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After The IMPACT for 12/01/22 (James BATTLES Purrazzo)

On Thursday, December 1st, 2022, IMPACT Wrestling aired another episode of IMPACT Wrestling as we review After The IMPACT for 12/01/22. We had four matches on tap. We got 2022 Call Your Shot Gauntlet Winner Bully Ray facing off with Rich Swann, Moose is in action & so much more.

Kicking off this week’s IMPACT with a recap of Bully Ray attacking IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander from behind at Overdrive.

Bully Ray came to the ring to cut a promo in the ring. After getting all the HEAT from the crowd, Ray said that he was admittedly nervous for the fans, but said that the crowd may not be familiar as he was from New York while in Kentucky but then proceeded to slap a kid in the face & kick a fan with a “FU Bully” sign.

Ray said that he did everything he said he would do and that he would challenge Alexander to a match honorably, but he retaliated against Alexander for never trusting him. Bully said that as great as Alexander was, he was not smart like him & called himself the smartest man in the business.

Ray ran down on Alexander for bringing his wife, Jade Chung, to the same building as him knowing his history with IMPACT. Bully told Alexander to take his time and recover but told him he wanted him to be there on Hard To Kill. Rich Swann attacked Bully from behind before hitting a dive on Ray to the outside ahead of their match after the commercial break.

After The IMPACT for 12/01/22
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After The IMPACT for 12/01/22
Bully Ray vs. Rich Swann

Rich Swann kicks Bully Ray in the abdomen and the legs before Bully hit a running block on Swann. Bully argued with the referee inexplicably before placing Swann in the corner and hitting an overhead chop in the corner and a punch on Swann. Swann hit the double axe handle strikes on Swann’s back before Swann went for a sunset flip.

Bully went for a senton, but Swann evaded and hit a back kick and a frog splash off the middle rope for a near fall. Swann climbed to the top rope, but Ray hit the top rope to neutralize Swann before hanging Swann from his legs in the top turnbuckle. Bully attacked Swann’s chest as he was hanging, hitting a snap mare neck twist on Swann.

Swann hits a jawbreaker, two dropkicks, a spinning roundhouse kick, and a shotgun dropkick off the top rope on Bully for a near fall. Bully responded with a back body drop and attempted a middle rope senton, but Swann evaded and hit a 450 Splash on Bully Ray for a near fall. Swann hit a diving crossbody on Bully off the top rope for a near fall, but Bully Ray attacked Swann with his chains for the DQ win.

Winner By DQ: Rich Swann

After the match, Bully Ray attacked Swann at ringside with a chair before wrapping his wrist with a zip tie and tried to attack Swann before Tommy Dreamer came to ringside to confront Bully. Bully & Dreamer argued in the ring before Bully pushed Dreamer to the mat. IMPACT Wrestling President Scott D’Amore came to the ring and confronted

Bully, throwing his jacket on him. D’Amore called Bully a piece of sh.. before Bully told D’Amore that he agreed and that he was a piece of sh.. but reminded D’Amore that he was the one that hired him.

There was a video vignette of X Division Champion Trey Miguel spray painting The Rascalz logo on the X Division Title, saying that the new look would represent the future of the X Division.

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After The IMPACT for 12/01/22
Moose vs. Bhupinder Gujjar

The match starts off with Bhupinder Gujjar & Moose exchanging chops in the corner before Moose rammed Gujjar into the other corner and hit a chop on Moose. Gujjar hit three chops, two lariats, a back elbow, and a dropkick on Moose to send him to the outside. At ringside, Moose hit a big boot before hitting an Apron Bomb on Gujjar before the commercial break.

After the break, Moose slammed Gujjar into the corner with an Irish whip after the break before stomping his head. Moose hit another Irish whip on Gujjar into the corner before hitting a slap on Gujjar, but Gujjar hit a slap of his own before laying in the strikes on Moose, but Moose caught him with a standing uranage on Gujjar.

After Moose missed his spear, Gujjar hit an enziguri, a spinning heel kick to the abdomen, a pump kick, a ripcord knee strike, and a sling blade, and climbed to the middle rope for the Gargoyle Spear, but Moose evaded and went for the spear. Gujjar did a leapfrog over Moose to evade him, but Moose turned back immediately and hit a Spear to get the win.

