result was RUSH beating down Destro and tossed him into the audience. During this time, PCO had set up a table in the ring. Once PCO lays his hands-on RUSH he lays him on the table and hits a knees-first PCO-sault through the table on the champion. At this point, it is academic as he makes the pin for the three count and the win.

Winner and new ROH Champion, PCO

At 52 years of age, there is a new Ring of Honor World Champion and his name is PCO. The win marks a new journey in a career of someone that was among the hottest stars on the independent circuit. In a career that has seen a resurgence and embraced by Ring of Honor the man that is not human can no longer claim any longer being a world champion.