After The IMPACT for 12/15/22 (IMPACT Tag Team Title Match BATTLE)

On Thursday, December 15th, 2022, IMPACT Wrestling aired another episode of IMPACT as we review after the IMPACT for 12/15/22. We are on the road to Hard To Kill & we got 5 matches set for the show.

After The IMPACT for 12/15/22
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After The IMPACT for 12/15/22
Eddie Edwards vs. Delirious 

The match starts off with Eddie Edwards & Delirious locked up before Edwards leaned Delirious into the corner before he hit a chop on Delirious in the corner. They exchanged wristlocks before they did a standoff. They got a Greco-Roman lock-up before Delirious did a takedown into a lateral press on Edwards for a near fall.

Edwards & Delirious went for pin attempts before Delirious hit two arm drags, but Edwards responded with a chop to the chest. Edwards pulled Delirious back up, but Delirious hit a chop in response. Edwards hit a shoulder tackle on Delirious, but Delirious got up and caught him with a dropkick.

Delirious slammed Edwards into the turnbuckle, but Edwards responded with an atomic drop into an overhead toss on Delirious. Edwards hit 3 shorthand chops before attempting a suplex, but Delirious reversed it with a snap suplex. Delirious ran the ropes across the ring before catching Edwards with a diving lariat.

Delirious went for the Cobra Stretch, but Edwards tossed him over before hitting a corner lariat on Delirious, but Delirious responded with a corner lariat of his own. Delirious went for a 2nd lariat, but Edwards caught him with a Thrust Kick.

Both men got up & exchanged strikes before Edwards hit a vicious lariat before hitting a Liger Bomb for a pin, but Delirious reversed it into a Yuji Gatame before transitioning into the Cobra Stretch. Edwards tried to break the hold but instead reversed it with a pin attempt to score the victory.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

After the match, Edwards & Delirious shook hands before Edwards attacked Delirious viciously, hitting the Die Hard Driver. Edwards laid in the punches on Delirious before Yuya Uemura came to the save, but Edwards laid him out with a hammer elbow strike. Edwards tried to take Delirious’ mask off, but he was confronted by Jonathan Gresham, making his return to IMPACT Wrestling; as Gresham got back in the ring, Edwards retreated to evade the Octopus.

IMPACT President Scott D’Amore talked with IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander put over Mike Bailey after he challenged Alexander for the IMPACT World Title. Alexander said he would confront Bully Ray during his match, but D’Amore told him to refrain from doing so. Tommy Dreamer interrupted them and apologized to Alexander for telling him to trust Bully Ray, but Alexander rejected the apology & was suspicious of Dreamer being in with Bully Ray’s devious antics.

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After The IMPACT for 12/15/22
Bully Ray vs. John Skyler

The match starts off with a stare-down before they locked up, then Bully Ray hit 3 body slams and a spike piledriver on John Skyler to get the win.

Winner: Bully Ray

After the match, Tommy Dreamer confronted Bully Ray in the ring to cut a promo. Dreamer told Bully that he vouched for him and was betrayed because he was gullible to believe Bully changed. Dreamer told Bully that his friendship with him and that he would get his ass whooped by Alexander at Hard To Kill.

Dreamer told Bully said he was one to put people on the spot. He came in to return the favor to Bully. Bully got a microphone and instructed Dreamer to walk away and not look back because called Dreamer a jealous coward.

Bully said that Dreamer was a failure and told Dreamer that when he got in the best shape of his life, Dreamer became a fat ba****d and worked at the back. Bully admitted to attacking Ace Austin backstage, which caused Dreamer to cry. Bully then told Dreamer that he did not give a shit about his mom, to which Dreamer went for an extensive rant before challenging Ray on the spot. Bully Ray instead walked to the back.

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After the IMPACT for 12/15/22
Tag Team Match

Major Players vs. Decay

X Division Champion Trey Miguel attacked Crazzy Steve from behind before spray painting Steve’s back. Steve was checked on by medical officials before they made the match continue.

Black Taurus & Matt Cardona kick this match off, then Taurus taunts Cardona in the corner. Cardona got a headlock on Taurus before cooling for a shoulder tackle, but Taurus shook it off and hit a headbutt, two corner lariats, a corner enziguri, and a more furious offense before tagging in Brain Myers.

Cardona hit a spinning gut kick, a forearm strike, and a rolling lariat on Myers for a near fall. Taurus hit a reverse sling blade on Myers before clotheslining him out of the ring and tossing Cardona out. Taurus ran the ropes and hit a Tope Con Giro on Major Players before the commercial break.