Winner: Moose

After the match, Moose said he never wanted to hear Bully Ray’s name again but made the fatal mistake of saying the phrase say his name, which led to Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry confronting Moose.

Hendry told Moose that he knew a cry for help when he saw on. Hendry & Moose brawled in the ring before Moose hit a pump kick on Hendry, but Hendry got back up and wanted more, but Gujjar hit the Gargoyle Spear on Moose.

Mike Bailey was interviewed backstage by Gia Miller, saying that he would like to believe that he would be X Division Champion if it wasn’t because of Kenny King. Bailey said that he would not let King’s antics affect him and said that his goals and focus be exactly as they are.

There was a video vignette promoting the Main Event match between Mickie James & Deonna Purrazzo for later in the night, which, if James lost, she would be forced to retire. Purrazzo said that she was intent on ending James’ career.

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After The IMPACT for 12/01/22
Steve Maclin vs. Frankie Kazarian

The match starts off with Steve Maclin & Frankie Kazarian arguing before exchanging punches. Maclin hit a forearm strike before slamming Kazarian’s face to the top turnbuckle. Kazarian hit a springboard back elbow on Maclin before laying in the chops on Maclin in the corner. Maclin tossed Kazarian to the outside of the ring before he went outside and rammed Kazarian to the apron with a spear.

Back in the ring, Kazarian hit a chop on Maclin before laying the punches and running the ropes, but Maclin caught him with a back elbow before laying the punches on Kazarian. Maclin hits a uranage into a backbreaker on Kazarian.

Before placing him in the middle rope and hitting a knee strike to the back of his neck. Maclin hit a series of strikes on Kazarian in the corner before slamming him with an Irish whip to the opposite corner.

Maclin went for a suplex, but Kazarian reversed it with a small package for a near fall before Maclin caught him with a wicked lariat. Maclin hit a corner spear on Kazarian, but Kazariangot a roll up on Maclin for a near fall. Kazarian got a pin on Maclin for a near fall.

Maclin went for an Angle Slam, but Kazarian reversed it with a Crucifix Bomb before hitting two lariats, a forearm strike, a Meteora to the back, and locking in the Chicken Wing on Maclin, but Maclin tossed Kazarian to the mat.

Kazarian hit a Powerslam on Maclin before hitting a Springboard Leg Drop on Maclin for a near fall. Kazarian hit a leg drop to the back of the neck on Maclin to the apron before getting La Casita on Maclin, but Maclin reversed it with a crucifix for a near fall.

Maclin slid under the ring and went for the corner spear but got back in the ring before Kazarian caught him mid-air with a cutter for a near fall. Maclin got out of the ring before hitting Kazarian in the abdomen, giving Kazarian the DQ win.

Winner By DQ: Frankie Kazarian

After the match, Maclin attacked Kazarian after the match with a chair before hitting the KIA with a chair.

Savannah Evans & Tasha Steelz argued backstage after they lost against The Death Dollz for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. Steelz asked Evans to face Taya, and if there was anything to teach, she would learn by herself.

Gia Miller interviewed Eddie Edwards backstage, with Edwards saying that he wanted to bury the past as it was affecting his marriage, but emphasized that he does not regret everything he did in 2022 because he did it for a reason. Edwards was then confronted by Delirious backstage as the two stared each other.

IMPACT World Tag Team Champions Heath & Rhino were confronted by Motor City Machine Guns. Heath agreed with the Motor City Machine Guns to a Tag Team Title match, but Rhino said that he would rip their faces & hearts apart and rip them apart in half within his words a GORE, GORE, GOOOOOORE.

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After The IMPACT for 12/01/22
Mickie James vs. Deonna Purrazzo

The match begins with Mickie James & Deonna Purrazzo locking up before Purrazzo leaned James into the ropes. They did a Greko-Roman Lock up before Purrazzo got a wrist lock on James, but James reversed it with headscissors, but Purrazzo reversed it with a Death Lock before going for the wrist again, but James hit a leg drop to Purrazzo’s left arm for a near fall.

