#AndNEW: New Impact Pro Wrestling Women’s Champion Crowned

Since winning the Impact Pro Wrestling Women’s Championship back in July, Kara Noia has met all her challengers head-on. Never afraid of a challenge, the champ welcomed all who wanted to end her reign at the top of IPW’s women’s division.  

Former Champion Miss Frankie Jay was one of those challenges as the two locked horns during IPW’s November show. That night, Noia walked out as champion after a hotly contested match up. 

This past Saturday, these two met once again for the IPW Women’s Championship and this time, Jay walked out as the winner. After an initial handshake in a show of good sportsmanship by both ladies, the two traded moves. Each countered an arm drag with an arm drag. Followed by a pair of hip tosses, proving just how evenly matched they are. 

Photo by Clint Dye/Tag Team Photography

It wasn’t until Jay tweaked her knee that Noia took the advantage. Sensing her opponent had a weakness she could exploit, the champion jumped at the opportunity to cause more damage. Utilizing a variety of leg locks, Noia continued to exploit the injured knee of Jay. 

At one point she even wrapped Jay’s knee around the turnbuckle post, eliciting gasps from the Forte Center audience. Noia showed her devious side, utilizing the ropes to help apply even more pressure to the holds she locked in. Her standing reverse figure four was especially effective until the referee finally noticed she was using the ropes. The admonishment from the referee allowed Miss Frankie Jay to get back into the match. 

Photo by Clint Dye/Tag Team Photography

Fueled by adrenaline and the full support of the IPW faithful, Jay went on the offensive. Each move – from her snap suplex to a simple leg drop – was made harder to achieve due to the damage she sustained earlier in the contest. At one point the two had a series of near falls from various roll-up attempts, eliciting approving applause from the fans. 

In the end, Miss Frankie Jay connected on a spinning neck breaker to pick up the victory. The pain and damage she went through meant nothing the moment she was handed the championship. Instead, that feeling of pain was replaced with exuberant joy as she was once again Impact Pro Wrestling Women’s Champion. 

Before Frankie Jay limped back to the locker room, Kara Noia made a speedy exit from the Forte Center. While a new champion was crowned, this rivalry for the Impact Pro Wrestling Women’s Championship is more than likely far from over.

#AndNEW: New Impact Pro Wrestling Women's Champion Crowned
Photo by Clint Dye/Tag Team Photography