#AndNEW: Devlin captures NXT Cruiserweight Championship

At last night’s World’s Collide event between the WWE brands NXT and NXT UK, Angel Garza defended his NXT Cruiserweight Championship against Isiah ‘Swerve’ Scott, Travis Banks, and Jordan Devlin. In the end, it would be Jordan Devlin who would capture the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. However, before the story could be told it would take a match between all four competitors that would be driven to see who would stand alone as the champion.

As with every Garza match, the customary disrobing of his tearaway pants was met with an attack by the other three competitors. From there it appeared as though the four men would split off. On one side Scott would focus his attention on Devlin. While on the other side Garza and Banks would battle one another. As they would eventually come together it would be Banks that would hit a series of kicks to both Garza and Scott. From there, Banks would take out his longtime nemesis Devlin with a tope suicido. Banks was el Fuego as he would continue his furry on both Scott and Garza.

Eventually, the Irish Ace overcame the onslaught that he was under and hit a tornado DDT on Banks.

As the action continued to pick up Scott and Garza hit each other with a series of strikes. Devlin prevented an attempted House Call but was caught by Banks with a Kiwi Destroyer. With each passing moment, each competitor looked more and more exhausted. The fans, however, couldn’t seem to get enough. As Devlin began to recover hit an exployda suplex to both Garza and Scott. The match appeared to be drawing to a close when Angel Garza hit Isiah Scott with the Wing Clipper. Just as it appeared as though Garza was going to retain, Jordan Devlin stopped the pinfall attempt. Devlin then proceeded to hit a backdrop driver for the pinfall and the win. The winner AND NEW NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Jordan Devlin.

From bell to bell these four men put on a spectacular showing. Everything they did was crisp and clean from top to bottom. With the win, the NXT Cruiserweight Championship appears headed to the NXT UK brand now and could be defended there with regularity. It marks the first time an NXT UK competitor has held the championship. Will Jordan Devlin defend his newly captured championship at the upcoming NXT TakeOver: Portland? We will have to stay tuned to find out.