AEW Weekly for 8/6/20 (Close Call In The Main Event) | Review

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AEW Weekly News and Notes for 8/6/20

  •  Diamond Dallas Page was on Wrestle Inc Daily’s podcast and explained that it was Cody who decided to bring in Jake Roberts to AEW
  • The Deadly Draw Women’s Tag Tournament will air exclusively on YouTube Monday nights at 7 pm ET.
  • TNT announced that the August 19th episode Dynamite will be moved to Saturday, August 22nd at 6 pm ET.
  • With that, the August 26th and September 16th episodes will air on the following Thursdays at 8 pm ET.

Dynamite Review

We were introduced to this week’s episode seeing FTR and The Elite ready to approach the ring. No introductions whatsoever from Justin Roberts. We were watching a wrestling match 30 seconds into the show! How glorious.

FTR, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega & Hangman Adam Page vs. The Dark Order – 12 Man Tag Match

Photo / AEW
This match had a great amount of story in it. Go figure with 12 people in a ring that more could be told. Dax Hardwood had a knee injury that drew the attention of everyone besides Omega who was the legal man. This left Kenny him right for the picking. The Dark Orders best asset is strength in numbers and that proved to be the best advantage when Kenny and The Bucks were left to fend for themselves. With Hangman leaving to help Hardwood it certainly adds to the tensions between the tag champs. Even though Hangman did come back to help his Elite buddies, the 6 on 4 advantage of The Dark Order proved to be too much as Mr. Brodie Lee clobbered Page with a discus clothesline for the win.

AEW Weekly for 8/6/20

Another Moxley staircase promo. This time he was talking about his past at CZW. Talking about all the advice he denied previously about deathmatches and all that comes with that. He explains that he is that advocate now to Darby. Telling him not to kill himself doing these matches. But because the title is on the line and Moxley advises Allin that when it’s time to stay down. Stay down.

Santana & Ortiz vs. Best Friends

Photo / AEW
Unfortunately, there was no Sue tonight, but at least we got to see her beautiful Honda van. This match saw two teams who know how to work seamlessly with each other. Santana and Ortiz were coming into this match on a 3 match win streak. Best Friends have a 2020 record of 12-3. The commentary team did a great job of providing these statistics to make this match more interesting. Best Friends ended up victorious via some distraction and a roll-up.

AEW Weekly for 8/6/20

We were next brought to the office of the MJF campaign. Poor Lee and Nina get berated by MJF. He confirms that Tony Khan made his match against Moxley at All Out official. When questioned about if Darby would win tonight, MJF scoffed and said it wouldn’t be hard to beat the 125 lb Emo kid.
Matt Hardy was in the ring talking about what his expectations in AEW were. He talks about mentoring Private Party. He talked about Sammy denying his request to be mentored. While talking about when he made his debut that Sammy snuck up behind him Sammy creeps behind him again and the two brawled to the outside. Though Hardy was the one to bring the table out, it was Guevara hitting the 450 on Hardy through the table. Hardy was left a bloody mess.
Jim Ross was rushed to say that something was going on. We were brought to an active crime scene as Proud and Powerful destroyed Sues van! I hope she takes legal action and Sues. Who I am kidding. Sue would never.

The Dark Order vs Matt Cardona & Cody

Photo / AEW
Every time I see John Silver now I can’t help but to laugh. He’s really coming into his own during his recent time on BTE. It was interesting that Cardona didn’t start his debut match, but he didn’t have to wait too long. It was great to see that this wasn’t just a squash match. I’m glad to see Reynolds and Silver not get treated like jobbers anymore. Maybe The Dark Order really is helping them. John Silver also might have the best kicks in the business. It might have something to do with his low center of gravity. The match ended a tad underwhelming. In predictable fashion, Cardona picked up the win with his finisher Radio Silence which I’m assuming is a dig at his old theme song.
After the match saw Scorpio Sky come out and look at Cody and the TNT title. Sky made an announcement on Dark last night putting the locker room on notice. Who better to go after than Cody who’s having a record year at 18-1 now.

AEW Weekly for 8/6/20

We were brought to the aftermath of Santana and Ortiz’s horrid crimes on Sue’s van. Trent and Chuck talked if they wanted their butts whooped again they just needed to ask. The stipulation for their next match is that if Best Friends win then Santana and Ortiz will need to apologize to Sue via speakerphone.
There was some great utilization of the picture-in-picture moment with Sammy using cue cards to hype up Jericho, and make fun of Orange Cassidy. He even had one sign that said Chris Jericho is a master debater. Classic stuff.

AEW Super Wednesday Debate 2020

With much anticipation and speculation as to who was going to be the special guest moderator, the rumors of Eric Bischoff were true! 2020 is so weird.
Chris Jericho throws a dig at Cassidy’s appearance, but Cassidy pulls out a clip-on tie. Minimal effort. That is until you get that man talking about rising sea levels! In perhaps the promo of the year Orange said more words in that debate than possibly his entire wrestling career.
Bischoff declared Cassidy the winner mainly due to the fact of his response on the rising sea levels. While very-deserved Jericho said it didn’t matter. What mattered was that he was going to win next week, and Cassidy would have to pay for his $7000 suit jacket. Jericho decided that he didn’t want to wait until next week as he and Hager went to attack Cassidy. Orange was left lying unconscious from a Judas Effect adding even more heat to Jericho than one could imagine.

AEW Weekly for 8/6/20

We came back from commercial seeing Tony interview Britt Baker making her decision as to who will face Big Swole. In a surprise to Reba and the rest of the world, she was the one chosen to face against Swole.
Swole came in meaning BUSINESS. No dancing at all, just flick the shades and the vest, and we were on our way. Reba definitely got too much offense in, but in a quick match, Swole came victorious and now gets her match against Britt.
Next weeks Dynamite will include:
  • Scorpio Sky v.s Cody for the TNT Championship
  • FTR’s Tag Team appreciation night with Omega and Hangman v.s Jurassic Express
  • The Dark order v.s The Young Bucks
  • Orange Cassidy v.s Chris Jericho in the $7000 obligation match.
  • There will also be appearances from The Rock and Roll Express, Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson.

                 Main Event: Darby Allin v.s Jon Moxley                  AEW World Championship

Allin came in wearing a piece of paper of Moxley over his face. It didn’t last long as Moxley slapped Allin and he went down like a sack of potato’s. The brawl was started and Allin would not back down. He easily has the advantage on explosiveness, but when Moxley catches him it does major damage. Before the commercial break Moxley through Allin from the stage and wrapped his skull around the ring post. These two really have an older brother younger brother rivalry going on. Darby is the younger willing to do anything to win, and Moxley the bigger more calculated veteran.
Wardlow came in to interfere while MJF struck Mox with the championship. Darby went for the kill with the Coffin Drop and was a millisecond from becoming world champion. Darby continued his path to gold, but got caught in a choke while going for another Coffin Drop. It would still take a Gotch Style Piledriver and a Paradigm Shift to put him down. A great visual to close the show as a bloody Moxley holds a near unconscious Allin explaining what MJF did.
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