#AndNEW: Central Empire Wrestling Crowns a New Champion

This past Saturday, “Pop Icon” Donnie Peppercricket learned the hard way that sometimes what you don’t say can come back to haunt you. At the beginning of Central Empire Wrestling’s 11-Year Anniversary show, Peppercricket addressed the fans. He thanked them for their support in his quest to win the CEW Championship. Peppercricket thanked his Bridge City Slam 2 opponent Shawn Nautilus for the opportunity to fight him. He even thanked “Rapid Delivery” Rory Fox, who came to the ring to congratulate him. As a new champion was crowned at 11-Year Anniversary for Central Empire Wrestling.

However, he did not thank former D&T Dynasty tag team partner Tim Rhodes, who joined Fox in congratulating the champ. Feeling slighted by this, Rhodes ended up costing his former partner the CEW Championship during the night’s main event. Rhodes came out to save Peppercricket from being struck with the CEW title by “King Booty” JT Energy. But, in a shocking betrayal, struck his former partner with his CEW Tag Team Championship. 

Photo by Clint Dye/Tag Team Photography

Newly aligned, Energy and Rhodes began a post-match beat down of Peppercricket, before Rhodes new tag team partner, Rory Fox made the save. The new CEW Heavyweight Champion, Energy, and his ally exited the Nelson Pioneer Farm with their titles held high. 

It was a moment that left the CEW faithful speechless as one of their long-time heroes had seemingly turned his back on them. Before the betrayal, Peppercricket and Energy put on an entertaining match that showed just how well these two wrestlers know each other. 

Energy entered first and in a bit of foreshadowing.

He praised Rhodes for his contribution to CEW over the years and told the tenacious one he respected him. Peppercricket then entered to a raucous ovation. The two CEW veterans engaged in a bit of one-upmanship as they addressed the fans.

Photo by Clint Dye/Tag Team Photography

Peppercricket raising the ire in the man with the six-star booty by instigating the fans to tease his opponent. After their initial taunting, Peppercricket took control using his size and power to counter Energy’s offensive attempts.  Neither man was able to hold the advantage for long throughout the match as these two have stepped inside the squared circle against each other numerous times. Peppercricket looked to put the finishing touches on the match, hitting the pop icon elbow before attempting a rock bottom.

However, Energy thwarted his plan. He inadvertently shoving Peppercricket into referee Aaron Van Vark. With the referee incapacitated, Rhodes and Energy’s plan came to fruition leading to a new CEW Heavyweight Champion to be crowned. With his championship gone and friendship with Rhodes in shambles, Peppercricket was left in the ring licking his wounds after a heartbreaking betrayal.

Photo by Clint Dye/Tag Team Photography

Congratulations to the new champion crowned at 11-Year Anniversary for Central Empire Wrestling.