#AndNEW: Gallus capture NXT UK Tag Team Championship

On this week’s edition of NXT UK, Gallus challenged Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster for the NXT UK Tag Team Champions. The duo faced off in what was certainly a battle of brawn versus speed. This was certainly going to be the champion’s biggest challenge after defeating the Grizzled Young Veterans for the champions at NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff. From the get-go, it was clear that Coffey and Wolfgang were going to fort their will on the champions. With uranagi’s and slams throughout, it was a clear sign that the challengers wanted to wear down the champions. The psychology around it made sense. If your back is weakened then it’s unlikely that you will have the speed to move and use your notable high-flying offense. Will Gallus capture the NXT UK Tag Team Championship?

Wolfgang and Coffey’s tandem offense was quite impressive. From transitioning a chokeslam to a Samoan drop to a moonsault, Gallus was sure to hit the champions with everything they possibly could. Despite the challenger’s best efforts early on, Andrews and Webster were still able to kick out. The champions would not allow themselves to be denied and continued their pursuit of the championship.

What would it take for Gallus to capture the NXT UK Tag Team Championship?

Gallus didn’t relent and continued to take the fight to the champions. As the match was approaching its closing moments, Wolfgang tossed Mark Andrews into the ring post. While this was taking place outside the ring, Webster was distracted by what was happening to his tag team partner. Inside the ring, Flash attempted two full rotations off the top onto Coffey. This resulted in Coffey closing in for the kill. Coffey hit a kick onto Webster which left him open for Wolfgang to hit a power slam. A three count later and we have new NXT UK Tag Team Champions. Gallus has captured the NXT UK Tag Team championship. They can now state claim to their kingdom.

In discussion with our own Mark Blake, a shared belief is that the pursuit for the championships may be the direction creative would want to go with the duo of Webster and Andrews. As for Gallus, it is a long time coming. These two talented Scottsman are the two in possession of the king’s most valued possessions. Who will be the next to challenge Gallus? Between the Grizzled Young Veterans, Andrews and Webster, and Moustache Mountain the threats are likely coming from all over the place.