#AndNEW: Mayu Iwatani Reclaims The World Of Stardom Championship

On October 14th, Bea Priestley retained her World of Stardom Championship. In a match against the 5Star Grand Prix winner, Hana Kimura and she would claim herself as the top gaijin in Stardom. Mayu Iwatani would step up to become the next challenger for the championship. It was set to take place on November 4th, Best of Goddess 2019. The last time Mayu challenged for the title was on August 12th, 2018 when Kagetsu was the champion and Mayu has been finding a way to get back into the picture. Mayu did win the 5Star Grand Prix last year but for some reason, she never did get her title opportunity like she was supposed to and there was no reason as to why it didn’t happen. Mayu Iwatani reclaims the World Of Stardom Championship.

The match would finally take place at the show and in a twenty-minute match. Mayu would hit the Two-Stage Dragon Suplex Hold and she would win the World of Stardom Championship for the second time! This was a big win for Mayu as people never expected her to win the title again.  They were glad that it’s not the case here.

The last time Mayu won the belt was on June 21st, 2017 when she defeated Io Shirai to become the new ace of Stardom

Unfortunately, things didn’t go the way they wanted it as Mayu lost the belt due to an elbow injury during the match on September 24th, 2017 against Toni Storm. It’s heartbreaking to work for something for so long in an incredible payoff and then just lose it due to an injury. It was even worse to drop the belt to your opponent. Since her return, Mayu hasn’t had any luck getting back to the top. She lost her rematch against Toni and lost against Kagetsu. It seemed like Stardom was moving on as they were able to make new stars like Momo Watanabe and Utami Hayashishita. It seemed like Mayu’s dream of being the ace was over and only known as Stardom’s Icon.

Mayu winning here is a big deal since she shows she has a lot to offer to Stardom and was able to win it after struggling for two years to get back to where she was. After the match, Mayu has hinted a possible title match against Arisa Hoshiki in the future but she would first challenge Kagetsu on December 24th. Mayu has earned her spot as Stardom’s best and the fact that she has a chance to have a proper run this time without any injuries is something the fans have been waiting to see happen, and we could finally get it here. Congratulations to Mayu Iwatani for winning the World of Stardom Championship again and now time to show them why you’re still the best.

If you wish to see the match for yourself, it’s available now at their streaming service. At stardom-world.com, so please be sure to subscribe to them if you wish to see this bout.