After The IMPACT for 01/13/23 (Hard To Kill Go-Home Show)

On Thursday, Jan 13th, 2023, IMPACT Wrestling aired another episode of IMPACT as it’s the go-home episode before Hard To Kill as we review after the IMPACT for 01/13/23. Kicking off this week’s IMPACT with the ending of last week’s episode as Bully Ray attacking IMPACT President Scott D’Amore and putting him through a table.

Josh Matthews hosted a Zoom call with IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander & Bully Ray ahead of their Full Metal Mayhem Match at Hard To Kill. Alexander admitted to Bully that Bully was in his head but said it would not affect him for their match. Bully refuted that statement by saying that Alexander gave his hand, giving him the advantage.

Bully praised Alexander’s abilities, comparing him to former IMPACT World Champion & WWE & IMPACT Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, but stated that Alexander made a mistake by sending their bickering to Full Metal Mayhem. Bully Ray ended the interview by saying he would become the 3x IMPACT World Champion, but Alexander stated that it is yet to be seen who will be the better fighter at Hard to Kill.

After The IMPACT for 01/13/23
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After The IMPACT for 01/13/23
Heath vs. Brian Myers

The match starts off with Heath & Brain Myers locking up before Heath leaned Myers to the corner. They locked up again before Myers got a wrist lock on Heath but Heath reversed it with a hammerlock before Myers got off the hold and sent him to the mat.

Heath & Myers exchanged headlocks before Myers hit a shoulder tackle on Heath. Heath got up and hit a leaping forearm strike and hit a series of punches on Myers before Myers collapsed to the mat and rolled out of the ring.

Rhino & Matt Cardona distracted Myers & Heath before the referee sent Cardona & Rhino to the back. Heath got on the apron and hit a cannonball on Myers before they got back in the ring. Myers slammed Heath’s shoulder onto the middle rope before hitting a running lariat on Heath on the outside before the commercial break.

Back from the break, Myers got a chin lock on Heath, but Heath got off the hold and hit three body shots. Myers flattened Heath with a baseball slide before hitting a stomp and an elbow drop on Heath for a near fall. Myers got another headlock on Heath before running the ropes but Heath caught him with the scissor kick on Myers.

Heath hit a series of strikes, a running knee, a release flapjack & a neck breaker on Myers for a near fall. Heath went for a Wake Up Call but Myers evaded and hit a Pele kick, a Thrust kick, and an Implant DDT on Heath.

Myers ran the ropes and hit the spear on Heath for a near fall, but Myers climbed to the top rope to get a move, but Heath got back up and hit an avalanche powerslam on Myers that only gets a 2 count.

They exchanged punches before Heath leaned Myers into the corner. Heath got himself & Myers on the top rope but Myers pushed heath off the top rope before hitting an elbow drop off the top rope for a 2 count.

Myers complained, but Heath got Myers in a crucifix for a near fall before connecting Myers with the Wake Up Call for the win.

Winner: Heath

Bullet Club cut a promo from a parking lot after their participation in the 2022 NJPWs Super Juniors Tag League. They stated that they would take the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles at Hard To Kill.

Knockouts Tag Team Champions Death Dollz’s Rosemary & Havok discovered that Taya Valkyrie was attacked backstage. Valkyrie instructed Rosemary & Jessicka to head to the ring for Rosemary’s match. Rosemary shouted at a referee.

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After The IMPACT for 01/13/23
Rosemary vs. Savannah Evans

Rosemary charged at Savannah Evans before vans pushed Rosemary onto the mat onto the opposite side of the ring. Rosemary bit Evans’s face off, but Evans pushed Rosemary to the other side of the ring.

Rosemary did a judo throw before choking Evans on the mat. Rosemary slammed Evans into the corner and went for a corner splash but Evans evaded and hit a series of vicious forearm strikes on Rosemary in the corner.

Rosemary got off the corner and hit a rebound forearm strike to send Evans to the outside. Evans got with her group on the outside before Rosemary hit a diving crossbody on Evans & Vidal before the commercial break.

Back from the break, Rosemary stomped away at Evans in the corner before locking in the upside down on Rosemary in the ropes. As soon as Rosemary got back in the ring, Evans hit a big boot on Rosemary before laying the punches on Rosemary.

As the referee was distracted Jai Vidal, Gisele Shaw & Tasha Steelz attacked Rosemary in the corner before Evans hit a corner splash on Rosemary. Evans hit a butterfly suplex on Rosemary before locking her in a headlock on Rosemary but Rosemary broke the hold by turning it into a Reverse DDT.

Rosemary hit two lariats, a sling blade, a forearm strike, and a t bone suplex on Evans for a near fall. Evans got back up and hit a wild haymaker on Rosemary’s jaw before hitting a spinebuster and a fisherman’s suplex on Rosemary for a near fall.

Rosemary hit the Spear on Evans, but Vidal distracted the ref to stop the count. Shaw tried to interfere but Rosemary attacked Shaw to send her off the apron. Despite taking out one of the distractions, Evans hit a Full Nelson Slam to get the victory.

Winner: Savannah Evans

After the match, Savannah Evans, Tasha Steelz, Gisele Shaw & Jai Vidal attacked Death Dollz.

There was a video recap of Mickie James’ last rodeo run ahead of her match for the Knockouts Title against Jordynne Grace at Hard To Kill.

The Design came to the ring to invite Sami Callihan to shave his head to initiate Callihan into joining the faction. After Callihan joined the ring, Deaner compared Callihan’s initiation to the story of Samson. After The Design started cutting Callihan’s hair off, Callihan stopped them before getting a buzz cutter and shaving his hair on his own. Deaner called Callihan shaving his head The Death of the Death Machine.