We are back from the break. The Major Players double-teamed Taurus, with Myers hitting a series of knee strikes to his back for a near fall. Myers got a. snapmare sleeper on Taurus. Taurus broke the hold and hit a tornillo off the middle rope before Crazzy Steve gets tagged in and hit 3 slaps, a diving lariat, an atomic drop, a bite on Cardona’s forehead, and a schoolboy roll-up into a flatliner on Cardona for a near fall.

Myers & Taurus got in the ring, but Myers got Taurus in the middle rope and kicked it. Steve bit Myers in the forehead, but Cardona caught him with a forearm strike to the back of Steve’s neck before hitting a top rope neckbreaker/ Samoan Drop combination on Steve to put away Decay.

Winners: Major Players

Scott D’Amore moderated a contract signing backstage between Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace & Mickie James to make their match at Hard To Kill official. James told Grace that she would have another legendary moment. Tasha Steelz interrupted proceedings, calling James’s Last Rodeo a sham for not facing her during her recent run.

Steelz told James that her last rodeo would not be complete without James facing her. James accepted Steelz’s challenge, but Grace was against the idea. Because of this, Scott D’Amore made a tag match between Grace & James, facing Steelz & Savannah Evans next week.

Backstage Gia Miller is with Mike Bailey after Kenny King confronted him backstage the previous week. Bailey said that he is interested in a match against King after his antics but not interested in stopping his quest to be the best to play King’s games.

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After The IMPACT for 12/15/22
Alan Angels vs. Sami Callihan

The match begins with Sami Callihan hitting a pop-up powerbomb on Alan Angels, then Big Kon distracting Callihan as Angels attacked Callihan. Angels hit a corner lariat on Callihan, but Callihan responded with an exploder suplex onto the corner on Angels. Callihan went for the Cactus Driver, but Angels evaded before Callihan hit a forearm strike on Angels.

Angels went for a sliding dropkick on Callihan to the outside, but Callihan placed the mat on him and hit a series of chops and a back suplex onto the apron on Angels as Callihan stared daggers at Deaner. Angels & Callihan exchanged blows in the apron before Angels got back in the ring to hit an STO on Callihan into the apron.

Callihan got back in the ring, but Angels rained down the punches on Callihan. Callihan told Angels Hit me bitch to which he responded by hitting a PK Kick. Angels hit a face slam into a LeBelle Lock on Callihan, but Callihan bit Angels’ hand to break the hold.

Angels went for a Discus Lariat, but Callihan caught him with a rolling elbow strike & a Brainbuster on Angels for a near fall.

They exchanged strikes & chops before Callihan hit a lariat on Angels. Callihan went for a Death Valley Driver, but Angels responded with a Discus Lariat & a Frog Splash in Callihan for a kick out at two. Angels climbed to the top rope and went for another Frog Splash, but Callihan evaded and hit the Cactus Driver on Angels to get the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan

After the match, Kon attacked Callihan from behind & starts laying punches on Callihan until Deaner instructed him to stop. Deaner instructed Kon to get him in the Full Nelson to allow Angels to get his retribution, to which Angels responded by hitting a Spinning Heel Kick on Callihan. Deaner sat on top of Callihan after the beatdown.

Giselle Shaw & Jai Vidal walked backstage before they confronted Deonna Purrazzo backstage, with Purrazzo calling Shaw the Yoko Ono of VXT. Purrazzo demanded Shaw to her for ruining Chelsea Green’s career & her current run in IMPACT, but Shaw tried to sweet talk Purrazzo to team up against Death Dollz for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles.

There was a vignette of a mysterious figure saying that without the darkness, there is no light, and without conflict, there is no victory. The figure was revealed to be Taylor Wilde, teasing a new side of her.

Before the match, Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry cut a promo before their match, saying that he did not know what weird things happen in Swinger’s Dungeon & said that Hendry’s Dungeon only heard only thing & it was I Believe.

After The IMPACT for 12/15/22
Tag Team Match

Joe Hendry & Bhupinder Gujjar vs. Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice

The match starts with Zicky Dice & Joe Hendry, then Hendry hits a scoop slam on Dice almost immediately. Hendry tossed Dice in the ring post before Johnny Swinger tagged in. Hendry hit a body slam & a stalling sit-up suplex on Swinger.

Bhupinder Gujjar tagged himself in as Dice tagged in too, but Moose tried to attack Hendry, but Hendry responded by hitting a drop-toe hold on Moose on the ring floor.

