#AndNEW: Katsuhiko Nakajima Captures GHC National Championship

Fans expected a stiff match between Katsuhiko Nakajima and Takashi Seguira. That is exactly what they got on Friday night. The match was seen as a rematch between the two. This was following some unfinished business regarding the GHC Heavyweight Championship. Katsuhiko Nakajima came the winner #AndNEW GHC National Champion.

Seguira is very familiar with Nakajima. He was a challenger to development for Pro Wrestling NOAH. He knew he had to deal with his challenger’s legs. The opening moments of the match saw the champion take advantage of Nakajima’s recent cockiness. During Nakajima’s “Shutter Chance” taunt, Seguira went after the knees. He hit hard and fast. Seguira’s brutal assault included wrapping his opponent’s knees around the steel barrier. This amplified the assault. Nakajima was limping for much of the match. He even punched his leg to try and regain some feeling. After softening up his opponent’s leg, Seguira managed to lock in his feared ankle lock twice. The first attempt saw Nakajima reach the ropes. The second, however, saw Seguira pull the challenger back to the center of the ring. This forced Nakajima to resort to punching his way out.

Towards the end of the match, Nakajima was able to pull off an explosive kick. The kick left Seguira crumpled on the mat. He followed this up with several kicks to the champion, which echoed throughout the empty arena. Nakajima solidified his advantage in a striking contest, before hitting his Vertical Spike brainbuster for the win.

Nakajima is now the 2nd man to hold the GHC National Championship.

Immediately following the bout, a shocked Nakajima could only stare at the belt. He took his time to consider what he would say or do. The new champion eventually took the belt. He propped it up on the mat in front of him as he took to the mic. He said that the win represents a new chapter in his career. Nakajima then said he can’t wait to see the possibilities that are now open to him. His first words on social media after his victory were to his AXIZ partner Go Shiazaki. Shiazaki is currently in his 4th GHC Heavyweight Championship reign. Nakajima said that now they are both singles champions. They can stand side-by-side together.

#AndNEW: Katsuhiko Nakajima Captures GHC National Championship

The GHC National Championship was created in 2019 after LIDET Entertainment purchased Pro Wrestling NOAH. LIDET introduced the third belt as part of their plan to relaunch Pro Wrestling NOAH as the 2nd largest promotion in Japan. Puroresu legend Riki Choshu announced the creation of the belt on October 8th, 2019. Takeshi Seguira defeated Michael Elgin to become the inaugural champion. This took place at NOAH The Best on November 2nd, 2019.