AEW Weekly for 8/23/20 | Be Careful This Cult’s Not To Be Messed With

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AEW Weekly News for 8/23/20

  • All Elite Wrestling announced this week that a limited number of fans will be returning for live tappings. The company stated that the fans allowed in will be kept in-household groups sat in seating pods, distanced from other fans. Fans will be in attendance from August 27th, 2020.
  • AEW Heels announced the next fan event will take place on Friday, 28th August 2020. The Zoom event will include a Q&A with Big Swole, a tutorial from head seamstress Sandra Gray and a mental health discussion.
  • Tony Khan, AEW President released a statement surrounding the unethical resale of tickets for Dynamite next week. Tony Khan stated, “we’ll seek out & cancel any spilt pods to ensure fans can enjoy the show while keeping safe distance.”

Dynamite Review

FTR (w/ Tully Blanchard) Vs Private Party

No entrances for this match, we jumped straight to ringside where Tully Blanchard stood wearing an FTR jacket. He was there cheering on his new clients. Once the bell rang Private Party focused on showing off their impressive tag team skills. They singled out each member of FTR. Tully Blanchard saw the advantage Private Party was gaining and decided to intervene. He gave FTR a pep talk seemed to do the trick.

A newly motivated FTR focused on singling out Marq Quen. Dax seemed to enjoy causing as much pain to Quen as possible. The damage caused by FTR was evident as Quen struggled to find his partner and escape the ring. Cash jumped into the ring, causing more traditional pain to Quen by means of submission moves and hard-hitting knees.

Outside the ring, Quen found his chance to escape as Cash attempted to fly into his prey but missed. Unfortunately, Quen’s attempted escape went nowhere. FTR then worked together to knock Isiah Kassidy out of the match-up. They hit a Midnight Express and won the match.

AEW Weekly for 8/23/20

An Update From MJF

We return from break to MJF wearing a neck brace calling Jon Moxley ‘a dictator’. MJF’s lawyer then pipes in discussing how they are calling for a ban on the Paradigm Shift or the Double Armed DDT. MJF and his lawyer asks you to ‘think of your loved ones’ and ban the Paradigm Shift. MJF’s lawyer has written up a contract stating that the move is banned from their championship match at All Out, if Moxley doesn’t sign MJF will sue him for everything he has.

Butcher, Blade with The Lucha Bros Vs Jurassic Express & The Natural Nightmares (w/ Marko Stunt)

The heel team of Butcher, Blade, and The Lucha Bros immediately took control, knocking their opponents out of the ring and then diving after them. All four heels focus on singling out QT Marshal. Dustin tagged in and order started to be restored, well for all of 3 minutes until the heels team up again.

The Lucha Bros then focused on breaking down Dustin, taking the action outside the ring. Dustin did not fare well against Rey Fénix. His only hope was to escape the ring which he finally did and tagged in Luchasaurus. A few misses from Jurassic Express but nothing too noticeable. Butcher and Blade start to ware the monster down but is saved by QT Marshall’s intervention.

Jungle Boy won the match with a roll-up of Blade. The match ends with tension growing between Butcher, Blade, and the Lucha Bros. Eddie Kingston came to the ring and schooled all the heels on their attitude problems and how they will take over AEW if they all work together.

Orange Cassidy’s 1st Ever Interview Within AEW

Tony Schiavone tried to get Orange Cassidy to speak about his ground-breaking win against Chris Jericho on Dynamite last week, this didn’t go great as Jericho came to the ring pretty quickly to get his opinion in. The Demo God came out clinging to his bottle of bubbly, taking the high road in his own unique Jericho way.

Jericho then announced his new form of match, the Mimosa Mayhem match, where you can win if you throw your opponent into a huge pool of Mimosa around the ring, for some reason. The Mimosa Mayhem match is set for All Out on September 5th 2020. The Inner Circle then came to ringside ready to toast with Best Friends and Cassidy before all hell broke out, this ended with the Inner Circle drowning Cassidy in champagne.

AEW Weekly for 8/23/20

The Elite Vs The Dark Order

Alan Angels and Nick Jackson started the matchup, seemed rather 50/50 until Matt Jackson tagged in to hit Angels with a Northern Lights Suplex. The Dark Order jumped in to break up Matt’s attack thus the Elite attacked back. Reynolds and Sliver worked overtime on helping their teammate, they attacked the Elite members stopping them hitting a number of moves.

Outside of the ring, it seemed to be heading in Dark Order’s favor. Back in the ring, Dark Order focused their attack on Kenny Omega, Omega seemed to get very little offense in the match. Omega escaped the torment allowing Nick to return to the ring, the Young Bucks worked on taking out every Dark Order member one by one. The Elite ran into Angels one by one but Omega, the now legal man missed which led the Dark Order to knock both Bucks out of the ring.

Some impressive work from Dark Order followed next but only a two count. Two snapdragons and one V-trigger later Omega escaped once again. All hell breaks loose in the ring as a brawl broke out between the two teams. The Elite took control against Angels, Omega hit a One-Winged Angel, a three count later and the Elite takes home the win. Omega grabs a chair and gets ready to throw Angels back first, but the Bucks aren’t allowing it.

Darby Allin Vs Will Hobbs

A quick match followed next as Darby Allin added another win to his belt. This match-up was rather strange as Will Hobbs seemed to destroy Allin in the first moments. Darby Allin hits Hobbs with a Coffin Drop and gets the win. Ricky Starks dressed up as Allin with his team partner Brian Cage then attacks Darby.

Women’s Tag Team Tournament 2020 Final: The Nightmare Sisters (w/ The Natural Nightmares) Vs Diamante & Ivelisse

Brandi and Allie continued their tactics of trying to keep out of each other’s way during the match, keeping the teamwork to a minimum. After Ivelisse seemed to take control in the earlier moments of the match The Nightmare Sisters seemed to turn the tides, singling out Diamante.

The Nightmare Sisters continued their control but did have a few sloppy moments and missed opportunities. Ivelisse tagged back in, going from one Nightmare Sister to the next knocking them down, she attempted a pin but to no success.

Allie hit Diamante Down The Rabbit Hole but the pin was broken by Ivelisse. QT Marshall got involved to no success, Brandi was then thrown out the ring leaving Ivelisse to pin and win the Women’s Tag Team Cup 2020. Madusa presented the AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup to Ivelisse and Diamante.

AEW Weekly for 8/23/20

TNT Championship Match: Cody (C) (w/ Arn Anderson) Vs Brodie Lee

The action left the ring straight away as Brodie Lee threw and kicked Cody into every barrier possible, this match continued how it started hard-hitting and brutal. Only a few moments in and Brodie Lee already received a close two count, Cody did not seem to be holding up well in this match-up.

Under 5 minutes into the match, Brodie Lee had well and truly destroyed Cody, who got zero offense in, Cody was pinned, and the TNT Championship changed hands. Multiple staff ran to the ring with a stretcher to carry a very unresponsive Cody backstage. While being rolled away Cody singled he was okay with a thumbs up, Arn Anderson then attempted to attack some of the Dark Order members but was quickly defeated.

Brodie Lee flips the stretcher launching Cody onto the ringside steps. The Natural Nightmares are dragged to the ring, Brandi runs out but is chocked out by Anna Jay. The show ends with Brodie Lee throwing pieces of the old TNT Championship all over Cody’s beaten body.

All images and videos courtesy of All Elite Wrestling