#AndNEW: Kenny Omega captures AAA Mega Championship

At last night’s AAA Heroes Inmortales XIII event in Mexico has seen a changing of the guard. In a match that came about at TripleMania XXVII, when Omega challenged Fenix at the same show where they faced each other as part of a six-man tag match. Seeds had been planted then that this was going to be a match to watch and it didn’t disappoint. In a matchup for the AAA Mega Championship, Kenny Omega defeated Fenix to capture the championship. The match was a hard-hitting affair. At one point, Fenix’s nose was believed to be broken. The contest saw both men hit each other with everything but the kitchen sink.

However, it was Omega’s one-winged angel that did in the champion leading to a three-count and a win by the cleaner. After the match was over in an attempt at showing a sign of respect, Fenix extended his hand to Omega. Omega, however, decided rather than to shake the hand of the former champion to raise the title to show his dominance.

Could this carry over to AEW?

With Omega tied to a number of different rivalries in All Elite Wrestling, the question does remain about the title. Could it be used down the line in a feud between Fenix and Omega? As it stands right now, Omega has his sights set on Jon Moxley in AEW. Fenix and his brother Pentagon Jr are tied to a potential feud with SoCal Uncensored. They couldn’t be further apart from one another right now in terms of booking.

This isn’t to say that Omega and AEW couldn’t in some way help to have matches with AAA as part of the AEW promotion. The two companies had announced a working relationship with one another. In having the title defended in the U.S, more fans would have the opportunity to see the talent that they otherwise may not.

Omega’s AAA Mega Championship reign is the first since departing NJPW this past January. His involvement in AEW including aiding the growth of its women’s division. His help has been beneficial in particular AEW Women’s Champion, Riho.

AAA’s next major event will be the Guerra de Titanes on December 2nd.