#AndNEW: NWA World Television Champion Crowned (SPOILER)

This past Friday, at the Hard Times pay per view event Ricky Starks ran the gauntlet and defeated three men on separate occasions. He defeated Tim Storm, Matt Cross and Trevor Murdoch on his way to becoming the inaugural NWA Television Champion. In doing so Starks became the new NWA World Television Champion. However, only a few days removed from the Hard Times event Starks lost his newly won NWA Television Championship. As part of a triple threat match with Matt Cross and ‘Outlandish’ Zicky Dice, Starks came out on the losing end of the match and title. Starks lost his championship to Zicky Dice who captured the title during their NWA Powerrr tapings on Sunday, January 25th.

The match came about as Starks actually had called out Zicky Dice who came out during the champions match with Matt Cross. Dice is a five-year pro that trained under the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy. Black and Brave is owned and operated by Marek Brave and former WWE and Universal Champion Seth Rollins (Tyler Black). With less than a hundred matches in his career, Dice has certainly earned a name for himself in his short time in the ring.

Dice’s capturing the title after initially losing to Dan Maff in the first round of the NWA Television Championship says a great deal. His loss didn’t mean it was necessarily a setback. At times, an initial loss to help further a storyline for him and possibly the championship. He much like Starks had to scratch and claw in order to capture a win. The difference here was that in the case of some challengers they had to win preliminary matches in order to qualify for the tournament.

One question that may be prevailing at the moment was why have Starks lose the title so quickly. We can assume why we think it may be. Now for all viewers may be aware the actual title change may not happen for some time.