IMPACT Producer & IMPACT Hall of Famer Gail Kim was interviewed backstage by Gia Miller. Kim told Miller that while she would take Scott D’Amore’s position after his injury, she revealed that a replacement would be named at Hard To Kill.

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After The IMPACT for 01/13/23
Mike Bailey vs. Anthony Greene

Mike Bailey & Anthony Greene locked up before exchanging holds. Greene leaned Bailey to the corner and took off Bailey’s knee pad before laying the chops on Bailey. They exchanged forearm strikes before Bailey hit a chest kick, the shotgun side kicks and a roundhouse kick on Greene to send him to the outside.

Bailey & Greene brawled on the outside before Greene slammed Bailey into the stair and hit a tope suicida on Bailey. Back in the ring, Greene hit a twisting crossbody on Bailey off the top rope for a near fall. Green hit a twisting pumphandle slam on Bailey for a near fall before locking in a single leg crab on Bailey, but Bailey got a rope break.

Greene tried to drop Bailey off the apron, but Bailey leaped on the top rope before hitting an Asai Moonsault on Greene on the outside. Bailey hit a diving dropkick on Greene before hitting a series of kicks & a twisting shooting star press on Greene then goes for a cover but Greene kicks out.

Greene hit a schoolboy on Bailey onto the bottom turnbuckle. Greene went for a suplex, but Bailey landed on his feet and his series of strikes before doing two back flips but Greene caught him and hit a gutwrench powerbomb on Bailey for a near fall.

Bailey got a schoolboy on Greene for a near fall, but Greene hit a Thrust Kick and went for the Killswitch but Bailey slams Greene on his bum before hitting a PK Kick and moonsault double knee drop on Greene.

Bailey went for a spinning roundhouse kick on Greene, but Green caught him. Bailey hit strikes on Greene again before hitting a Twisting Roundhouse kick & the Ultima Weapon gets the win.

Winner: Mike Bailey

There was a video package recapping the feud between Bully Ray & IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander ahead of their Full Metal Mayhem match at Hard To Kill.

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After The IMPACT for 01/13/23
6 Man Tag Team Match

Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry, Jonathan Gresham & Rich Swann vs. Moose, Eddie Edwards & Steve Maclin

Jonathan Gresham & Eddie Edwards began the match, but Edwards immediately tagged in Steve Maclin. Maclin & Gresham locked up before Maclin got Gresham in a headlock and hit a shoulder tackle, but Gresham responded with a kick to the bum before hitting a shotgun dropkick to Maclin’s knees.

Joe Hendry tagged in and got Maclin in a wrist lock before hitting two snapmares, two shoulder tackles, a twisting body slam, and a stalling suplex on Maclin for a two-count.

Rich Swann tagged in and hit 3 slaps on Maclin before Edwards tagged in. Swann hit two arm drags & a dropkick on Edwards before Gresham tagged in but Edwards poked Gresham’s eyes to tag in Maclin. Gresham got Maclin in the Octopus Hold, but both teams brawled in the ring before Swann hit a cannonball on Moose & Edwards but Maclin caught him with a Claymore Kick on the outside before the final commercial break.

After the break, Maclin hit a chop on Swann to the chest before tagging in Edwards. Edwards hit a knee drop on Swann before Moose tagged in and tried to tear Swann’s dreadlocks off his head. Moose slammed Swann to the corner with an Irish Whip before continuing to rip at Swann’s dreadlocks. Edwards tagged in and hit a chop on Swann before slamming him to the corner with an Irish whip & hitting a forearm strike on Gresham to send him to the outside.

Moose tagged in and took a shot at Hendry before slamming Swann to the corner. Maclin tagged in and laid his knee on Swann’s neck before hitting a suplex on Swann for a near fall. Maclin got Swann in a chin lock, but Swann reversed the hold with a stunner. Edwards tagged in and hit a series of knee drops on Swann for a near fall. Maclin tagged back in and hit a chop on Swann, but they exchanged strikes before the two hit stereo lariats on one another.

Edwards tagged in, but Swann responded with an enziguri kick to tag in Gresham. Gresham fired away at everyone before hitting a shotgun dropkick on Maclin & Edwards off the top rope. Gresham evaded Edwards & Maclin before hitting a springboard moonsault on Maclin & Edwards. Moose bumped into Gresham before tossing onto Edwards & he hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Gresham for a two count.

Moose tagged in and attacked Gresham before Maclin tagged in and hit a gut kick on Gresham. Gresham slipped under Maclin and kicked him before tagging in Hendry. Hendry hit lariats on Edwards & Maclin before hitting a release Slam on Maclin & tossing Moose to the outside.

Hendry hit a fallaway slam, but Moose broke the pin before Swann hit two back fists & a spinning roundhouse kick, continued by Hendry hitting a lariat. Maclin went for a corner spear on Hendry, but Swann caught him with a superkick.

Edwards laid out Swann before Gresham hit a cutter on Edwards off a Wheelbarrow from Maclin. Maclin hit a big boot on Gresham, but Hendry hit a pop-up powerbomb on Maclin but Moose did the blind tag and hit a Spear on Hendry to get the win for his team.

Winners: Moose, Eddie Edwards & Steve Maclin

After the match, a Thunder sound was heard in the arena that confused the people in the arena & Hannifan on commentary. Eddie Edwards stood bamboozled in the ring to close out IMPACT.

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