At Impact Pro Wrestling’s final show of 2019, Gable Galileo did everything in his power to keep his IPW Extreme Championship away from Malice. Gable went as far as to bring in the other competitors in their extreme gauntlet match to assist him to victory. A new Impact Pro Wrestling Extreme Champion was crowned.


Outnumbered and outgunned, the “Monster of the Midwest” was unable to dethrone Gable. It further ignited their red-hot rivalry. With his shenanigans leading him to his underhanded victory, Galileo was riding high that cold December night. That is until the officials of Impact Pro Wrestling announced that in January. Galileo and Malice would meet once again for the IPW Extreme Championship.


Only this time it would be a “Fans Bring the Weapons Match.” With the monster closing in on his title reign, Galileo went to work figuring out how he could gain the edge in this match-up.


Credit to Galileo for finding the way, adding into the contract that if he agreed to this match, for the first four minutes Malice would not be allowed to use any weapons. Also, he would be free to use any weapon he desired during those four minutes. Not bad for a guy ending just his first full year at Impact Pro Wrestling.


Adding even more fuel to the fire was that Galileo didn’t announce his match stipulation until seconds before their match was set to begin. Galileo entered first, met by a chorus of boos from the Impact Pro faithful, he didn’t come alone, bringing a kendo stick with him.


Malice, on the other hand, came fully prepared. Trash can full of weapons in hand, he entered the Forte Conference room with the destruction of Gable Galileo on his mind.

Galileo took full advantage of the first four minutes, utilizing his kendo stick and a chair to brutalize Malice.  

Photo by Clint Dye/Tag Team Photography

When Malice was able to steal the weapons away, Galileo tried to goad him into using them. However, credit to the “Monster of the Midwest” for resisting and avoiding disqualification. As the first four minutes wound down the anticipation grew to a fever pitch.

Once Malice was able to utilize his plethora of weapons all hell broke loose. Malice thoroughly enjoyed punishing Galileo with a chair, a bedpan that had some form of liquid in it and smashing a computer keyboard over his opponent’s head.


Galileo wouldn’t go down without a fight introducing a barb-wire wrapped telescope into the match and the two even engaged in a lightsaber battle.


After an awkward landing on a splash attempt to crush Galileo on the ringside floor, it looked as if Malice might not be able to continue. When Malice was climbing back into the ring an overzealous Dalton Cooper, brother to IPW star Clay Cooper, attacked him with a chair.


Cooper, who was shoved by Malice before the match, was immediately escorted from the building by security and a handful of wrestlers. This brief distraction couldn’t stop Malice as he finished his rival off with a massive spear to crown a new Impact Pro Wrestling Extreme Champion. Congratulations to Malice as a new Impact Pro Wrestling Extreme Champion was crowned.


Photo by Clint Dye/Tag Team Photography