James leaped over Purrazzo before they exchanged arm drags, lateral press, and more pinfalls attempts. James went for a crucifix bomb before Purrazzo dropped James. James laid in the kicks and went for the spinning heel kick, but Purrazzo evaded and went for a pump kick before James evaded that, and James & Purrazzo did a standoff before the commercial break.

After the break, Purrazzo slammed James’ face to the top turnbuckle before hitting a chop on James’ chest, but James placed Purrazzo in the corner and hit two chops and an overhead chop. James laid her boot on Purrazzo in the corner before repeatedly slammed Purrazzo’s face to the top turnbuckle and catching Purrazzo with a thesz press and punches.

James ran the ropes, but Purrazzo caught her with a back elbow strike. Purrazzo laid in the elbow strikes to the neck and the cheat strikes on James before Purrazzo hit a double stomp on James’ face for a near fall. Purrazzo stomped away at James before hitting a Catapault on James onto the bottom rope for a near fall. Purrazzo hit a snapmare on James before locking in a chin lock on James. James broke the hold, but Purrazzo dropped James before hitting a strike to the throat on James.

Purrazzo slammed James into the corner with an Irish whip but James responded with a boot and a Hurricanrana on Purrazzo. James hit a snapmare before hitting a running boot on Purrazzo for a near fall. James went for a DDT but Purrazzo evaded and went for a punch before James hit a flapjack on Purrazzo. James climbed to the top rope, but Purrazzo pushed James to the outside before the commercial break.

Back in the ring, Purrazzo fired away with the stomps on James before hitting a stalling Brainbuster on James for a near fall. Purrazzo got a near fall on Jams off another single-leg hook before firing away with the strikes to the back and locking in a Camel Clutch on James. Purrazzo hit a forearm strike on James before James dumped Purrazzo out of the ring. Purrazzo tried to get to the apron, but James caught her with a running dropkick.

James hit a top rope thesz press on Purrazzo to the outside. Back in the ring, James went for a slingshot but instead slammed Purrazzo into the ropes before hitting a top rope dropkick. James hit a neckbreaker on Purrazzo for a near fall. James went for a DDT but Purrazzo backed James to the corner to break the hold.

James went for a tornado DDT, but Purrazzo pushed off James before hitting a pump kick on James for a 2 count. Purrazzo went for a Gotch Style Piledriver, but James got out of the hold and hit a Roundhouse Kick on Purrazzo for a near fall.

James went for the Mick DT, but Purrazzo reversed it with a Fujiwara Armbar before locking in the Venus De Milo but James got a rope break. Purrazzo got James in an O’Connor Roll, but James reversed it with an O’Connor Roll and held on to the tights to score the win.

Winner: Mickie James

After the match, Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace came to the ring to confront Mickie James. Grace told James that it was finally time and challenged James to a Title vs. Career Match for Hard To Kill. James accepted her challenge before they exchanged words in the ring afterward.

We see Eric Young & Deaner were in a vignette at a Prison to relive why Deaner joined Violent By Design. Deaner said that he would do anything to eliminate the sickness, but Young asked Deaner what if the sickness was in the room. Deaner hesitated at first but said Yes that he would.

Young agreed to it, and the two fought to get a knife. They fought in the prison room, gauging each other’s eyes. Deaner pounded away at Young’s head and busted him open. Young told Deaner to kill the sickness, to which Deaner proceeded to get the knife. Young told Deaner that he would now be the design and to eliminate the sickness.

Deaner stabbed Young. As Young said I was the Designer, and you are the designer as Deaner smiled to the camera to end this week’s IMPACT.

Next Week IMPACT

Knockouts Tag Team Champion Taya Valkyrie vs. Savannah Evans

IMPACT World Tag Team Title Match
Heath & Rhino (c) vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Hard To Kill Card So Far (Jan 13th)

IMPACT World Title Match
Josh Alexander (c) vs. 2022 Call Your Shot Gauntlet Winner Bully Ray (This is Bully Ray’s Call You Shot Cash In)

Knockouts Title vs. Career Match
Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Mickie James (Career)

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