Moose chased Hendry down the ramp with a chair, which allowed Dice & Swinger to double-team Gujjar. Gujjar laid in the punches on Dice & Swinger before he hit a ripcord knee on Swinger, followed by the Gargoyle Spear on Swinger to get the win for his team.

Winners: Joe Hendry & Bhupinder Gujjar 

Backstage we see John Skyler & Jason Hotch were talking about Skyler’s loss. Hotch said that he would love to face him in the ring, to which Skyler responded by saying that he would like to step in the ring with him as a tag team. They agreed to a truce, forming a tag team.

Backstage we see Steve Maclin complaining that he can do anything to beat every former IMPACT World Champion and yet he cannot get a shot at the IMPACT World Title. Maclin said that Rich Swann was at the wrong place, declaring Mayhem for all on his quest for the IMPACT World Title.

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After The IMPACT for 12/15/22
IMPACT World Tag Team Title Match

Heath & Rhino (c) vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Alex Shelley & Heath began the match, but Heath immediately tagged in Rhino to begin the match, locking up with Shelley before dropping him to the mat. Rhino & Shelley locked up again with Shelley & Rhino exchanging wrist locks before Rhino leaned Shelley into the corner. They did a Greco-Roman lock-up before exchanging wrist locks again, with Shelley hitting two chops, to which Rhino responded with a shoulder tackle.

Heath tags in but was double-teamed immediately by Motor City Machine Guns before Chris Sabin officially tagged in and he locked in a headlock, but Heath pushed Sabin into the corner to corner to break the hold. They locked horns before Heath leaned Sabin in the corner.

Sabin & Heath shook hands before Sabin got a headlock on Heath, to which Heath responded by hitting a back elbow on Sabin. Heath locked in a headlock on Sabin before hitting a headbutt but Shelley tagged in & hit a drop-toe hold into a bulldog, followed by a Romero Special into a bulldog on Heath.

Shelley got a double arm breaker on Heath before landing a knee drop on Heath’s neck. Shelley & Sabin hit double lariats, followed by double hammer strikes on Heath for a near fall. Shelley got Heath’s neck on the middle turnbuckle before they connect with stereo shotgun dropkicks on the head & bum of Heath.

Shelley went for Sliced Bread, but Heath evaded and hit a power slam on Shelley before the commercial break. Rhino tagged in after the break, with Rhino hitting a chop on Shelley before hitting an Irish Whip into a corner spear on Shelley. Rhino slammed Shelley into the corner before Heath tagged in and hit a knee drop on Shelley’s back.

Heath hits a chop on Shelley’s chest, which cause Shelley to collapse. Heath took advantage and hit an Irish whip on Shelley into the corner for a near fall. Rhino hit a body shot on Shelley before choking Shelley in the middle rope. Rhino hit a knee strike to Shelley’s ribs before Heath tagged in and stomped Shelley.

Heath went for a corner spear, but Shelley evaded before reaching to tag in Sabin, but Rhino tagged in and attacked Sabin before going for an overhead suplex on Shelley, but Shelley responded with a headbutt. Rhino kicked Shelley before going for a bear hug, but Shelley fight back and leaped over Rhino before Sabin & Heath tagged in.

Sabin hit 3 jabs & an enziguri on Heath, a PK on Rhino off the apron, and a diving crossbody on Heath for a near fall. Heath & Sabin exchanged punches & chops before Sabin slammed Heath’s head into the corner. Sabin hit a DDT on Heath before Shelley hit a tornado DDT on Heath off Sabin’s back for a near fall, thanks to Rhino breaking the pin.

Motor City Machine Guns hits a double thrust kick on Rhino, then a double enziguri kick on Heath & went for Skulls & Bones, but heath pushed Sabin to take down Shelley off the top rope before Rhino hit a Gore on Sabin, allowing Heath to get the pin on Sabin but Sabin kicked out at two.

Rhino went for a 2nd Gore, but Sabin leaped over Rhino and got a sunset flip on Rhino to get the victory.

Winners: AND NEW IMPACT World Tag Team Champions: Motor City Machine Guns

Next Week’s IMPACT

Knockouts Tag Team Title Match
Death Dollz (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo & Gisele Shaw

Steve Maclin vs. Rich Swann

Tag Team Match
Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace & Mickie James vs. Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans

Hard To Kill Card (Jan 13th)

IMPACT World Title Match
Josh Alexander (c) vs. 2022 Call Your Shot Gauntlet Winner Bully Ray (This is Bully Ray’s Call Your Shot Gauntlet Cash In)

Knockouts Title vs. Career Match
Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Mickie James (Career)

Jonathan Gresham vs. Eddie Edwards

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